ULU Knife
ULU Knife

Choosing the best ulu knife can prove to be quite troublesome since it is one of the lesser-known kitchen appliances. But kudos to you for recognizing its importance in your kitchen.

Originally designed as a knife to skin animals and dice meats by the Aleut and Inuit natives of Alaska, now it has rightfully claimed its place in the modern kitchen. They are being widely used to mince and dice small fruits and veggies. Mincing onions and lettuces has never been this easy; the bowl-shaped chopping surface makes one-hand operation easier.

This article is a collection of some of the best ulu knives in the market; chosen after considering countless aspects. However, the numbering is entirely random, and not ranking, so make sure to check all of them out.


The Best Ulu Knife for Your Kitchen


  1. Alaska Ulu Knife Set – Curved Knife with Wood Handle plus Chopping Board with Bowl

This is a cool set of Ulu knife set containing one knife with etched wood handle, a chopping board, and a wooden stand for the knife. Designed while thinking about optimal balance and longevity.

The knife is 6″ in length, and the handle is quite small; which poses both advantages and disadvantages for people with small and bigger than average hands, respectively. The chopping board is bowl-shaped in the middle, but with enough flat space at the bottom for the comfort of chopping.

The complete set is manufactured in the USA, guarantees the quality of the material, and the height of customer satisfaction proves it.


  • Built with American stainless steel.
  • Reasonable priced.
  • Rust-proof; made to last.
  • Exquisite wood used.
  • Ensures ultra-sharpness.


  • Not quite suited for large hands.
  • Requires easy but regular maintenance.


  1. Ulu Factory Ulu Bowl set Birch Handle

This unit is another leading model in the market; it has both looks and quality of a good ulu knife. The highlight of this product is the birch wood that is used in its construction. This hardwood is widely known for its clean texture and long-lasting capability.

The stainless still is also of great stainless steel that resists water, air, and corrosion. Retains its edge well, so you will not have to worry about sharpening every other day. And when you do have to sharpen it, the procedure is easy too, thanks to its design.

The knife’s model is fairly compact, measuring around 5 inches’. Due to its small size, mincing small fruit and vegetables is extremely simple.


  • Beautifully designed.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Offers effective versatility.
  • Rich birch wood handle.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.


  • If not stored in a certain manner mold forms.
  • Some received faulty, cheap products.


  1. Alaska Ulu Knife Natural Exotic Wood Stand Etched Blade

Arctic Circle presents this eye-catching knife that was imported for tourists of Alaska. The knife is visually pleasing with the wood textures, and the stainless steel has the manufacturer’s seal stamped on it.

It is an affordable knife set with a wooden stand for the knife. You can use the rocker knife to chop vegetables and fruits, and when you are changing ingredients, you can use the stand to rest the ulu knife to avoid mishaps.

It is one of the most selling ulu knives of the market because of its sharp edge and honing the 6” blade is also very easy with this model. It also makes a very nice souvenir due to its beauty.


  • The blade resists stain and dust.
  • Exotic wood handle.


  • Needs to be sharpened frequently.


  1. 8″ Block with Deep Dish Chopping Bowl and Alaskan Birch Handled Ulu Knife

This model comes at a great price and offers even better quality. One mincing work is enough to win you, heart. It has a 6 inches long knife made with stainless steel. The knife is razor-sharp, you can slice pizza, chop meat and fish in one go, and dice vegetables in the smallest shape.

The handle is made with durable and classy Birchwood, which is large enough to slip your fingers in comfortable while chopping. The multipurpose chopping board that comes with the package measures 8 inches in length. You can use the bowl side to use the rocker knife to dice, and the flat side for traditional slicing.


  • Quality material.
  • High grade 440 stainless steel.
  • Resistant to force and heat.
  • Efficient design.


  • High Maintenance.
  • Poor quality control.


  1. Multi-Colored Exotic Wood-Handled Ulu with Stand

Another stunning knife from Arctic Circle, it makes an excellently useful gift for loved ones. Just like the title suggests, it is made of multi-colored exotic wood; the handle is designed in such a manner, so even people ridden with arthritis can use it with ease.

