Do you want to operate dozens of severe applications with your hunting knife? Conducting the versatile applications becomes easy when you have a fixed blade hunting knife. While going for diving, combating, booting, and hunting operation, a fixed blade hunting knife can be your best companion. Most probably, that’s why these knives have obtained too much popularity throughout the world.

Usually, a non-folding knife includes hard construction with sturdy materials. Besides, there have incredible varieties of designs and colors to choose from. So, no matter whatever is your budget, get a hard-constructed fixed blade knife within your budget. Primarily the manufacturer has made these knives for the hard-cutting task and heavy-duty. Nonetheless, to say, they are also perfect for versatile use.

Now, if you want to select one of the fixed blade hunting knives, then follow us.


Morakniv Companion Outdoor Knife

Morakniv is a highly reputed company for producing highest-quality knives. The producers always make utilization of the components over the knife. If you’re finding a knife for the wildlife activities, then the Morakniv companion is suitable for you.

Let’s discuss why you’ll find it suitable for the wild environment?

The non-folding knife retains HRC 56-58 level hard edge. As the knife’s blade has exceptional edge retaining capacity, it can provide superior performances. Besides, the blade remains sharper as more as the high carbon alloys. Needless to say, the improved construction of the blade makes it prone to rust. No matter whether it cold or wet outside, you’ll get such a solid grip in the knife.

However, get color matching hard plastic sheath with the fixed blade hunting knife. The additional feature here is getting a belt clip with the sheath for convenient carry.



  • The blade is prone to rust
  • Convenient carrying
  • Safety at the operations
  • Siting in hand comfortably
  • High performing edge
  • Easy maintenance of edge


  • Sharpening is time-consuming
  • Thicker and heavier steel
  • Unfinished tip


KA-BAR Fighting/ Utility Serrated Edge Knife

The KA-BAR knives are proved useful and utility tools. You can simply accomplish varied tasks with a KA-Bar knife. Such as cutting hardwoods, opening cans, or dig trenches. Most probably, that’s why; the KA-BAR knives are known as survival tools.

The KA-BAR fighting is the most reliable fighting knife among the other models. You’ll also fall in love with the knife while knowing about its features. It is a full tang survival knife with a solid handle. The partially serrated blade of the knife is approximately 7-inch long. Like most other high-quality knives, it is crafted from 1095 Cro-Van steel alloys. It gives you plenty of chances of cutting, stabbing, and chopping.

Nevertheless, to say, the knife is having a black Kraton G-handle. Therefore, you can get a good grip with its non-resistance elements.



  • Pretty simple, good-sized sheath
  • Versatile and robust utility
  • A great all-rounded knife
  • Handy for outdoor tasks
  • Performs aggressive cutting tasks



  • Slightly curved tip
  • Includes rust-prone blade
  • Slippery grip than leather


Gerber 22-01629 LMF II Infantry Knife

The Gerber is the American made consumer knife that comes with a full tang construction. All version of the Gerber knife includes military-grade in their knife, especially in the Gerber LMF II. It is more popular as an adventure knife.

The USA made survival knife will serve you more than you think. The non-folding knife uses its sharp blade that’s made of 420HC stainless alloys to help the users. The extra-ordinary hardness is the right choice for any outdoor knives. The thick spine and drop point design play a vital role in increasing the blade’s strength. However, the half-serrated blade of the knife ensures the flexibility of the knife at a survival situation. It comes with a fine cutting edge. A fantastic feature about the knife is its sheath that comprises a V-shaped knife sharpener.

Whether you’re a professional hiker or soldier, purchase the knife as an excellent survival tool.



  • High quality at reasonable price
  • Smart and comfortable design
  • A good survival tools
  • Full of resources and resiliency
  • Military-grade knife
  • Secure handle construction



  • Large and heavy tool
  • Not everyone can control it


Gerber Bear Grylls Serrated Knife

Do you want to have a knife that exemplifies the quality of American made knives? If so, then you better purchase the Gerber bear Grylls knife. Though most of the Gerber knives are made in China, there’re some knives also made in the USA. Whatever might be its origin, be assured of getting the USA made knives quality with the knife.

The first impressive feature about the famous Bear Grylls ultimate knife is its blade. It accomplishes almost all the assigned hard tasks as it is a quite heavy blade. Obviously, it is a full tang thick bladed knife. The functional and robust designed hard plastic sheath attaches the knife with the belt easily. However, the construction of the blade with the 7Cr17Mov stainless alloy of the knife gives no chance to break it.

The famous Bear Grylls ultimate knife comes with rubberized handle to add the survival nature. Incredibly, the grip will perfectly fit in your hand.



