Do you like to have a secured weapon always with you? If so, then you can keep a survival knife with you. A neck knife is a highly preferable survival kit to tackle any uncertain situations. This knife is considered the best weapon for self-defense.

The knife hangs on a person’s neck with a chain is known as a neck knife. The blade is very famous for its small size, along with lightweight. The traveler and adventurous persons consider this knife as their helping hand.

There are different brands and materials neck knives are available in the market. So, you might be confused about choosing the best one among them. No worries! We are here to help you. We have researched a lot about the neck knives and made a shortlist of the top 10 best neck knives.

MTech USA MT-20-30

Mtech is one of the inexpensive neck knives. It is one of the leading brands of the U.S.A. Mtech MT-20-30 is a tiny, sturdy, and tactical knife.

The blade of the sword contains the drop point stainless steel. It includes the stonewash finish. Besides, the edge has a flexible and pragmatic profile. Now come to the handle of the knife. The G10 handle of the knife ensures the superior strength of the blade.

The tactical knife comes with a Kydex sheath, including a ball chain. The Kydex sheath protects the skin from scratches. However, the ball chain makes the blade secure and safe to carry.


  • Adorable size
  • Good edge retention
  • Superior and secure sheath
  • Excellent grip on the handle
  • Compact design
  • Easy to carry or conceal


  • Inappropriate for an aggressive attack
  • Grip might be a little uncomfortable

Boker 02SC743 Magnum

Boker 02SC743 is the updated version of the Boker knife. The knife includes a compact design and a straight appearance. The fixed blade of the knife involves stainless steel, which allows the knife to be super sharp. It is so lightweight that it can cut anything without any ease. Moreover, the knife comes with a sand color G10 handle. The handle allows the blade to be moisture resistant, excellent electrical, and fire insulation.

This micro knife includes various options to carry. You can keep the knife in your pocket or carry around your neck. Besides, you also can attach the blade with your gear or belt. However, the Boker knife used at the multifunctional task.


  • 440A stainless steel blade
  • Multifunctional neck knife
  • Well edge
  • Solid quality
  • Well attached scales
  • Versatile holding option
  • Stonewashed finish
  • Unbeatable price


  • The chain is flimsy for Kydex sheath
  • Too much small in size

C.R.K.T. Minimalist Wharncliffe

Columbia River neck knife is a unique designed neck knife. Alan Folts is the designer of this knife. He is from Melbourne, Florida. Folts tried to make a unique design of the knife separated from other knives. While designing the knife, Alan specially considered the plain edge, Wharncliffe, tanto, and Bowie style blade.

This fixed bladed knife comes with a nylon sheath that properly locks the knife into it. This knife is not so big but entirely comes into the hand. It performs bigger jobs than its size. The lanyard of the blade gives you a secure grip and doesn’t give you the chance to fall it down.


  • Fiber handle
  • Availability of extra grip
  • Wharncliffe blade
  • Various blade types
  • The sheath holds the knife firmly
  • Unique design
  • Hair shaving sharpness


  • Small lanyard
  • Limited warranty

Cold Steel Secret Edge

The cold steel secret edge knife is an excellent hidden knife. The knife contains a secret edge fixed blade. It is suitable for anyone to use it. The knife is so slim and lightweight that it can conceal. The 8A steel edge makes the knife is extremely sharp. It can cut anything with ease.

The handle of the knife contains a G-10 stainless steel handle. The Kydex sheath ensures the safety of the sword and prevents loss. Besides, it increases the performance of the blade. The knife is suitable for any light jobs.


  • Unobtrusive and small knife
  • Thin design and extremely sharp
  • Texture scales offer great grip
  • Handle gives a secure hold
  • Easily concealed


  • Less useable as a neck knife
  • Sharp edge gets out of the box


KA-BAR 1477CB is a drop point partially serrated knife with a fixed blade. John Benner is the designer of this knife who is the founder and owner of the Tactical Defense Institute. The 8A stainless steel has a high cutting power. Your pant’s belt entirely conceals the blade and sheath of the knife. The 15-degree edge increases the knife’s cutting strength and durability.

