Have you ever used a slicing knife? If done so, then you must know that a slicing knife is a long, thin, and well-constructed knife. The blade can accomplish various cutting and slicing tasks.

The most isolating character of the knife, it is long but thin. There are many tasks performed by the slicing sword. Besides, the knife contains a perfect steel and blade profile. So it might be used to cut enormous melons, winter squash, baguettes, cakes, bread. Besides, it also can be used for slicing meat, fish, and vegetables, and so on.

Here we have recommended about ten best slicing knives. If you are determined to purchase the best slicing knife, go through the article and pick up one of them.

Pure Komachi 2

First of all, let’s talk about the knife’s blade. The knife contains a high carbon stainless-steel blade. The steel retains a super-sharp edge over time. The color of the knife makes it different from others. Because, both the handle and blade contain the same color, which is the most attractive part of the sword. It might be a reason for your spending extra time in the kitchen.

Now, let’s go to the knife’s handle. The blade contains an ergonomically contoured handle that makes the knife comfortable to use. Besides, the knife’s handle is lightweight and gives a fatigue-reducing grip to its users.

This 9-inch slicing knife in height and generally performs small and easy work. For instance, you can slice roasts, London boils, turkey, and almost any meat.


  • Easy to clean
  • Corrosion-resistant blade
  • Lightweight handle
  • Handle gives fatigue-reducing grip
  • The handle is ergonomically contoured
  • Monochromatic color
  • Inexpensive in price


  • Small and round handle
  • Narrow blade
  • Teeth are not too sharp

TUO CUTLERY Slicing knife

TUO Cutlery slicing knife is a unique model knife with modern design and curved handle. Both the handle and edge of the sword consists of 440 Japanese high carbon stainless steel. The 440 stainless steel is known as rust-resistant, hard, and sturdy material. This steel can serve you for a long time as a kitchen knife.

The TUO cutlery slicing knife is a full tang knife that contains superb robustness and quality.

The slicing knife comes with 12inch blade material. It is long, but lightweight. The blade has a 15″ cutting angle. 15″ cutting angle makes the razor extremely sharp.

Besides, the knife comes with a sound box with materials soak up any remaining moisture.


  • Nice construction and weight
  • Razor Sharp and cuts well
  • Great control
  • Gorgeous white handle
  • Easy to cut
  • Unique handle design
  • Japanese ultra stainless steel
  • Its sharpness doesn’t dull quickly


  • Grip mightn’t be reliable
  • Razor needs to sharpen


14″ Brisket slicer, Hollow edge

The knife is a German-made full tang knife. The blade of the sword consists of high carbon stainless steel. High carbon steel is lightweight and limber. The steel makes the razor unexpectedly sharp. Besides, it makes the knife capable of cutting roasts and other dense foods quickly and smoothly.

The handle contains synthetic materials. It is very well in size and shape. The handle has a great balance and easy to use. The knife comes with a plastic blade guard to prevent the edge from contacting anything from the blade.

The incredible length of the knife enables it to trim and slice a large cut of meat.


  • Cons Handle is triple-riveted
  • Incredibly sharp
  • Easy to maintain
  • Designed very smoothly
  • 14″ Hand wash
  • Full tang blade
  • Comfortable grip
  • Highly durable blade
  • Hollow edge
  • Lightweight and limber steel


  • Contains flimsy plastic as a blade guard

Calphalon Katana Cutlery

Calaphalon Katana Cutlery knife includes VG- Japanese steel. The steel gives the blade exceptional sharpness and able to retain the edge. It is a rigid and rust-resistant blade in the knife.

The bolster of the knife contains an integrated design. Alongside this, it provides the knife a secure and comfortable grip. Besides, it enables the full blade knife for smooth and efficient slicing. However, the bolster encourages to apply the proper technique over the knife.

The knife’s handle is patented, ergonomic, and contoured. The ergonomic handle very well fitted in hand. All of the materials make the knife comfortable and gives a balanced control with precision.


  • Exceptional sharp
  • Rigidity retention
  • Edge retention
  • Rust-resistant blade
  • 33 stainless steel blade.
  • Provides secure and comfortable grip
  • Efficient slicing
  • Ergonomic Polyresin handle


  • The edge might be needed to fix

Farberware Slicing

Farbarware slicing knife is a sturdy and durable knife. The USA manufactures it. The sword gives the facility of the sheath. The innovative technology-based sheath can sharpen the blade of the knife with each use. That means how much dull a knife might be, and it will sharpen after entering into the sheath. This feature made the knife unique from other knives.

