Haven’t you ever had such experience where you’re making a salad, and you expect everything to be perfect but, just as you move to slice tomatoes, things go south, now instead of clean slices, the tomato is a smashed mushy mess?

Cooking is considered a form of art, and like all good art, to reach the level of perfection, you will need the required tools. In this case, the tool we are gonna talk about is a tomato knife – a must-have in your knife set.

Tomatoes have thin flimsy skin that is prone to tearing and soft juicy flesh that makes it a tricky vegetable to slice as you wish. Tomato knives are created to make things easier for you, with their sharp and serrated edge you can perfectly slice them in any style you want without making a mess out of them. Out in the market, there is a great many options to choose from, and this article is intended to make the process somewhat simpler for you with our top picks of best tomato knives.

10 Best Tomato Knife

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Best Tomato Knife for Chopping

  1. Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicing Knife Blade Stainless Steel

Rada cutlery is known for its consistency of excellent service and affordability of products. Rada tomato slicing knives are highly recommended by its users. The 5 inches’ long double-edged serrated blade is incredibly sharp and can be used in slicing not only tomatoes but also numerous other vegetables.

This knife takes pride in its original American manufacturing, constructed with high-grade carbon stainless steel, giving it sharpness at a surgical level. The cuts made by this knife are precise, straight, and clean; say goodbye to squashing days.

The handle is also matched up with the blade quality – built with resin and is safe to wash in a dishwasher. Another great thing about this knife is, it doesn’t weigh much despite the durable build. You can keep using it in the kitchen for the longest time.


  • Extra sharp dual-serrated blade.
  • Versatile uses – can be used on several vegetables along with tomatoes.
  • Stylish dishwasher-safe resin handle.


  • Claimed to lose color if left in water.
  • Fairly smaller handle.


  1. Wusthof Classic Ikon Precision Forged Tomato Knife

Wusthof is a cutlery company that has been around for generations, and from the very start till now, it continues to upgrade itself for the better.

This chic designed model is fork tipped unlike most tomato knives, the primary use for it is to pick up thin slices for dishes, without damaging the flesh. The blade is forged from high carbon stainless steel, tempered to 58 degrees’. The razor-sharp serrated edge is accompanied by an elegant black handle. The handle is ergonomic, ensuring the ultimate comfort while using it.

After years of researching it has come up with PETec – a technology that enhanced the sharping level of knife 20% better than its competitors. So, it doesn’t need sharpening very often, half bolster reduces the weight and the bottom of the knife is made of stainless steel that adds just enough weight to give you momentum while slicing. The top to bottom of this knife is designed to ensure maximum comfort.


  • Long and serrated full tang blade.
  • Forged and uses PETec on the knife.
  • Fork tipped knife that ensures better handling of slices.
  • Unmatched sharpness.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.



  1. Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicer with Aluminium Handle

A Rada knife set which will come in handy whether you need them for home or professional use. This cutlery collection with 6 fascinating tomato slicers may just be what you are looking for.

The thoughtful design of this knife makes sure that the slices are clean and even without damaging the internal part of the tomato. Just like all other Rada knives, they are T420 stainless steel of high carbon made. The double-edged serrated knife will glide through the tomatoes and small veggies evenly.

Besides, the signature feature of this model is the aluminium handle, which is extremely comfortable to hold and use. It is constructed with solid cast aluminium with a brushed finish. You can also gift this excellent set to friends and family!


  • A set of log lasting 6 tomato knives!
  • Stylish Aluminium handle.
  • Sharp; double serrated blade.
  • Cuts precisely.


  • Not washable in the dishwasher.


  1. WÜSTHOF Gourmet Five Inch Tomato Knife

Wusthof is known for its excellent blend of good workmanship and years of experience. And they have continued with such brilliance till today.

This knife is a perfect balance of beauty and usefulness. Slicing with its laser-crafted serrated stainless steel feels almost effortless, you can slice paper-thin pieces, or dice them in the shape of wedges, won’t face any difficulties. You’ll also get the fork tip to lift slices of fruits and vegetables.

The seemingly glossy handle with triple rivets is made of synthetic polypropylene, designed while keeping your comfort in mind. If you stick to hand washing, they are guaranteed to not get discoloured or faded. This hollow grind knife is a full tang blade yet fairly lightweight. The quality is guaranteed with Wusthof’s limited lifetime warranty.


  • Triple-riveted durable handle.
  • Resists dullness and rusting.
  • Stamped via laser-cut – ensures better quality.
  • Useful forked tip.


  • Somewhat heavy.


  1. MSC International Joie Tomato Slicer & Knife

This particular tomato knife works very well for beginners. It has a cute look, but as it is very sharp, it warrants caution. It comes in two pieces set – a tomato slicing clip and the knife. Despite its small size, this is a very reliable cutter, made from 18/8 stainless steel and FDA approved plastic that is proved to be BPA free. The shape of the handle is designed for easy grip.