The knife comes with a glass-filled nylon sheath. The sheath is well made and ambidextrous. Besides, the handle increases the knife’s portability. All branches of military and service members use this combat knife. Moreover, it is excellent for collectors and free services.


  • Pre-tested knife
  • Ensures quality and durability
  • Extremely intuitive
  • The sheath retains the knife very well
  • The blade is thick and solid
  • Perfect in size


  • Not suitable as E.D.C. knife
  • Sheath might be junk
  • Clip might is the less ideal for knife

E.S.E.E. Candiru Molded Sheath

Candiru is one of the popular models of E.S.E.E. neck knives. This fixed bladed knife is 6.75″ in overall length. Its blade size is 2.63″ which acclaims the sword is a small knife. So it is effortless to hide in your clothes and secure to carry. It is a very sturdy and lightweight knife. The black-colored blade of the knife contains1095 stainless steel. It is rustproof and corrosion-resistant steel, among most other steel.

The handle is used Tan Micarta to built-in. It gives a comfortable grip for the XL sized hand without cutting the hand. The knife has a hole at the end of the tang to enter a paracord into the hole. That means the knife is comfortable to carry on your neck.



  • Blade stays cleaner
  • Suitable grip for any size hand
  • Better ergonomics, cutting ability, and control
  • Heat resistant steel
  • Unconditional warranty
  • Good Concealability


  • Less sharp razor
  • Blade coating is less abrasive

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultra Compact

Gerber Bear Grylls is the smallest version of Bear’s favorite knife. It contains a full tang blade with an ergonomic handle. The Grippy molded rubber on the handle allows extra grip security of the handle. The cutter provides thumb grip, pinky grip, and index finger grip in any situation. The knife has well and healthy built, which makes it a combat knife.

The knife contains an 8.3 cm full tang blade that has fine edge holding capacity. So the knife is used by the traveler and adventurers broadly who needs easy access to the sword. However, the knife has multiple lashing holes to use the paracord into it.


  • Utilitarian blade edge
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Versatile sheath
  • Sheath locks the knife in the exact place
  • The removable and reversible sheath clip
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Provides Lifetime warranty


  • Inappropriate grip for large hand
  • The blade rattles slightly in the sheath

S.O.G. Small Fixed Blade

S.O.G. is one of the best tactical hunting knives. It is well known for its multi-grip design. Jason Brous, who designed this knife, focused much on multiple grips design. It has a 2.3-inch full tang knife blade. Besides, the knife comes with a stainless steel serrated blade edge. Moreover, the stainless steel makes the knife rustproof. The concealment of the sword is very comfortable around the neck.

The knife comes with a paracord. The paracord gives the knife super comfortable to hold and real grippy. The Kydex sheath gives a tight hold to the blade and gives no chance to come out.


  • Multi-grip design
  • Functional knife design
  • Very solid and well made
  • Easy to clip with a holster clip
  • Nice blade shape


  • Gives less comfort, balance, and class


Buck Knives 0680BKSTP

This knife is another version of buck knives. It is one of the U.S.A. made knives, which includes a lifetime warranty. It contains 3″ modified tanto blade. The size of the sword is small enough to carry but large to multiple tasks. The 420HC stainless steel blade has an excellent edge holding capacity. The skeletal handle with grip points gives the knife a reasonable control. Besides, the leather sheath is secured for the knife’s blade, but not hard to remove it.

The knife has several carriage options. It might be hanged on around the neck or in the boot or on a M.O.L.L.E. vest. The blade is an ultra-lightweight tactical life. That’s why the military considers this knife as their secondary weapon.


  • Good sheath retention
  • Well constructed
  • Corrosion-resistant blade
  • Edge retention


  • The blade isn’t too sharp

Cold Steel Bird & Trout Steel Handle

The cold steel Bird & Trout steel knife is the cutest and lightweight knife. It is a fixed, bladed knife. AUS 6A stainless steel is the main element of this knife. The weight of the sword is only 0.8 oz. So it is effortless to carry the knife keeping anywhere. This ultra-slim knife contains a skeletonized handle. The handle offers the knife versatility of work. Besides, it allows the blade free movement with no bound.