The knife contains a high-quality blade that consists of high carbon steel. It is a reliable and sharp that it can cut anything with and ease. The ergonomically designed handle gives the knife exceptional comfort and a well-balanced grip. It is very a durable and long-lasting handle. While using the knife, you have to protect on manner. Use warm water and mild detergent while washing the knife. Immediately rinse it after cleaning.


  • Razor sharpening sheath
  • Robust, sharp and durable edge
  • Rust-resistant blade
  • The handle is good in shape and size
  • The module holds the edge perfectly


  • The blade might be pitting
  • Potentially dangerous knife
  • Less smoothness

Cuisinart C59CE-8SL

Introducing to Cuisinart C59CE-8SL, it is a slicing knife that contains a ceramic blade. It is a qualified material for a knife’s edge. The ceramic blade is more durable, stronger, and sharper than stainless steel. This material increases the cutting ease of the slicing knife. The positive side of the ceramic blade can retain the edge for a more extended time than the traditional steel blade.

The handle of the knife includes the ergonomic design, and the block contains the wood. The knife is comfortable to hold and secure at use. The knife comes with a hard sheath that perfectly fits the blade.


  • Rustproof ceramic blade
  • Stays sharper for a long time
  • The handle provides comfort and strength.
  • Ergonomic handle
  • The blade cut seamlessly
  • Available smoothness while slicing


  • Can break if falls one hard surface
  • The tips contain the fragile


Shun premier

The shun knife is highly preferable for everyone for easy and simple tasks. You can use the Shun premier knife to slice a roast for a cordial dinner or family gathering or a professional setting. Whatever, you used it for, every time the sword will give you precise slices of roast and beautiful presentation. It is a comfortable usable knife for everyone. Including both the professional chef and home cook, everyone who wants to use the sword is accessible for all.

The knife has a shunned sharp edge, which creates a thin and beautiful slice every time. Besides, the longer blade and narrower blade makes the slice without tearing or sawing.

If you look at the handle, you can see it contains pakkawood. The wooden handle gives the knife a comfortable, steady, and confident grip.


  • Beautifully crafted handle
  • Contains pakkawood handle
  • Comfortable, steady and confident grip
  • Enables clean and thin slice of food
  • Nice design and good quality


  • Less reliable blade
  • Expensive
  • Tips are loose

Mercer Culinary Renaissance

Mercer culinary renaissance is a full tang knife with an ergonomically designed handle. Because of the full tang, the handle can provide a superior balance over the knife. The full tang knife consists of a high carbon steel blade. The steel is German cutlery steel. It ensures the blade’s rust, corrosion, and discoloration resistance.

Besides, the knife contains a taper-ground blade edge. This material makes the blade edge more stable, easy honing, and increases the efficiency of cutting and chopping ability. The knife comes with a rounded spine. The rounded spine gives a comfortable grip over the blade.


  • The handle is triple-riveted
  • Long-lasting sharp edge
  • Good and precision construction
  • Fantastic edge holding capacity
  • Edge is ridiculously sharp
  • Well balanced
  • Rounded spin is comfortable


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Blades need to sharpen



Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro

The Victorinox Fibrox Pro is a 12″ long slicing knife that is very flexible to use. The length maintains strict National Sanitation Foundation Standards. Switzerland is the first inventor and manufacturer of this slicing knife.

The knife comes with a long, narrow shape, and razor shape knife edge. Because of its blade size and design, the sword capable of cutting the meat single and smooth motion. Besides, the high carbon steel material makes the knife’s blade capable of making smaller and thinner slice very easier. However, the Granton blade and the round tip makes the knife an essential carving knife.

The knife is very easy to control because it contains an ergonomic Fibrox pro handle. The handle provides a non-slip grip to the blade even in the wet condition.


