Are you looking for an appropriate weapon to beef up your game in throwing axes? Or to upgrade your toolbox? Whichever your reason is, buying a quality throwing tomahawk will take you a long way, I can give you that!

Throwing tomahawks are a renowned sport that requires throwing the weapon into a target. Many things come into play here, the sharpness, balance of weight, and ability to come undone from a split smoothly.

If you are serious about it, be it the sport or as a throwable lightweight weapon, you’re going to want to know more about best throwing tomahawks, and here we have assembled nearly everything you should know about it, and some models we saw fit to pass any test. Give it a read!

10 Best Throwing Tomahawk

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Choosing the Best Throwing Tomahawks

  1. SOG Throwing Tomahawk Pack of 3 – Full Tang Tactical Hatchet Pack

This set from SOG is what you call a true package. Combining the best design, comfort, and sharpness in one. And what’s best it comes in a 3 hawk set, making a nice present for friends.

The identical three 10.75inches full tang tomahawk weighs only 8.4oz each, making it the perfect throwing tomahawk. The full tang tomahawk is constructed of hard-cased black stainless steel with a 1.75 inches’ blade. The sharpness is off the charts with this one.

The axe-head is designed with holes to reduce unnecessary weight and make it lighter. The removable paracord handle ensures a firm and slip-proof grip.


  • Lightweight and efficiently shaped.
  • Strong, full tang construction.
  • Paracord wrapped aerodynamic handle.
  • The axe-head features a spike at the pommel.


  • The cords tend to come undone.


  1. SOG Tomahawk Tactical Hatchet – Voodoo Hawk Mini Tactical Axe

Another top-notch model from SOG, they stand by the quality of their product and offer a lifetime warranty. Hit them up any time for maintenance or replacement; if you want guaranteed durability on products, this can mark the deal for you.

It is a stylish 12.5inch long throwing hawk, featuring 2.75 long edges, and the SOG logo is carved on it. The tomahawk is solidly built with a 3Cr13MoV stainless steel construction with satin polish. The handle is double-riveted and glass-reinforced nylon handle.

The package also includes a nylon sheath with a belt loop, which can be used for better portability.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy built.
  • Comes with a metal butt for hammering.
  • Large 3.5inches straight blade.
  • Multi-purpose tomahawk.
  • Includes a nylon sheath.


  • Not full tang.


  1. Throwing Axe – 19″ Hand Forged Hatchet from High Carbon Steel

If you want to level up your throwing game, then check out this Viking style tomahawk, which is made for this purpose. This has been a top pick for professional competitors.

This throwing tomahawk measures 19inches in length and weighs about 1.6 pounds. The heavyweight is due to its size and the high carbon steel, which bears unyielding sharpness, easy to hone, and great balance which is unmatched with any other models.

This throwing hawk uses a friction frit technique which protects the handle from breaking in any bad impact. The straight hickory handle is sanded and coated with wax – providing a strong yet comfortable grip.


  • A grade hickory handle – sustainable.
  • Used friction fit technology.
  • Coated with black paint for rust resistance.
  • 75” hardened edge.


  • Quality control issues.


  1. Hand Forged Shawnee Throwing Tomahawk

Another addition to the list with which you can win competitions. HBForge proudly presents the 19 inches long beast, which is here to win. The design is extremely well balanced for throwing.

This piece is designed with a 1lb head, and 0.5lbs handle. The handle is very solid and made of original hickory wood, can take hell head-on. The sturdy built withstands the test of time, sharpens easily, and holds an edge fairly well.

However, for jobs such as chopping and splitting wood, etc. other jobs would require more sharpening. So, if you need one strictly for throwing, there’s nothing better for it.


  • Hand-forged high carbon axe–head.
  • Built to last.
  • Unmatched balance.
  • Comes with a useful sheath.
  • Made for professional use.


  • A bit heavy for mobility.


  1. SOG Tomahawk Throwing Axe – FastHawk Throwing Hatchet w/ Hammer Axe Edge (F06PN-CP)

When discussing throwing tomahawk SOG leads the crowd, they continuously stun the customers with their innovative designs. The fasthawk is a must-have in the tool/ weapon box.

