The spiral knife, also known as tri-dagger is a specialized blade that consists of multiple blades in a twisted manner. Even though the name tri-dagger is popular, sometimes the blade has more or less than three blades. The curls of the blade are both the advantage and the disadvantage of the knife.

Spiral knives are deadly, typically used to stab to kill. But as they are hard to pull out after, also cannot do the usual cutting with its blade; it’s more suitable as a decorative piece instead of an actual knife. It is not an ideal EDC, as defending yourself with it will seem more than self-defense as it creates a lethal wound that is hard to close.

As there is a little variation available in the models that the market present, choosing the best spiral knife is no difficult job. All you need to be is a little prepared with a brief knowledge of what to look for, and the superior models belonging to a price which is not a burden on your wallet either. This article is organized to deliver exactly that; let’s get started!

Best Spiral Knives to Buy

  1. M48 Cyclone Boot Knife

M48 is a frontrunner in the market of spiral knives. Unlike most, it is not just a knife in name but a relatively functional weapon with a sharp tip. Aside from having pleasingly grim aesthetics, it can also be used skilfully on the field.

The 13.5 inches long cyclone boot unit features a 3 edged twisted blade which measures about 8 inches. So you get plenty of coverage; it’s made of 2Cr13 cast stainless steel making it significantly strong against rust and different forms of corrosion. The full-tang blade is also heat-treated, achieving the 48 HRC, so it can take a significant amount of pressure.

The beautifully designed fiberglass-reinforced handle is spacious enough for a strong grip, and the contours and textures on the handle make it slip-proof. The knife can penetrate its way through basically anything, on top of that, the knife features a spike made of stainless steel at the pommel as a hammer or skull crusher.


  • Made with quality products.
  • Solid indestructible build.
  • 3 edge meeting to make one killer sharp tip.
  • Comes with a nylon Vortec sheath.


  • The sheath appears to be loose.


  1. M48 United Cutlery Cyclone UC3287

Another quality addition from the M48 Cyclone series, which deserves equal attention. It’s a bit smaller than the previous one in appearance. So if you are looking for a more portable option in such a knife, you know which one to go for.

Its overall measurement in length is 10.5″ consisting of a 5.75 inches long triple-edged twisted knife. And similarly, it offers a 2Cr13 cast stainless steel, which is resistant to rust and corrosion. The 48 RHC ensures that you’ll get a strong and blade that won’t break on you regardless of the situation. The blade is about 0.71 thick with flat edges; each needs to be sharpened differently. It has a black finish adding more protection to the structure.

The black fiberglass reinforced nylon handle is very grippy, and the texture allows you to enjoy a slip-resistant hold. It offers a 1-inch circumference, so the size of your hand won’t come between a comfortable grip.


  • Sharp heat treated blade.
  • Full-tang construction.
  • Features stainless steel knife-guard.
  • Comes with a molded nylon sheath.
  • Belt-clip mechanism.


  • Difficult to sharpen.


  1. K EXCLUSIVE Titanium Spiral Dagger

The spiral dagger from K EXCLUSIVE can be a formidable ally when things go south. It offers bundles of features for the price, and also a prize to look at. The size is huge; so it’s not fairly portable but a great piece to have whether as a decoration or a weapon.

The whole knife is titanium coated over stainless steel; it measures 16.5 inches overall with an 11.5 inches long blade. the blade is designed in quad-edged triumph style; it has put a lot of thought into the design. The circular holes in the blade reduce weight from the long blade, so it’s more comfortable to hold and wield.

The handle is constructed of similar material, but it is not solid. As that would’ve drastically added to the weight. Instead, that is turned into a hidden compartment to store crucial items in times of a pinch. The handle is coiled with TPU rings, which ensures a secure and strong grip.


  • Features four-edged spiral blade.
  • Durable structure with a sharp point.
  • Features Hidden compartment at the bottom.
  • Comes with a well-fit TPR sheath.


  • The sheath’s snap feels flimsy.


  1. Microtech Jagdkommando Knife

This can be said as the pioneer of the spiral knives and most of the other knives of this category are knock-off from their design. It has a top to bottom durable construction and can challenge the test of time.

This beast is made from high-end titanium, making the knife more resistant to corrosion while being significantly harder but not at all heavy. The 7.1inches long blade features triple spiral edges, which are anodized with heat with a deadly sharp tip. The handle is made of similar titanium; it’s designed with grenade textures for a nonslip grip.

The knife also has a watertight hidden compartment at the pommel. Every feature of this knife is ensured to serve the best functional experience of a spiral blade. The custom-designed aluminum sheath protects the knife also reduces accidents.


  • Long-lasting structure.
  • Functional blade with razor-sharp tip.
  • Features watertight hidden compartment.
  • Nonslip sheath and handle design.


  • Not good for EDC.


  1. VK Damascus Steel Dagger Knife

This tri-edged Damascus spiral knife is a great collectible item. The wavy textures are pleasing in the eyes and will turn to be one of the highlights. Apart from the solid build, it’s full-tang, so it is also very stable in the application.

This 9 inches spiral knife is forged from 1095/4340 Damascus steel, known to be remarkably hard and strong, it protects the blade against corrosion and wears, so it stays good as new even after decades. The edges come fairly sharpened, and you have to be careful while working on it yourself. Oil it regularly to maintain the state and shine.

It’s furnished with a 4.5-inch long handle with a profound bolster. The handle is patterned with coil-like carvings, so it won’t feel slippery in hand. The package also includes a vegetable-tanned leather sheath with a snap-lock for the knife.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Sturdy full-tang construction.
  • Visually pleasing Damascus patterns.
  • Comes with a durable fitting sheath.
  • Secure & comfortable grip.


  • Prone to rusting if not maintained regularly.


Final Verdict

Although spiral knives lack in the department of daily use and functionality in comparison to any other knife, it is by no means a pointless purchase if you know what you’re getting into. While you may not be able to use it functionally to slit through objects, it should be hella useful in case of any abduction or zombie outbreak; with a dagger as this in your inventory, you’re basically untouchable! Also for learning tricks and acrobats training, it suits perfectly.

This article is all about what the best spiral knife offers and insights into the most selling spiral knives on the market right now. Hopefully, the process of deciding which one to go for will be clearer after going through the article.



Q: Is it legal to carry a spiral knife?

A: Spiral knife is hardly a blade that cuts. It is mostly used for decorative and collective purposes, so no, it is not illegal to collect fancy knives. However, few states do put some restrictions against carrying them. I suggest you check with your state laws before the purchase.

Q: Can I use the spiral knife on domestic chores?

A: I’m not so sure about that. The spiral knife is mainly bought for decorative purposes, as all it’s furnished with is a pointy head with curled edges. If you may, you can use them like a tent or any kind of stakes, whatever needs a pointy tip.

Q: How sharp is a spiral knife?

A: Seeing how it is a knife, it can be quite sharp. Especially the tip is pinpoint. But you cannot compare its sharpness to other utility and kitchen knives. As it falls into a completely different category and isn’t meant for daily use on chores. However, if you need to hang or pierce something, then I believe these sharp tips can come to good use.

Q: How does a spiral knife operate?

A: Spiral knives have an elaborated design of typically three edges twisted together and meeting at a sharp and pointy tip. If you want to utilize its tip; simply thrust the knife into the object you want to puncture and push inwards; the twisted edges will do the trick.

Q: Can a spiral knife be sharpened?

A: You can use regular whetstone and gritstone to sharpen a spiral knife. focus on sharpening one edge at a time and proceed from there. It can be a bit tricky to do it the first time as the blade is not flat but twisted so keeping the center intact is difficult.



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