Do you know why a person likes to carry a knife with him? You might think that the people bear the knife to survive from the tactical situations. But there is another reason which makes you carry an EDC knife.

Almost all of us carry a purse or pocket when going out of the home. So, it becomes easy for us to carry a small knife and fight back the tough situations with it. Indeed, the pocket knives do a fine job when applying it over something. So, it won’t let your money go in vain.

Now, how you’ll understand that have you invested your money in the right knife or not. To make the proper investment of your money, we’ve inscribed ten best pocket knife under $50. Indeed, they ensure an excellent performance which you mightn’t get by spending thousands of dollars on a knife. Let’s jump to the article to know about them.


BlizeTec 14 Function

Everyone who likes the knife and also the fan of Hollywood villains wants to get the knife-like them. The functional BlizeTec knives are like a storm as a pocket knife though they are small in size.

If you are tired of using conventional pocket knives, then take the BlizeTec knife as your EDC knife.  It will give you functional cutting scales with diversified designs. You can apply the 14 multifunctional tools of the knife to different indoor and outdoor activities. It is a perfect knife to carry in pocket and defense yourself when you are fighting with the threat. However, the multifunctional pocket knife includes a non-spring blade that is made of stainless alloys. Besides, the handle is constructed with an aluminum component that gives its holder a solid non-slip grip.

Overall, you can say that the BlizeTec is a versatile red pocket knife by nature. It will give your lifetime warranty and protection against defection in the material.

What’ so good

  • Excellent price with compatibility
  • Fast delivery
  • Attached belt clip
  • Useful carabiner
  • Very sharp and well-made
  • Protection against defection
  • The bottle opener is excellent and handy

What’s not so good

  • Curved tip
  • Dull knife
  • Mightn’t give thin slicing
  • Not qualified as swiss



A super compactable knife that comes within only $15 is the Tac-Force EMT knife. It comes with three tools, including the sharp blade. They are a glass broker and a seatbelt cutter.

Anyway, the compact knife is designed very outstandingly, which makes it reliable for everyday carry. No need to mention how perfectly the pocket knife performs the jobs given on it. A crucial factor that makes the knife more faithful to the users that are the knife’s locking mechanism. You can single handily open and operate the knife. Another essential feature is its low price, which we have already mentioned above.

The overall construction of the knife is so skillful that the police and military organizations use it.


What’ so good

  • Too low price
  • Military-grade construction
  • Outstanding look
  • Flexibility in operating
  • Excellent for a variety of tasks
  • Suitable for potential emergency
  • High structure compared to the price

What’s not so good

  • Need to sharpen frequently
  • Lower quality steel


Smith & Wesson Extreme

Are you looking for a self-defense tool or a particular purpose tactical tool? If so, then let us inform you that you can have both the features in one tool.  And that is the Smith & Wesson Extreme knife.

The Smith and Wesson Extreme folding knife is a developed option for EDC knives. Among the majority knives which are made in Asia, you’ll find the knife containing a decent quality blade. At the time of purchasing, you’ll find the pocket knife is affordable and inexpensive than most of the Asian knives. However, the black colored handle of the folding knife is made of aluminum steel. The handle includes a fast and convenient pocket clip, which makes the knife ideal for everyday use.

At the current time, a large number of police and military people are using the knife because of its survival nature.


What’ so good

  • Secure liner lock
  • An affordable and robust knife
  • Non-slip blade
  • Razor-sharp serrated edge
  • Balanced weight
  • Flexible lock
  • Self-defense weapon

What’s not so good

  • Top point includes less sharpness
  • The grip isn’t appropriate for all size hand


Victorinox Swiss Army

If you’re searching for a knife that’ll assist you at various purposes, then use the swiss army pocketknife. It is the knife that not only comes with a single blade but also includes a compact set of tools.

Indeed, the versatile tools collectively make the knife efficient for the campers, hunters, soldiers, etc. The cutter is featured with seven essential tools, which are made of high-quality steel. The quality steels are durable and robust enough to save you in a complicated situation. Moreover, the perfect size has made the knife easy to carry anywhere with you. However, the modest locking system gives the user a guarantee of the knife to open during the world of possibilities.

Overall, it is a cost-effective knife with a mind-blowing design. The buyers become more interested when he gets such a high-quality knife within such a low price.


What’ so good

  • Cost effectivity
  • Impressive design
  • Includes seven crucial tools
  • Solid steel construction
  • Guaranteed by the manufacturer
  • Efficient for daily utility
  • Great for women purse

What’s not so good

  • Less fancy
  • Scissors might be a little flimsy



Are you fond of the classic knife more than the modern or new models? If so, the ELK ridge is an accurate knife for you.