However, the knife comes with a concealed neck sheath and chain lanyard. These ensure the safety of the blade.


  • Secure grip
  • Great for small tasks
  • Great quality
  • Pinky ring gives secure retention around water
  • Secured and safe sheath


  • More thinness is required
  • Less suitable as a neck knife

Final Verdict

We have provided a clear picture of the neck knives in this article. They are flexible, durable, long-lasting, reliable, and safe to use. Besides, they will provide you a better service and fulfill your expectations. You can choose any of them.

No matter you which one you are using as a neck knife. We will suggest you choose the blade that best meets your needs. Even if you cannot make any decision, follow our buying guide. We have described at length about the right part and materials of the knife. So, it will help you to choose the best neck knife.

Things to look for in a Neck Knife: Buyer’s Guide

Let’s know first how much neck knife is essential for you. A neck knife is the most vital tool to survive from any complicated situation. It includes fashion alongside providing protection. The sword is more suitable for the person who spends time outside of the home and needs security.

Although we have explained the best knives to you, you must consider some things before purchasing a neck knife. Have a look at them.

Blade material

First and foremost, you must check the blade materials of your chosen neck knife. It is an essential part of the sword. Most of the knife contains the blade made of either stainless steel or high carbon steel. Among them, stainless steel is the most popular blade material for the neck knives. It is rust and corrosion resistant more than high carbon steel. Besides, it is less expensive than high carbon steel. So the stainless steel is perfect for neck knives.


The sheath gives external protection to your knife from any severe or mild damages. Besides, it protects your skin from cutting or scratching while wearing it on your neck. If you can’t choose the proper sheath for your knife, it might be able to fulfill its actual duty.

There are different materials sheath available in the market. The most used materials in the sheath are whether made of leather or rubber or nylon or Kydex. Among all of them, the leather sheath is the most used and appropriate sheath for a neck knife. The design of the leather sheath is excellent. It gives comfort and security to your knife. Besides, it is long-lasting and durable. For protecting your knife’s blade from heat, corrosion, and damage, the leather sheath must be a better option for you.


The neck knife gives you protection from insecurity. Besides, it is also a fashionable kit. The blade is hanged on your neck with a chain for daily use. So the knife should be stylish and attractive. Most of the time, engaging and fashionable look increases the demand of the sword. So you have to choose the sword which is best designated and enhance your attractive looks.

Length and weight

Usually, a neck knife is small size to medium size. If you want to buy the sword for regular use, you can choose the small-sized neck knife. It is up to you which format you prefer most as a neck knife. Whatever you want, the knife you selected must be lightweight. The lightweight knife is very easy to carry regularly.


Lanyard is the most essential and essential part of neck knives. It keeps the blade nearby of the neck. Besides, it gives reliable protection of the knife to fall.


The handle is one of the critical parts of the knife. There are several handle materials used in different branded knives. The components of the stem are synthetic, natural, or metal materials. You can choose anything from them. But you must know about some facts about your chosen handle. You must ensure whether your chosen handle includes

  • A comfortable grip
  • Enough strength
  • Long-time durability
  • Well design

Undoubtedly the handle is best suited for your knife that contains all these characteristics given above.

Chain or cord

The chain is another crucial part of the neck knives. So, give a deep thought about the chain or cord of the sword before choosing an E.D.C. knife. Using stainless steel or aluminum or silver is compulsory to make the chain of the blade. These materials will give you comfort and make the knife attractive to wear on your neck.


What is a neck knife?

Answer: A neck knife is a tactical knife that one carries for self-defense. It is a simple solution to fight back with any uncertain situations.

How to wear a neck knife?

Answer: A neck knife is a knife that hangs around the neck through a chain or cord. The chain might be visible to people, but the sword remains in the cloths.

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