  • Incredibly lovely grip with a rubberized handle
  • All around survival tool
  • Waterproof sheath
  • Includes a small lanyard
  • Instructions on waterproof paper



  • Offers a softer blade
  • includes a fire starter at the upstairs of the sheath
  • Expensive


Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Knife

Schrade is one of the reliable and trustable names in the knife industry. Though it has some adverse record of producing knives, most of the knives are good enough. Therefore, it has some best-selling pocket knives.

One of the best knives of Schrade that has attracted the attention of the consumer is Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Knife. Let’s know what’s the impressive features of the knife. The most important feature you’ll find here is its blade construction. It has a full flat grind with a plain edge and blunted tip. The full tang knife makes the blade tighter. Overall, the blade construction of the knife makes it very useful for defensive and tactical use.

Another attractive part of the knife is its handle. The manufacturer has constructed it with additional attention and care. It is lightly textured and grippy. While chopping with the knife, the blade’s weight and overall balance ensure better performances.



  • Inexpensive survival tool
  • Interesting design and characteristics
  • Thick and heavy-duty blunt tip
  • Lasts for a lifetime with a little care
  • Excellent handle for all-weather



  • Consumes much time for better performance
  • The sheath should be upgraded


Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete

Do you want to have a knife with a lifetime warranty against the defects? Probably, the Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete will be suitable for you if you wish so.

Most machete knives are constructed of irregular forms. Whereas, the Bear Grylls Machete knives are quite different from others. They include a solid fit and finish. Whereas, their designs are derived for low costs production. The knife has a strong and sturdy blade that is crafted from high carbon steel. It is a balanceable thin blade that is perfect for chopping and vegetation. Contrariwise, it feels the requirements of a grippy handle by offering a non-slip rubberized grip with an oversized bolster. Needless to say, such construction keeps your hand on the exact place you’ve held it.

Finally, the nylon sheath of the knife is astonishingly decent. The ergonomic textured rubber handle includes a lanyard cord at the end of the knife.



  • Zero slip grip
  • Inexpensive but acceptable sheath
  • Light vegetation with the lightweight blade
  • Gorgeous blade profile
  • Striking spine
  • Dramatic construction
  • Harwood chopper



  • The super-thin stock isn’t ideal
  • Needs to include a secure adjustable strap


Ridge Runner Executive Knife

Are you looking for a knife offering elegance functionality? If so, then there might have numerous options for you. But the best choice among them is the Ridge Runner Executive knife.

While you’re purchasing a knife, you mustn’t be getting it only for cutting but also for durability. At this model of Ridge Runner knives, you’ll find such a pleasant sturdiness as you expect. The first thing you might notice in the hunting knife is the immediate sharpness of the blade. Most hunter selects this blade because of its exterior sharpness which makes it a great hunting knife. Additionally, the stable blade with extreme hardness holds its edge in the exact place. Needless to say, such construction ensures the long-term usage of the knife.

However, the cutter has a fine-looking wooden handle. It draws the maximum attraction of a consumer’s more than the other parts of the knife.



  • Higher quality with low price
  • Eye-catching and custom look
  • Stable and useful edge for effective use
  • Sharp and clean knife



  • Losses the sharpness quickly
  • Curvy blade
  • Need to purchase an additional sharpener


Cold Steel 80PGTK G.I. Tanto

The cold steel has reputed knives throughout the world because of their strength, sharpness, and reliability. Usually, these knives are applied to hard uses. Such as law enforcement tasks, military tasks, emergency services, self-defense professions, and so on.

The Cold steel 80PGTK G.I. Tanto is such a tactical knife for numerous practical uses. With the 1055 high carbon alloys, the knife mightn’t be too much hard as like most other tactical knives. Nonetheless, the knife steel runs as a destroyer. Besides, the 1055 carbon steel holds the edge of the fixed blade knife and makes it relaxed to sharpen. The handle of the hunting knife contains a simple but unique design with straight lines. Moreover, the scales are constructed in such a way that it can be removed unworriedly. Additionally, there is a perfect lanyard hole at the corner of the handle that indicating a secure, convenient system.

Finally, it comes with a sturdy, secure cold steel sheath that ensures the knife’s edge retention.



  • Simple and tough grind
  • Enough weight to chop
  • Good-sized saplings and branches
  • Decent sized handle
  • Sturdy and secure sheath
  • Unbreakable and sturdy blade



  • Have no tang finish
  • Uncomfortable with the spur


Survivor HK-106320 Knife

Get a utilitarian, sturdy and fancy knife by purchasing the Survivor HK-106320. It is the knife that’s made with all features of an ultimate survival tool. It is equipped with a full tang black tanto blade, which is made of stainless alloys. The tanto knife is a versatile military-style practical knife, which is a terrific choice for any users.