The single-edged blade measures about 6 inches, very sharp, and retains its edge well. Maintenance is effortless; you can hand wash it with soap and water. Buy drying before storing is recommended.

They are just as useful outside, as they are in the kitchen. You can take this out in hunting with you to skin the hunt, but you will need a sheath for the knife to avoid accidents.


  • Easy on the eyes.
  • The stable single-edged blade is very easy to sharpen.
  • Holds an edge well.
  • User-friendly large handle.


  • Do not come sharpened.


  1. Alaskan Ulu Knife

If you are looking for a compact shaped knife for daily use, this can be the one for you. This small knife has everything you’re gonna ever need. You can mince herbs, chop vegetables in tiniest pieces, slice pizzas effortlessly.

The stainless steel blade is 4.5 inches long and about 2.5 inches in width at its longest. Don’t let its size fool you, its sharp blade rocks through foods in the bowl like nobody’s business. Even after frequent uses, it will hold its edge. Sharpening it is very easy too.

Wash it after use and wipe it with a dry towel before storing it. Oil this often to maintain the shine of the wood.


  • Inexpensive model.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Sharp and corrosion-resistant blade.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Lasts long.


  • Uncomfortable to hold in large hands.


  1. Legendary Alaskan Ulu Knife of the Arctic

Legendary Alaskan Ulu Knife will make your life in so much easier also more fun. The blade is an efficient size of 6 inches’, giving you a larger blade and more leverage to chop and mince faster. Starting from vegetables to fish and meat, with its sharp edge, you can comfortably slice at any level of thickness you want.

The walnut wood gives the model a glossy brown look; the handle is large enough for any size of hands. It gives you space to have a good grip and doesn’t make your hand tired after use. It was designed to ensure longevity. Its bigger blade enables it to achieve perfectly chopped vegetables with minimum motion.


  • Large, smooth, and comfortable handle.
  • Quality materials used.
  • Easy sharpening – holds an edge well.
  • Sharp, rustproof blade.
  • Alaskan manufacturing.


  • May need to be sharpened often.


  1. LAMSON 34270 Ulu Knife Walnut, Brown

One of the most classic knives out there in the market, Lamson proudly presents its walnut brown traditional ulu knife model. This model is known for not only its classy visual but also for its quality.

Made from one sturdiest kind of wood – walnut hardwood ensuring both looks and durability. It has a fairly larger blade giving more leverage and functioning ability. The high-grade stainless steel resists stain, water, and corrosion of any form.

Its versatility is out of the chart, from meals to raw fish and meat, you can rock this knife through anything. The handle is double riveted, so stability is guaranteed with this one.


  • Very sharp – made with 420HC high carbon blade.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Expert workmanship.
  • Offers firm and easy grip.


  • Unguarded pointy ends of the blade.
  • Rough finishing on the handle.


  1. SZCO Supplies ULU Knife

This ulu knife offers such a unique look it’s a collectible and could easily pass as a present. The solid bone handle makes the knife looks like a straight out movie prop. Also, looks very fashionable in the kitchen counter.

The Damascus blade gave it more points on visuals, you’re bound to look twice at this beautiful piece. The 5.5 inches blade holds an edge fairly well and very sharp. They are also very sturdy, capable of taking force head-on.

Along with a double riveted handle, the full tang blade offers you unmatched strength and stability. However, no matter how pretty it is still sharp cutlery, so store it accordingly to avoid accidents.


  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Beautiful and sharp blade.
  • Versatile and durable.
  • Strong yet easy-grip handle.
  • Includes a leather sheath with snap fastening.


  • A bit heavy.


  1. Gil Hibben Legacy Ulu Knife and Leather Sheath

Gill Hibben handcrafts their designs, making them favorite collectibles. We are wrapping up with this stunning ulu model with a unique design. Useful in both home and out in the wilderness.

