Cutlass machete is a type of machete with a short, curved, and wide blade. This type of machete is used for different outdoor activities like camping, hunting, hiking, etc. Plus, you can use them for cutting, slashing, and chopping various trees, shrubs, and clearing bushes.

The blade is flat with blunter tips. Again, the machete comes with a stiff and robust blade. So, it works well as excellent self-defense, survival, and tactical weapon.

There is a wide variety of cutlass machetes. Hence, it becomes challenging to find the best one. This is why; we’ve come up with The Best Cutlass Machetes.



This all-purpose machete is inspired by Cold Steel’s popular 1917 Cutlass Sword model. It is made sharp and heavy for chopping and cutting smoothly. It is a trustworthy companion in the wood for hunting, camping, and fishing. The machete is 30 inches in length and 26.6 oz in weight.

This machete comes with a 24 inches long and 2.8 mm thick blade made of 1055 Carbon steel, making it highly durable and robust. The blade comes with a baked-on rust-resistant black matte finish that provides added protection. This carbon steel blade is heat-treated and capable enough for hiking, fishing, etc.

It comes with a 6 inches long handle made from polypropylene material. The full-tang steel construction with a steel reinforced bow guard provides a secure and firm grip. Moreover, it also comes with a long-lasting Cor-Ex back sheath for offering extra safety and easy portability.

Overall, it will be a perfect tool for your adventures in the jungle or seaside.




⧫ Durable and tough material

⧫ Heavy and sharp blade

⧫ Great for self-defense, tactical, and survival

⧫ Outstanding cutting performance


⧫ Handle needs improvement

⧫ Not very sharp out of the package



This naval Cutlass machete is made with high-quality materials in the traditional style. It is a machete with ergonomic features and a collectible design at an affordable price. Besides, it is a machete with 29.25 inches overall length and 1.89 lbs. weight. Plus, it is made in El Salvador.

The machete comes with a 24 inches long and 3.0 mm thick blade. This fixed blade is made from 1075 high-carbon steel with an epoxy black powder finish. Plus, it is ultra-sharp and durable for offering fantastic cutting performance. The plain edge is polished and finished to offer razor-like sharpness.

The handle is made of fine Central American hardwood material. There is also a traditional steel wing guard in the handle. Besides, it offers a smooth and secure grip for high durability. Moreover, the machete features a heavy-duty, handcrafted, and high-quality leather sheath for carrying convenience.

Above all, it is an excellent machete for adventures, self-defense, and survival purposes.



⧫ Comfortable hardwood handle

⧫ Great self-defense tool

⧫ Sturdy and durable blade

⧫ Heavy-duty leather sheath


⧫ Heavy

⧫ Thin tang



This Cold Steel 1917 Cutlass Machete is the modern recreation of the 1917 Navy Cutlass Classic Fighting sword. It is 29.63 inches overall long with 33.7 oz. weight.

This machete features a 25 inches long and 1/5 inches thick curved blade. Plus, the blade is made of heavy 18-gauge 1055 high-carbon steel. There is also a half-basket guard made from high-carbon steel. The blade and the guard are blued that makes them rust-resistant. Again, the guard and the handle are made highly effective that makes the machete multi-functional.

Moreover, the blade has a rust-proof matte black coating. The blade is also very sharp, and it is effortless to sharpen. This is why; it is a handy tool for multiple tasks.

The 4-5/8 inches long handle is made from brown rosewood with an ergonomic design. Three heavy brass rivets secure the handle to the tang. The leather scabbard construction with copper and brass fittings makes it highly durable and reliable as well.

Overall, it is an excellent chopping and cutting tool for survival and self-defense.



⧫ Supreme hand protection

⧫ Durable and rust-resistant blade

⧫ Highly effective and handy tool

⧫ Sturdy sheath


⧫ Pricey



This Tactical Machete Survival Cutlass is best for survival and self-defense as it is designed for these purposes.  Military and police forces also use these machetes as they can be used as rescue and military knives.

The machete features a 24 inches long thrusting blade. The blade material is sturdy enough for heavy-duty tasks like cutting trees. Ultimately, bushmen and survivalists find it suitable for them. The blade will not chip easily. Moreover, this fixed blade is reliable and flexible, that you can use them for a long time.

The machete has a stiff and robust cut. Besides, the machete comes with a reinforced knuckle bow guard and a strong nylon scabbard. The handle is made from Polypropylene.

Above all, it is one of the best survival machetes for survivalists and adventure lovers.




⧫ Best for self-defense

⧫ Reliable and flexible

⧫ Sturdy and durable

⧫ Nylon scabbard


⧫ Sheath is not included

⧫ Heavyweight



This Ka-Bar Cutlass machete looks like a Bolo machete in shape, but this machete has a thinner blade tip. The pointed tip and the straight back make it perfect for piercing objects.

Its sturdy design and sharp edge make it suitable for gathering firewood, cutting branches, chopping weeds, pruning trunks, clearing bushes, and other campsite works. It is also lightweight and compact. The machete is 16.50 inches long overall with 1.12 pounds weight.

The machete features an 11 inches long and 0.17 inches thick plain edge blade. This drop point-styled blade is made from a blackened 1085 carbon steel blade. It makes the machete sturdy and durable. Moreover, the black powder coating makes the blade resistant to rust and corrosions. Moreover, this fixed blade is very sharp that makes it suitable for skinning animals.

It also comes with a 5.50 inches long ergonomic handle made of Kraton-G. There is also a lanyard hole in the handle so that you can attach a Paracord if you need it. Again, the handle is made comfortable and slip-resistant. So, it is a well-balanced tool with a firm grip.

Overall, it is a versatile machete that you can use for multiple tasks. Outdoorsmen and survivalists love this cutlass machete. It is one of the best outdoor machetes for its outstanding performance. Besides, it comes with a leather Cordura sheath.


⧫ Reliable and durable

⧫ Corrosion-resistant 1085 carbon-steel blade

⧫ Comfortable and slip-proof handle

⧫ Supreme build quality

⧫ Lightweight and compact size


⧫ Not for heavy-duty tasks





Finally, we’ve come through the Best Cutlass Machetes Review. We’ve picked these five machetes from a wide variety of brands available on the market.

These machetes are best from different aspects. We’ve tried to focus on the machetes’ unique features to help you choose the right one. Besides, the machetes are different from each other in size, shape, and features. So, choose the machete that suits your needs.

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