The overall length of the survival knife is 7-inch in total only. Therefore, you’ll find it super lightweight at your grip. It can easily fit anywhere in your pocket or purse. Surprisingly, such a tiny knife brings a fire starter with it.

With a thick green colored cord, the handle offers a secure and flexible grip. Additionally, the sharp tool comes with a pommel lanyard that keeps the knife handy at all the time.

Whether you go for a camping or any surgical operation, this mini knife can be your best companion.



  • Includes a small fire starter
  • Can be sharpened at anywhere, anytime
  • Excellent clean tool
  • Handy knife with pommel lanyard



  • Includes China stainless blade
  • The sheath mightn’t fulfill expectations


Final thoughts

Are you looking for a fixed blade hunting knife to fit with your needs? It might be quite challenging to find the best knife. To make the selection process more accessible for you, we have evaluated the buyer’s guide.

The fixed blade hunting knives are highly valuable hunting knives with extended features. They’re fully prepared for skinning animals, slicing meats, and so on. No matter how adverse the weather is, the non-folding knives adjust with all. Even after thousands of centuries, the fixed blade hunting knives retain their hardness.

Now firstly, your tasks are reviewing all the given specifications of the fixed blade hunting knives. Selecting one of them must be difficult if you don’t have previous knowledge about these knives. So, go through our buyer’s guide to obtain relevant information. Admittedly, these will help you in taking accurate decision.


Buyer’s Guide (Things you should consider)

If you’re facing complexity in selecting a non-folding knife, you better do proper research before purchasing. Many people make this mistake of not doing any previous research before buying. Consequently, they fail to select the best knife for them. For efficient analysis, we have described the buyer’s guide of fixed blade hunting knives.


Geography plays a huge role in selecting a knife. If you’re an urban resident, self-defense would be the primary goal of your purchasing knife. Contrariwise, while you’re a rural inhabitant, you might like to have the outdoorsman’s knife. Needless to say, the outdoorsman’s knife performs all the activities such as fishing, camping, hunting, etc. Therefore, purchase the fixed blade hunting knife based on your geography.

Blade metal

Almost all type of blades has its own pros and cons. But, you’ve to select .a blade for your knife from them. So, while purchasing a knife, identify the blade which is rustproof. Besides, look for whether it is capable of handling wooden handles and hold the edge for a long time. If the blade has edge retaining capacity, that means you can sharpen it whenever you want. Therefore, a right edge holding blade provides excellent sharpness at every use.

Blade types (clip point, drop point, skinning blade)

Clip point blade

A knife with a clip point blade is a well-defined point that is extremely thin. Whereas, the blade is relatively flat. Generally, such knives are applicable for several uses. A hunter who is looking for a versatile knife with a flat grind must select the clip point blade knife.

Drop point blade

The drip point blades are included only in the specialized hunting knives. The blade is slightly curved as well as thick also. It is useful for dressing the animal’s skin. But it’s not too much applicable for cutting rope, twigs, or regular cutting chores. Such blade construction decreases all the possible hazards of dressing animal skins. However, the sturdy design of the blade makes it useful for accomplishing the cleaning duty smoothly.

Skinning blade

The skinning blades are specially designed for skin the large animals. So, the blades are constructed in such a way that they can separate the skin from meat neatly and quickly.

Handle materials

Most of the fixed blade hunting knife comes with an attractive looking handle. As they have to retain the full tang blade, they also include the long-lasting quality. But not all among them can give you a comfortable grip. Purchase the knife that ensures a comfortable grip in all weather. You’ll find these features in the leather handle. So, while your knife is containing a high-quality leather handle, be assured it’ll provide a non-slippy grip


The sheath is one of the critical elements for a fixed blade hunting knife. While carrying a knife with you, there have the possibility of cutting your skin if you can’t choose a flexible sheath. The leather sheath is most useful for travel knives. Whatever your selected sheath might be, make sure it can bear all weather.



F.A.Q (Frequently asked questions)


Why do I need a hunting knife?

With the versatile custom, a quality hunting knife is efficient for the different types of game plans. It provides a hunter realistic performance along with full safety. Whether it is an average hunter or professional hunter, having hunting is mandatory for all.

What are the advantages of a fixed blade hunting knife?

The non-folding hunting knives are significantly stronger than the most other knives. That’s the primary advantage of having a fixed blade hunting knife. Besides, there have some additional benefits of having a fixed blade knife. They include full tang design, absolute sturdiness, better stability, and grip at all weather.

What makes them different from ordinary hunting knives?

Most of the hunting knife’s blades are slightly curved. The curved portion is used for skinning. Whereas, the straight part of the blade is used for cutting meats. With a single sharp edge, the fixed blade hunting knives are habitually designed for skinning, cutting. That makes the knife different from the ordinary hunting knives.

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