This amazing model offers an out of traditionally designed handle, with a touch of modern. The handle leaves just enough space for you to have the strongest grip, unlike traditional models where there’s only space for 3 fingers to slip in the opening.

The black pakkawood scales give the handle a chic look. The full tang blade combined with a double riveted handle offers impressive stability. The 6.5 inches’ blade is constructed with high-grade stainless steel with a mirror finish that features not only sharpness but also quality ensures longevity.


  • Unique visual.
  • The handle features an optimal grip.
  • Full tang knife.
  • Features finger hole for the index finger.
  • Comes with a stylish black leather sheath.


  • Not dishwasher safe.


Final Verdict

Ulu knives have been around for centuries, but its debut in modern kitchen is a rather recent event. Its ability to mince herbs and veggies in tiny pieces is unmatched. Not only that, its usefulness is boundless – from slicing fruits and cheeses to chopping steaks, also as a pizza rocker, these knives can accomplish versatile tasks easily.

They are also especially useful for people looking for a chopping tool that supports the one-hand operation. Not to mention, the best ulu knife can upgrade your chopping game twofold. So, what’s holding you back? The models reviewed here offers the best value for quality, choose the one fitting your needs best!


Buyer’s Guide: Buying the Best Ulu Knife

Purpose of an Ulu Knife:

After the days of being used by the natives of Alaska in outdoor tasks, it is being used in modern-day kitchens. And steadily its popularity is rising with time. Its convex grind makes sharpening easier and also more durable.

They have versatile means of use in the kitchen, summing up chopping, dicing, mincing even slicing with just one ulu. As I’ve previously mentioned, its uses expand far outside the kitchen, along with self-defense you can use this piece as a secondary knife while going out hunting to skin and chop fleshes of the hunt. They are also used to trim hairs in many regions.

Types of Ulu Knives:

Alaskan Ulu: Also known as the Inupiat knife, is distinctively known because of its half tang construction, and the blade has a large portion cut out from it to make an opening for grip. It is the most popular design in the market.

Canadian Ulu: It resembles the ancient arctic model more, with a small handle and a thin neck that connects the blade with the handle. Canadian ulu is available in 2 designs, one with a pointy blade, another sort of triangular-shaped, used respectively in the eastern and western region.

West Greenlandic: It features an oval-shaped blade with the convex grind, connected with a small slim handle with a thin stem.

East Greenlandic: A large rectangular blade connected with the slightly curved handle with one or two thin rods.

The Size

The size of the Ulu knife is crucial to determine its efficiency according to your needs. If you need one for the outdoor tasks, pick small-sized ones, i.e. 3.5 inches’ should suffice. As a kitchen appliance, people tend to prefer 6-8 inches’ ulu knife.

Make sure to check the state rules first; you wouldn’t want to trigger a felony for carrying a large knife concealed or unconcealed depending on the state.


Most of the Ulus are pretty low maintenance. However, usually, they aren’t dishwasher safe, wash it with water and soap after use, and dry it completely before storing to protect the wood. Make sure to oil polish the wood to preserve the shine. Sharpening the blade is also a breeze in experienced hands.



Q: What is an Ulu Knife?

A: It’s a versatile knife designed by the Arctic people centuries ago, now this half-moon shaped blade is being used in the kitchen to chop vegetables for salad, mince herbs, even self-defense, and skinning.

Q: How do you clean an Ulu Knife?

A: Cleaning the ulu is no complicated task, handwash it with water and soap after use do it doesn’t catch odor. Then wipe the water off with a dry cloth thoroughly and store it in the included stand or the leather sheath.

Q: How do you sharpen an Ulu Knife?

A: No specific method required, quite like how you sharpen your other knives. However, this is done best with a sharpener designated to this job. Start with the beveled edge, and you can also use whetstone or diamond stone, finish when you have reached your expected sharpness. Then move on to the other side.

Q: What is an Ulu knife made of?

A: Ulu knife’s blade is widely made of stainless steel; a high carbon blade is another popular material to be used in ulu knives. For the handle hardwood is most preferred, the type of wood differs depending on the manufacturer.


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