  • Easy to handle
  • Non-slip grip
  • Trusted Swiss quality
  • Round tip and Granton blade
  • Lessen hand and wrist fatigue
  • Exceptionally balanced and lightweight
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Ensures public health protection


  • Comes with plastic sleeves
  • Quick dullness in nature
  • Less edge holding capacity

Mundial 5627-12GE

The Mundial 5627-12GE is mainly a roast slicer carving knife. It is NSF certified knife. The carving knife comes with a Granton edge. The Granton edge helps the blade to chop the small bits of food. Besides, it enables more accessible and faster motion. The slicing knife consists of a high carbon steel blade. The molded black polypropylene handle gives a comfortable grip and well balanced to the sword. The handle material ensures protection against bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungi. The well-balanced construction of the knife will save your energy by reducing pressure on your wrist. It is an ideal knife to cut roast meat, poultry, ham, and so on. Besides, the slicing knife Works well for slicing brisket.


  • Inexpensive ice carving knife
  • Sharp, firm and large enough
  • Robust blade
  • Comfortable handle
  • Nicely balanced
  • Perfectly sharp blade


  • Less edge holding capacity
  • Little hard to sharpen


Final Verdict

Do you need a slicing knife? If so, then give the priority, which is lightweight, long-lasting, and durable while purchasing a slicing knife. You might use the slicing knife for the daily purpose in your kitchen. It is used to slice almost all foods. Most of the slicing blade contains a contoured color and beautiful design. The shaped color and fantastic layout make the slicing knife an attractive and elegant design. So, many customers purchase it not only for its importance but also for its color and design.

We have recommended about ten best slicing knives, which are lightweight but durable. Besides, most of them beautifully design. All you have to do is, read out our recommendations and buyer’s guide. Then take your own decision and select one.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to you must consider.

The slicing knife plays a vital as kitchen tools. Whether you use it regularly or on particular occasions, you should buy a branded and high-quality product. If you are sincerely want to buy a slicing knife, go through the article and choose the best one. Just consider some facts while buying a slicing knife.

Perfect slicing and cutting capacity

There are different branded, and types knife is available in the market. Different knives come from different countries. The slicing knife mainly slices the meat, chicken very thinly. If you look at the characteristics of the blades, all blades are not capable of slicing the meat thinly. As a cook, you must want to cut your food entirely.

So, we’ll suggest you read the reviews and find out which has perfect slicing and cutting capacity. Choose the best slicing knife that’s slicing nature satisfies you.

Sharp edge

Everyone likes to have their knife with a sharp edge. A sharp edge of the sword gives a perfect cut with applying less energy or pressure. Therefore, choose the blade that is consists of a sharp edge.

Edge holding capacity

The edge holding position makes the knife durable and long-lasting. You must like to have a lasting and durable knife. A knife’s edge holding capacity based on the blade materials of the sword.

The blade slicing knife consists of whether stainless steel or high carbon steel. Stainless steel is a little weaker than high carbon steel. Both of the steel has an excellent edge holding capacity. So you can select anyone from the steel according to your purpose.

Nature of blade

The slicing knife completes carving and slicing very slimly. So the edge of the slicing sword has to be extremely thin. Generally, most of the slicing blade is slim more than the chief’s knife. You should choose your knife among them.

Comfortable grip

To use the knife correctly, you should have a comfortable grip. A soft grip over the handle based on its used materials.

The handle of a slicing knife might consist of stainless steel, wood, ergonomic Fibrox pro, or plastic. Among them, rubber and ergonomic Fibrox handle will give you a best comfortable grip. The material ensures the non-slip even in a wet environment. Besides, it makes the knife lightweight and more durable.


The sheath protects the knife from any external scratches or problems. So it is one of the efficient materials for a slicing knife. Some slicing knife comes with a sheath, and some don’t. Besides, some companies designed their sheath in such a way that it sharpens the knife’s blade automatically. So such advantages must be a bonus for the buyer. Before purchasing the sword, you also should consider the sheath of the knife.

Public health protection

All materials of the kitchen must be unhygienic. The slicing knife is one of the kitchen key tools. So, the buyers should choose the knife considering the health protection knife.

Some knife is attacked by germs and bacteria easily because of its materials. Besides, some knife gets under the attack of rust and corrosion very quickly. So, while purchasing the knife, look for the product materials. Especially, select the blade, which is rust and corrosion-resistant. Thus, you can ensure public health protection.


What is a slicing knife?

Answer: A slicing knife is a knife with a thin blade that gives flexible and slim carving and chopping of meat, chicken or any kind of food.

What is a slicing knife used for?

Answer: A slicing knife is basically used for cutting the meat, chicken, ham, beef, and so on precisely. It is very famous for its thin and flexible cut.


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