The slicer is also very straightforward to use. First, open the slicing clip and place tomato or any similar-sized vegetable you want to cut, inside the slicer, and drive the knife through the slots to get even shaped slices of tomatoes. You can customize the shape the changing the openings to cut through too. The grip of the slicer is quite firm, so no chance of getting unequal shaped slices due to the displacement of the vegetable.


  • Used durable BPA free plastic.
  • Two-piece set; including a tomato slicer.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy use and maintenance.


  • The jaw of the slicer is too strong – crushes ripe tomatoes.
  • The design of the tomato holder leaves more to be desired.


  1. Messermeister Handcrafted Serrated Tomato Knife

The origin of this stunning knife is Germany and manufactured in Portugal. It has a lot of unique features; from the bright red color palette to the efficient design, it excels everywhere. It is designed to be lightweight, so it doesn’t put extra strain on your wrist after continuous cutting. The ergonomic shape of the handle also ensures maximum comfort.

The blade itself is decently sized – neither short nor long, so the uses are pretty versatile, you can cut other fruits and vegetables along with tomatoes. The serrated edge is incredibly sharp; the blade will glide inside without so much of an impediment. The knife also comes with a matching sheath that works well to avoid accidental injuries, when you store them in bags or drawers. Messermeister is also known for their charity work, so buying from them means you are donating somewhere and making a change.


  • Comes with a sheath,
  • Suitable for precise cutting.
  • Dishwasher-safe, easy to store.
  • Unique design; extra sharp.


  • Not very sturdy.
  • The spine of the knife is not deburred properly.


  1. Pure Komachi 2 Series Tomato/Cheese Knife

These knives are manufactured in the country of hard workers, in Japan, where people have given dedication to a new meaning. Kai has designed this color-coded knife series, and each nailing the task they are supposed to do.

The matte red knife is intended for tomato as well as cheese slicing, also any food that needs to be chopped with precision. The color on stainless steel is created by bonding FDA approved food safe resin over the blade. The color-coding helps to prevent cross-contamination and helps to identify the blade easily.

This 4 inches’ blade has a similarly small handle that is designed while thinking of your comfort. The knife is finished with resin coating – enabling it to resist rust and making it look new even after years of use.


  • Non-sticky resin finish fights corrosion.
  • Doesn’t need frequent sharpening.
  • Sharp & serrated stainless steel blade.
  • Available sheath with matched color.


  • Too small for people with larger than average hands.
  • Bends at weights.


  1. Mercer Culinary Renaissance Forged Tomato Knife

Mercer Culinary has yet again outdone themselves with this tomato knife. Every inch of this knife is carefully planned to serve the best performance available. Starting from the 5 inches’ long serrated super sharp blade to the ergonomically shaped Delrin handle – high-grade quality is ensured by Mercer. This tomato knife is a precision forced knife from one piece, meaning you will get a full tang blade including optimal balance while steering the knife into the tomato.

The three riveted handle holds its place well, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable in hand, the round shape also sees to that. Taper ground edge paired with short holster presents you a lightweight knife that is easier to sharpen. The used German stainless steel is high carbon steel, ensuring ultra-sharp blade, so it’s slow to turn dull and or to lose color; certified by NSF and backed up by lifetime warranty from Mercer.


  • Constructed with durable German X50CrMoV15 stainless steel.
  • Round spine for better balance.
  • Full tang knife.
  • Sharp and sturdy knife; lightweight.


  • Loses precision if not taken care of.


  1. Cestari Premium Black 6-inch Tomato Knife

Cestari proudly presents this black ceramic utility blade, which is designed to reign over the market. This 6-inch large serrated blade is made of premium ceramic that never falls victim to rusting and dulls ten-time slower than average knives. Claiming that you won’t ever have to sharpen this one, it keeps its sharp edge year after year. Aside from tomatoes, it slices melon and pineapple-like fruits at one go and can chop in slim slices.

The injection-molded resin coating prevents the knife from hoarding germs. Also, it doesn’t absorb odor, and the finish never reacts with food. The rubberized BPA free ergonomic handle is slip-proof, finished with black satin, and the contoured design feels easier to hold and use. And the custom molded sheath and the elegant gift box is like a cherry on top.


  • Sharp ceramic lightweight blade.
  • Comfortable polypropylene slip-proof handle
  • Fights rust and corrosion.
  • Cleanable in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • It doesn’t react well to force.


  1. Victorinox Green Tomato Knife

Lastly, we have the Victorinox green knife, which is an amazing and affordable quality grade professional knife, which may just be what you need. Manufactured in Switzerland, the serrated stainless steel blade stays sharp for a very long time, resists rusting and discoloring.

The handle is thoughtfully designed in an ergonomic shape, the color green is eye-catching so you won’t have any trouble finding it. Slip-proof design and the strongly built small handle is surely something small-handed people look for. The model is also aesthetically pleasing with a round tip and also ensures a better balance. After washing, wipe the excess water off for better lasting. Users have in one-word, loved this knife – gained a hundred percent user satisfaction.


