Selecting the right self-defensive knives is one of the important tasks in your life. You might experience a sudden attack, which is quite natural in the current world. Fortunately, a deadly self-defense knife can be a great option for fighting back against your attacker.


Rather than self-defense, there are various reasons for using a self-defensive knife. The self-defensive knife has a versatile use in your practical life. Whether cutting wire or trimming the box, you can do all of them with it.


However, you have variable alternatives for selecting the self-defense knife based on its blade. That’s what we are going to disclose in our article.

Let’s just begin!


Types of self-defense knives based on blades


From different types, you have a versatile option of selecting a self-defense knife. The self-defensive knives are mainly categorized based on its blade. It’s the fact that choosing the self-defensive knives depends on your personal preferences.


But for getting a preference, you must know about the types of the self-defensive knives first.


Fixed blade self-defense knife


When it comes to choosing the self-defensive knife, the fixed blade knife can be your best support. It defends best against your attacker when the folding knife easily loses control.


That’s because the fixed blade self-defensive knives are stronger than your expectation. It comes in variable size as you want. Whereas, the length of the folding knives is limited.


The fixed blade isn’t foldable, so it doesn’t break easily. Moreover, it is easy to maintain the sharpness of the fixed blade self-defensive knives. Probably, that’s why people who want to get a self-defensive knife give priority to the fixed blade knife.


The fixed blade self-defensive knives come with the different types of the sheath. The sheath ensures the safety of the bearer and blade only when it is a quality sheath. So, you must select a quality sheath that doesn’t get spoiled or scratched easily. Otherwise, all the features of your fixed blade knife will go in vain.


Folding blade self-defense knife


The folding knife is another type of self-defensive knife. There are some countries where the fixed blade knives are considered an illegal weapon. For those countries, folding knives are a great option.


However, the attacking mood and compatibility are not all that the self-defensive knife must include. It also has to be concealable. In the case of concealability, there is hardly a better option than the folding knife. If you purchase the folding knife for self-defense, you can use it in the long run.


That’s because a quality folder of the folding knife protects its blade from any damage. Whereas, the external situation can easily scratch the fixed knife’s blade.  So, you better choose a quality folder to ensure the security for the knife and yourself during carrying.


Anyway, the folding knife is also a good option to ensure a quick attack. As it is concealable, nobody notices the knife. So, you can make an unexpected attack against your attacker.


Double-bladed self-defense knives


The double-bladed knife is also an available option to choose your self-defense knife from. It is a knife which is sharpened both of its sides partially or fully.


Only a few manufacturers produce the double edge knife. So, it is not that popular as a fixed blade or folding knives. But the knife is very efficient in making a quick injury to the attacker. Whereas, the single blade knife takes time to give the first attack.


It is quite easy to get hurt with the double edge knife if you cannot use it tactfully. You shouldn’t just put your thumb on the blade of the knife. Instead, you need to learn how and where to place your hand to get a safe cut.


Overall, it needs some basic skills and practices to operate the double-edge knife.


Kerambit self-defense knives


A knife that comes with the unusual blades is the Kerambit self-defense knife. It is a slightly curved knife that almost looks like the clew but an efficient self-defensive tool.


It is a small-sized self-defensive tool and very convenient to carry in your pocket. Moreover, the knife’s unusual blade shape places a deadly and deep cut to the attacker. After a few cuts of Kerambit knife, the attacker probably will chase for you.


Unlike most other heavy tools, all the Kerambit knives are lightweight. Although the Kerambit includes a lightweight profile, it gives the deep cuts when attacking the opponents.


However, the Kerambit offers a very flexible and good grip because of its unusual size. So, it is one of the practical tools for the user looking for the best self-defensive knife.


When can you apply the self-defense knife?


If you randomly use your knife anywhere, you will be considered a criminal. So, you better use your knife consciously. There are three important factors before applying your self-defense knife.



First comes the ability of the attacker, which can be more dangerous than a weapon. With extraordinary physical strength and skill, your opponents are harmful to you.

If such a strong person threatens you, then you have to be cautious about the coming attack. But you cannot make your attack immediately after recognizing a person with physical attack and skills.


The person must go through the two more steps before being considered to be an attacker.



Opportunity refers to the instant chance that the attacker gets to deploy his abilities. The threat of the attacker brings him too close to using physical weapons.


Whenever the attacker is determined to harm you, he will never let an opportunity go. Especially when an attacker is decorated with a knife or gun, it is much closer to attacking you.



Intent denotes the expression of your opponents that he gives you physically or verbally. For example, a person is threatening you with his words like, “I am going to kill you.” It is showing some kind of intent to harm you.



Overall, when an attacker has abilities, opportunities, and intent, he probably would miss the chance to attack you. In that case, you are permitted to use your knife before the attacker reveals his weapon.


Blade Shapes Will Determine How You Defend Yourself


The tanto style blade is one of the most popular blade shapes. With a slim and thin profile, the blade of the self-defensive knife is very strong. From the stabbing to cutting, this blade gives amazing performance.


So, when it comes to counter-attack, the blade with its shape is very efficient to the users.


Reverse Tanto

The reverse tanto’s attributes are almost the same as the tanto blade knife. But unlike the tanto blade, it adds some additional features and benefits.


The attempts of reverse tanto fills are the gap between the strong point and slim profile. Still, the blade doesn’t compromise with its optimum cutting surface.


Spear point/ Needle point/ Dragger


The built-in spear point, needlepoint, dragger is very efficient for a precise stabbing and penetration. In fact, there is some knife that comes with a double sharped edge.


The main purpose of those double built knives is combating and defending yourself during the deadly attack. But you have to be careful about using those knives as many states ban using the double-edged knife.


Drop point


When purchasing the self-defense knife for versatile purposes, then the drop point blade is fitted for you. Moreover, economically sensible people consider a drop point blade is a good option.


Reserve shape/ Kerambit/Talon

The reserve shape/ Kerambit/ Talon are specially designed for both the cutting and dragging thing. But the blade design makes the knives difficult to operate. Still, it holds the potentiality of the knives cutting and stabbing excellently.


Clip point

Indeed, the clip point blades include a low profile. But they hold the strong edge likewise the drop point blade. Therefore, they are deployed on a wide range of activities, including slashing, stabbing, etc.


Some clip point blades are also specially designed for self-defense. It holds maximum effectiveness while doing counter-attack to the attacker.


Frequently asked question

Can you use a knife to defend yourself?

Definitely, you have the common right to defend yourself in a complicated situation. But permission is granted when you are facing a difficult situation. You cannot use the knife to take your personal revenge against your opponents.


What are the dangers of carrying a knife?

In most of the state, carrying a gun or knife is illegal. Carrying a knife with you increases the risk and fear of the people around you. Even if you don’t have an intention to harm anyone, people will consider you as a threat.


The choppers are allowed to search and stop the person having a knife and intend to harm the people.


Is it a good idea to carry a knife?


Indeed, carrying a knife is a wise-full decision in the crime-prone state. But you better not carry a knife to defend yourself. Instead, you should carry a knife for your regular small to big cutting tasks.


It will work both as a self-defensive and cutting knife. Moreover, when carrying a knife with the intention of doing your regular activities, you’ll be safe from the chopper.


The sum up


When a certain situation arises for self-defense, we need to make the best use of our knife. But you are supposed to know that handling an attacker is not that easy. You need an aggressive type of knife for self-defense and perform your versatile activities.


Hopefully, now you have recognized the aggressive types of knives. So, without delay, make the best choice for your self-defensive knives.



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