The classic knife is featured with the 4.75-inch Packwood handle. It comes with a 3.5-inch satin blade finish, which ensures the authentic performance of the knife. Besides, the Packwood handle provides eye-catching and outstanding performance. Consequently, the purchasers get more attracted to the ELK ridge knives. After purchasing the knife, you’ll feel thankful to the manufacturer because of providing such a flexible ergonomic design. Whereas, most of the classic knife provides standard handle design.

However, the overall construction of the knife will give you a lightweight feeling. So, you would like and also feel comfortable to carry the knife always with you.


What’ so good

  • Beautiful designated wooden handle
  • Amazing looking steel
  • The locking spring is quite natural to use
  • Good fit and finish
  • Having a secure liner lock

What’s not so good

  • Gives the feelings of plasticky sometimes
  • A little wobbly blade


MTech Xtreme Ballistic

Many of us purchase the pocket knife on the basis of its outside looks. Specially, we like to have an outstanding blade shape and unique design. If you’re one of them, then you should consider the Mtech Xtreme Ballistic knife.

The Mtech Xtreme Ballistic knife includes a trendy design along with top-rated performance. It is an excellent knife that consists of a spring-assisted collapsible mechanism. Indeed, the spring included with the folding mechanism provides the utmost performance. However, you’ll find the folding knife quite handy at the time of using. You can be relaxed about its locking system. The knife includes such a sturdy lock that ensures the maximum safety of the knife.

Finally, if you’re looking for a nice-looking and high-performing knife within your budget, undoubted, you can purchase the Mtech knife.


What’ so good

  • Nice in look
  • Includes sharp point
  • High-performing pocket knife
  • A fully packaged knife
  • A pocket clip comfortable carry
  • Effective blade design and performance

What’s not so good

  • The blade might be a little compromising


Master Drop Point

The master drop point is an inexpensive knife that looks pretty cool and opens very fast.

The pocket knife includes a 3.25inch long blade, which is 3mm thick. It comprises from rustproof stainless steel. Also, the knife’s blade holds its sharp edge reasonably well so that you can get fantastic performance. Whereas, the handle of the pocket knife is featured with nylon fiber.  And nylon grip is suitable for ensuring a proper hold in the big hand. The knife includes a spring that provides the immediate opening of the blade when you press the lock. But you should be careful while opening the knife. If you open the knife carelessly like the regular knife, it might create serious injury.

Some people think this feature is bad for users. But it is not like that. The spring locking mechanism gives your instant opening of the knife. If you open the knife by keeping your hand at minimum distance, then the knife is absolutely safe for you.

What’ so good

  • Carbon fiber handle includes a pocket clip
  • Flips open easily
  • The top point is quite sharp
  • Cool looking knife in affordable price
  • Decent knife for the price

What’s not so good

  • The safety issues should rectify
  • Needs to sharpen a little before using


Kershaw Knives 1556TI

Getting a skillfully crafted knife within a low price is very tough. But the Kershaw Cryo knife has made the task possible and designed such knives within the low budget.

It is a steel made knife which is entirely crafted from the stainless component. Because of such construction, you’ll feel the knife is very sturdy while holding in your hand. Undoubtedly, it is a lightweight but heavy-duty knife. However, the knife contains an aesthetic design that catches people’s eyes quickly.

Surprisingly, the hallow ground blade comes with an acute edge tip. The locking system places the blade in exact dwelling and activates it exactly when needed.


What’ so good

  • Reasonable EDC
  • The attractive design of the drop point blade
  • A thin edge with a fine tip
  • Strong, tested edge
  • Full of capabilities
  • Durable steel construction

What’s not so good

  • The issues of blade angle have to be sorted
  • Heavy knife compared to others


Imperial Schrade IMP16S

The imperial Schrade is a traditionally styled pocket knife that includes useful sharp blades, good looking grip, etc. All the features of a pocket knife collectively make it a person’s favorite knife.

The features of the compact pocket knife are almost useful and reliable to the users. For instance, its blade, which is crafted from stainless steel, considered one of the best steels in the market. Whereas, the steel components make the blade of the knife durable and versatile.  However, the pocket knife includes a grey swirl POM handle, which gives it an overall great look. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and lightweight handle, then be assured that the knife will fulfill your requirements.

Finally, the overall construction makes it perfect for a gift. So, if you’re planning to gift someone, then the knife is suitable to choose from.