  • Extraordinary sharpness.
  • Made to last.
  • Durable and comfortable fibrox handle.
  • Also works as a paring knife.


  • Some may find the blade to be short.


Final Verdict:

For both personal and professional cooking, tomato knives have been a live saver. But just any blade won’t fit this job, and the market is not short in this field. There are many aspects you’ll have to keep in mind. After extensive research, we have finalized these 10 incredible products, which are a mass favorite and rich with features that make tomato knives preferable to one.

Tomato knives is a kind of knife that you will use almost daily. As nothing else will suitably serve this purpose, thicker knives crush the tomato, you’ll be making anything but a decent salad. Whereas, tomato knives can also be used to slice up cheese and other fruits and vegetables, also as paring and peeling knives, so it is surely a smart investment.


Why is a tomato knife essential to your kitchen?

Now, this is a common dilemma; people are skeptical of investing in new things. But here’s the deal, what if this makes your life easier to several degrees? Whether you cook for profession or passion, the right utensils will not only give you technical advantages; the result will also be spectacular.

Tomato knives are designed while thinking about your utmost comfort while finishing the job. Even if you are a good cook, without the right tools the serving is likely to get blundered. Therefore, a tomato knife was invented, they glide through the tomato without tearing the skin and damaging the flesh, and you’ll be able to cut even slices of any shape you want for your dish.

How you chop the ingredients affects the recipe directly, that is why different dish requires different shapes; and it also improves the visuals. And a bonus, the uses of most tomato knives are not limited in tomatoes; you can slice any vegetables and fruits that have not very thick skin. The serrated edge will help you to make perfectly sized slices effortlessly.


Using the tomato knife: What’s the best way to slice?

Experience vastly refines the results, but the method matters too. Even if you get an expensive one, if you don’t know how to use it efficiently, you won’t be able to retract its full advantage. With tomato knives, the required effort is half than what it took with regular knives; it will be unwise not using this opportunity to your advantage.

  • If you want dices of tomatoes, cut it in half with the tomato knife, then carefully collect the seeds aside with a table knife or spoon, you can also do it with your tomato knife if it has a round tip. After that, run the knife through one half of the tomato horizontally, keep the thickness as you want. Hold them in place and drive the knife vertically this time, and now you get clean diced tomatoes ready to be used.
  • Cutting wedges with a tomato knife is easier. Chop the stem off first; that creates a small flat space that you can use. Drive the blade to bottom making a full slice; you can keep or cut out the core. Keep cutting it into quarter shaped until it’s the shape you want.
  • Slicing is pretty easy – hold the tomato steady on its side, cut the top of the tomato off, then use the serrated part to slice from top to bottom in straight cuts. You can go as thin you want; however, medium-sized slices are more preferable – neither thin nor too thick.
  • Mincing would require the steps you did to make the slices or wedges, but without the seeds, as many people prefer it. Cut those pieces into long thin strips then chop them into small pieces.

With a chef’s knife or other kitchen knives, doing precisely even and small pieces is hard. So why not leave the job to the thing which is made for it, and you can also use it on other foods, neither are they much expensive, so it’s your win!


What should you keep in mind while buying a tomato knife?

After you have finally made up your mind to buy a tomato knife for your kitchen, the next steps are harder rather than easier. There are lots of designs out there, each presenting different sets of benefits. It will be wiser if you take some time to learn about them a bit. Even a little knowledge goes a long way.

Serrated or Straight Blade: Throughout the review, you’ll see a variety of knives, some with a serrated blade while some with straight. Most people prefer the serrated version over straight as the teeth work much better on a soft surface to produce cleaner cuts, while straight blades are more efficient on foods with a tough exterior.

Forked tip or pointy and sharp tip: Both are great deals; pointy tips can be used to make precise straight incisions. While forked tip does extra, you can lift the freshly-cut slice with the tip and transfer that away to where it’s needed.

Handle’s material and design: Handles are what makes a knife visually pleasing and durable. Nylon, Aluminium, wood, stainless steel, and many other materials are being used; people tend to choose the one which fits their budget and needs best. Lightweight and feels comfortable to use.



Q: What is a Tomato Knife Used for?

A: Tomato knife is a useful kitchen utensil, used mainly for chopping tomatoes without tearing their skin and damaging the shapes. They mostly come with a serrated edge, a small knife with a sharp blade is what they look like in average. Apart from tomatoes, they can also be used in cutting similar textured fruit and vegetables.

Q: Why does a Tomato Knife have Holes in It?

A: The purpose of those holes is to reduce the contact that the food has with the knife. As foods with the soft surface are prone to breaking and tearing, the holes cut through the sticking food as they glide inside. Resulting in clean and smooth slices, wider knives are designed with holes to enhance efficiency.

Q: What Type of Knife is Best for Cutting tomatoes?

A: Among all the designs of tomato knives, people prefer the serrated blade over any other. The sharp teeth of this knife slice the flesh down gently with one stroke. You won’t even have to put a lot of pressure; a swift drive of this knife is all you need to get fresh evenly sized slices of tomatoes.




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