It is a 12.5 inches long throwing hawk weighing only 19 ounces. The weight is kept to a minimum by making holes in the axe head, also the sharp 420 stainless steel is not heavy. The glass-reinforced nylon handle gives you a nice feeling while holding it.

With its convenient sharpness and balance along with throwing you can also use it as a defense and a tactical hawk. It also serves fairly well in camping.


  • Lightweight and fast.
  • Designed to serve multi-purpose.
  • Features a spike at the axe-head.
  • Comes with a sturdy knife.
  • The double-riveted handle ensures balance.


  • The handle might seem small to beginners.


  1. SOG Tactical Tomahawks – Throwing Hatchet with Spike (F01TN-CP)

Just as the fasthawk from SOG, this tactical hatchet is also designed while emphasizing versatility. This tomahawk is large and solid enough to take care of your backyard chopping, backpacking, and camping needs, and also win throwing hawk competitions.

This throwing tomahawk is a large one by measuring 15.75 inches and has a 420 stainless steel construction. The 2.75inches flat edge of the blade is known for its razor-like sharpness. The balance is also good enough with the double-riveted handle.

The extra features are also an attraction from SOG; you will get a spike for easy breaching, and a serrated part for hammering all in axe-head and a lanyard hole at the bottom.


  • Large, versatile tomahawk.
  • Comfortable nylon handle.
  • Durable yet lightweight.
  • Comes with a ballistic nylon sheath.
  • Offers lifetime warranty.


  • Not full tang.
  • Not recommended for hefty jobs.


  1. United Cutlery KR0036B Kit Rae Black Jet Throwing Axe

The Black Jet throwing axe is designed uniquely, which is bound to make anyone look twice. It offers a great balance of head to handle ratio, which is a priority while choosing a throwing hawk.

This tomahawk has a one-piece construction measuring 14-7/8 inches with a 4-5/8 inches’ edge. It used 420J2 stainless steel; which is sharp and also tough enough for you throw no matter how hard. The slim handle can be winded with paracord for added comfort.

The curved blade splits the target efficiently and can be pulled away easily. The spikes are designed to make use of the full potential of a throw.


  • Excellent throwing hawk.
  • Easy on eyes.
  • Comfortable and efficient grip.
  • Durable; lasts long.
  • Full tang.


  • Reported to be quite thin.


  1. Cold Steel Drop Forged Tomahawk Survival Hatchet

The Drop Forged tomahawk is one of the most popular traditional wood handles tomahawks on the market. It’s amazingly durable and versatile which makes it perfect for any outdoorsy person.

Its overall length is 22inches and the handle is constructed of American Hickory wood, known for its smooth and comfortable grip. The carbon-steel blade length is about 6½” with the cutting edge is about 2¼”. It weighs only 1.34lbs, making it quite lightweight and portable.

Its solid build makes it a great fit to use it in tactical fields, features a functional hammer edge at the end of the axe head.


  • Pretty lightweight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Features a hammering end.
  • Epoxy coated to resist rust.
  • Very sharp just out of the box.


  • Quality control issues.


  1. MTech USA MT-AXE8 Camping Axe

If you are looking to buy a throwing hawk as a hobbyist and not as a professional thrower, then you can look this one up. As the size of it makes it a better fit for a backpacking hawk.

It is a beauty to look at; the wrapped paracord in the handle serves both visual and comfort purposes. The hawk is 15 inches with a 3.5inch sharp edge – the overall construction is from 420 stainless steel.

Originally designed to be tactical tomahawk, works jolly great as a survival and camping tool, also you can occasionally use it throw, and who knows maybe win a medal or two.


  • Comfortable cord wrapped handle.
  • Full tang thick blade.
  • Constructed of quality material.
  • Stylish and compact.
  • The package includes a fitting nylon sheath.


  • Flat handle.
  • The cord doesn’t come properly winded.


  1. Rogue River Tactical Black 10-inch Survival Paracord Tomahawk Throwing Axe

Do you need a compact tomahawk that you can carry around with you to your adventures but also has similar agility and balance as a throwing hawk? Then you’re gonna love it. It’s a tiny hatchet measuring only 10 inches but can do wonders if used right.