What’ so good

  • Pretty good knife for the money
  • Excellent knife with a perfect fit and finish
  • Super sharp holding edge
  • Fits nicely in a large grip
  • Handy little pocket knife

What’s not so good

  • Gets dull fair quickly
  • Some minor flaws
  • Somehow difficult to open


Buck Knives 0371BRS

Having a knife for doing simple tasks like an opening box, cutting rope, peeling fruits, and vegetables are ubiquitous. The buck knives are among those knives that you can use to perform all these tasks.

There might occur several needs in your regular life, which can be fulfilled by a simple knife. The buck knife 0371BRS includes three blades by which the knife serves its users and accomplishes their regular needs. All of the blades are clip point blades that are made of stainless steel. They are made with so solidly that you can easily sharpen them whenever it needs. However, the knife is the owner of a handsome handle which is made of woodgrain. Admittedly, the woodgrain handle makes the knife a handy tool. Moreover, it is a traditional and convenient knife that is suitable for multiple works.

Indeed, the Buck knife 0371BRS can be a smart choice for the regular knife users.


What’ so good

  • Woodgrain handle
  • Flat surface gives a clean cut
  • Sturdy triple blade
  • Use of clip point blade
  • Suitable for doing multiple big tasks


What’s not so good

  • May be big for using in all the time
  • Bulky and heavy to carry every day


Final verdict

People want to get the best performing knife within the budgeted price. But it is somehow tricky to find the best knife in a limited budget. So, we have reviewed the best knives in the market, which is unbeatable, easy to carry, and, most importantly, comes within $50.

You can make the best use of your money by purchasing any of them. The thing that’ll assist you in selecting a suitable knife from the reviewed knife is our buyer’s guide. It’ll introduce you with the best features and benefits of pocket knives. Even if you have zero knowledge about the knife’s features, you’ll be aware of them by following our buyer’s guide.

Most people find that the pocket knife under $50 is not qualified enough. In this case, you can be assured of getting the quality knife from our review. Because the enlisted knives can hold their edge very sincerely, includes lock security features, and smooth to unfold. That is the reason; they have unreasonable demand in the market.


Buyer’s guide (Considerable features in a knife)

Pocket knives aren’t only for regular cutting, slicing, or splitting activities. The knife has also proved its usefulness by tackling the tough situations. So, people don’t purchase it only for doing regular outdoor works. They also buy it to keep themselves ready for all types of jobs that he might face at his lifespan. So, the quality of a pocket knife is not enough to be satisfactory. Instead, the quality and features of the knife have to be outstanding. Now, how you’ll understand your knife is including fabulous features or not. In that case, go to the following description to know about the characteristics of pocket knives.


Purpose of purchasing

The first step of choosing a knife is deciding for which purpose you’re purchasing the knife. After determining the object, you can go through the selection process. You can select a knife based on its size, price, shape, design, etc.

Full design

The pocket knives under $50, mainly come in two types of design. Whether it comes with classic design or traditional design. Now it is your choice, which designed a knife you would like to have. Here we would suggest you purchase the knife that is functional and gives aesthetic looks.

Steel quality

Steel is the main component in a pocket knife that everyone wants to ensure the best quality. As people use their pocket knives for different types of outdoor works, so the knives have to be sturdier. Also, the blade of the pocket knives must have the capability of holding the edge for a long time.

Locking flexibility

A flexible lock is an essential feature for a folding knife. You have to ensure that your selected knife includes a more energetic and high-quality locking mechanism. Because, if your knife is not super-flexible, then it mightn’t help you when you need it.

Proper grip

For ensuring the appropriate use of a knife, it is mandatory to ensure the knife’s satisfactory grip. Not all the knife gives a perfect grip to everyone. There are some differences in all the knives. So, when purchasing a knife, the knife’s handle must be perfect for giving you a full grip.


A high time warranty describes that you do not have to bear any servicing cost of your knife. We’re sure that you wouldn’t like to miss the chance of getting free servicing. Therefore, at the time of buying a knife, make sure the manufacturer giving a long-time warranty for it.


In our article, we have come with pocket knives which price is less than $50. Indeed, they are of high quality and perfect knife for regular use. But still, you have to consider the price before purchasing a pocket knife. To get a goof knife to extend your budget if needs.



Is it mandatory to carry a pocket knife?

In the current time, there are full of risks throughout the world. Everyone should keep himself ready for any situation. A pocket knife is an excellent defensive weapon that always keeps one prepared for any type of practical situation. Besides, it is the best self-defensive tool among most of the weapon which is legal in many counties. As a responsible person, it is your bound duty to keep a self-defensive tool always with you. Therefore, it is mandatory to carry a pocket knife with you.

How much does a reasonable pocket knife costs?

Usually, a price range of a good pocket knife remains between the $30-$70. Broadly, the price of a good pocket knife depends on its quality, features, warranty, brands, and so on.

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