It has 5inches large cutting edge which is quite a win in a small tomahawk like this. The whole hawk is constructed of stainless steel, so it is lightweight and fights dust like a boss, and the black coating adds more protection.

The tightly winded paracord handle makes sure you get a firm yet cozy grip while using it.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Made of high-end materials.
  • Nice sheath with a strap.
  • Good to throw- sticks well.


  • Avoid heavy chopping work.
  • Poor sheath quality.


Final Verdict

Regardless of you being a hobbyist or a professional tomahawk thrower, one should not walk away from investing in a good quality throwing tomahawk. These are versatile little tools that are capable of a lot.

The best throwing tomahawks ensures an efficient ratio of balance and agility. Making it swing faster and spin as you want to hit the target and will stick until you pull it out.

As it may seem, getting the best hawk to throw within a budget is no easy job. But that’s what we are here for, to assist you in your search of the best suiting tomahawk for you to stage up your game! Wishing you all the best!


Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Right Throwing Tomahawk

It is important to keep a few things in mind while selecting the right throwing tomahawk to suit your need. Needs vary depending on situations; many users proceed to buy a throwing tomahawk not to throw but because they like the compact design and agility. Here’s what to look for in a throwing tomahawk,

Balance: The Balance of weight and length is the most virtually critical thing in a throwing tomahawk. It is mostly designed as a compact, usually between 12-30 inches, and weighing 1-3 lbs; there are also heavier options that beginners prefer, as those are easier to maneuver in the air and hit the target. Find a handle that complements the head and the weight does not feel out of place in any one part.

Handle and Grip: As you may already know, achieving a confident grip on the tomahawk is always a priority to veteran tomahawk throwers. While the straight wooden handles used to rule the market, it is slowly being taken over by stainless steel for easy portability and maintenance. Some models use paracord wrap, G-10, or glass-reinforced nylon to ensure slip-resistance and comfort. There are also options with flat and round handle.

Tang: the tang of tomahawk refers to the construction; when the hatchet is made from one piece of metal without any joints, it’s called a full tang. When the handle is separately attached with the head that’s known as half tang. Full tangs are a priority as they provide guaranteed stability and strength. However, nowadays, there’s a lot of half tang unit offering similar balance and potency.

Head and Materials: The material of the head is something you notice primarily, as both functionality and weight depend on it. While carbon steel is superior to stainless steel in holding edge and sharpness, stainless steel offers much better durability and portability; find where your priority lies.

Sheath: Sheaths come with most models, constructed of generally from nylon. We, as well as most other users, recommend customizing your sheath. That way, you can avoid potential dangers of sheath not fitting the head and injuring yourself.

Warranty: Renowned brands often offer limited or lifetime warranty with their products. Buying such models can be beneficial as you can replace or get maintenances free of charge if there are any manufacturer’s flaws or quality control issues.



Q: What makes a throwing tomahawk different from regular ones?

A: I’d say it’s the compact shape, and ability to swirl in the wind and hitting the target. Regular tomahawks may not always have the balance needed. Also throwing tomahawks are fairly lighter than others, and not suitable for chopping woods.

Q: Is throwing a tomahawk difficult?

A: The sport itself is not that hard, once you get a hold of the techniques. But you have to put a priority on safety measurements if you are a beginner, such as keeping the throwing range as obstacles as free possible, and starting with a blunt tomahawk to minimize casualties.

Q: Are throwing tomahawks safe for children?

A: While most of the axe throwing clubs in the USA allows minors over the age of 13 with the supervision of an adult. But younger than 8 are not usually allowed inside the range. So if the environment is safe and the kid is mature, it is permissible.

Q: Are throwing tomahawks legal?

A: They are legal within their respective fields and site. The USA and many countries have tomahawk clubs, and you can also practice inside your backyard if it is safe. You can create your own target inside your garage or in the yard within a contained place or a place open enough without any obstacles; so you can decrease potential accidents. Keep enough gaps from you and the target.


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