If you are assigned to choose a knife for regular use, what you’ll look in that knife? Most people answer that; he’ll select the knife, which is inexpensive, small, and easy to carry. The folding knife is the one in which you’ll get all these features subsequently.

The folding knives utilize the user by accomplishing all the necessary tasks inside and outside of the home. So, if you are looking for a knife for regular use, you can choose the folding knife. Besides, the survival blade and robust construction of handle make it a tactical knife.

There is a numerous option from where you can choose the folding knife. But all of the knives mightn’t be trustworthy or reliable. So, you must choose your knife based on good reviews and quality. Here we’ve introduced the ten best folding knives which are containing the high-grade material and many positive reviews.


Ontario knife RAT-1

If you want a folding knife containing great utility, undoubtedly you can choose Ontario knife RAT-1. The knife can do all the minor chores like slicing, cutting, and so on. Even a massive number of uses and applying the knife over heavier tasks can’t lower its utility.

Its AUS-8 stainless steel is an excellent component for retaining edge. Also, the corrosion-resistant blade helps the folding knife to perform heavier tasks flawlessly. Besides, the thickness of the blade’s spine makes it easy to carry and apply on anything.

The solid locking mechanism of the knife ensures that your knife can go through any task by spending no time. Besides, the locking system keeps the knife protected and sturdy while carrying in your pocket or bag. The folding knife is one of the most inexpensive knives which you can get by spending or less.

What we liked

  • The blade opens nicely
  • Great utility knife
  • A convenient knife
  • Durable, thin and easy to sharpen
  • Low-priced knife
  • Coyote brown nylon handle
  • Handle scales are grippy

What we disliked

  • Gripping is lower than other knives
  • The heavy task should be avoided


Kershaw 1555G10 Cryo G10

The knife that has tough steel, which even can go through the stonewash directly, is the Kershaw knives. The Kershaw 1555G10 is a fantastic model of the Kershaw brand, which also an EDC category folding knife.

You’ll find that the overall construction of the knife is just amazing. Each of the knife’s body parts is very qualified though the price is very reasonable. Its 2.75-inch blade is containing an 8Cr13MoV stainless blade, which can go through the rugged stonewash. The blade’s feature finishes with its durable and hard blade that maintains excellent edge retention. The folding knife is constructed with a stylist G-10 front and a stonewashed stainless-steel back. Therefore, the handle of the knife ensures and comfortability and sturdy grip while using it. Besides, the folding knife can be opened and closed effortlessly. Hence, you can carry it in your pocket, bags, purse even hang it around your neck with a cord.


What we liked

  • Secure locking system
  • Sturdy and comfortable grip
  • Suitable stonewashed steel
  • Frame lock with lock bar stabilizer
  • Attractive blade finish
  • Fast employment


What we disliked

  • The blade steel becomes dull
  • Creates a problem in opening sometimes
  • Needs to sharpening frequently


Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge

Spyderco Tenacious is a mid-sized folding knife that is packed with both performance and value. But unfortunately, it doesn’t come at a lower price. Its admirable quality is reflected between the knife. Besides, its full flat ground blade is made of 8Cr13MoV steel, which makes the knife weightless to carry.

The handle of the Spyderco Tenacious knife has a rigid handle, which is constituted with G-10 woven fiberglass. The fiberglass handle gives the knife a non-slip grip. Also, the cutlery’s handle is impervious to any changes in temperature and chemicals.

Without changing the hand position, the knife can open and closed easily because of the liner lock.

What we liked

  • The locking is superb
  • The sharp blade deploys instantly
  • Maintaining and sharpening is very easy
  • Gives a very good experience
  • Good retention


What we disliked

  • A little rough in the deployment
  • Takes time cleaning with a stone or strop


Benchmade -Griptalian 551

Griptalian knife is the unbeatable functional cutlery. It is the Griptalian cutlery, which is highly preferable for all outdoor activities, even for the tactical operation. The super blade of the Griptalian enables the knife to perform all the hard services.

The knife is constituted with a sturdy and rust-resistant blade, which is 154CM stainless steel. That is the reason for which the knife can hold its edge very strongly. This Benchmade Griptalian contains 551’s lightweight design and a proper handle grip. So, the users feel comforts in holding and using the knife.

It is the folding knife that comes under the budget of the customers. The manufacturer had given extra attention in choosing its materials. The Benchmade gives you a limited lifetime warranty with Lifesharp service. Consequently, you can keep your knife in the best condition.


What we liked

  • Performs outdoor and tactical operations
  • Easily carriable
  • Worth the cost in quality
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Incredibly securing handle
  • Easy movements

What we disliked

  • Slightly heavier
  • Small brown mark on the blade
  • Small scratches on the clip


Spyderco Manix 2 Folder 3.38

Manix 2 is one of the most popular models of Spyderco.

A folding knife which includes better performing materials, functionality, and reliability are the Spyderco Manix 2. If you want to rate any of the material of Spyderco Manix, surely, you’ll rate its locking system. Why?

You’ll notice that the knife starts with a hard-use rated lock.

The cutlery adds a super sharp blade, which is made of 154CM high carbon steel. Getting sharp and the precise cut is effortless with the blade. That’s because the blade has no serration or teeth. Sometimes, it referred to a smooth blade. The ergonomic G10 handle ensures the folding knife’s error-free rigid holding. It has a marvelous adjustment capacity with the changes in temperature and chemicals.


What we liked

  • Full flat-ground blade
  • Tough in nature
  • Serrations on folder
  • Functional and ergonomic tool
  • The clip attaches knife to a pocket
  • Non-slip G10 handle


What we disliked

  • Heavier than expectation
  • Sometimes the lock mechanism sticks
  • 154CM steel is brittle


Spyderco Delica4

Are you owning a Delica or Endura? If so, then surely, you’ve one of the best-selling knives that Spyderco makes. The Spyderco cleavers are made in the USA but containing Japanese steel in their blade.

You’ll get a beautiful blade with this knife. Including VG-10 steel, the knife provides full flat-ground blades. The blades include a highly refined thinner cutting edge and a more giant 13mm opening hole. The cleaver’s serrated edge is more aggressive out of the box. But the plain edge is much easier to sharpen while it gets dull. The scales of the knife contain flat grey titanium. It is a full retail knife.

The polymer nylon material makes the handle invincible. No matter how the cleaver is made of, the handle gives a superior grip.


What we liked

  • Warranty against defects
  • Affordable price
  • Simple but eye-catching design
  • Available handle colors
  • Molded handle surface
  • Pocket adjusted size
  • Invincible handle
  • Fairly easy to sharpen


What we disliked

  • Blade deployment is tight
  • It isn’t an EDC knife
  • Rough deployment


Kershaw S30V Blur

Do you want to make do the tough jobs with your knife? If so, then there might be a few options might available for you among the folding knives. The Kershaw knives are the ones them. A big but slightly recurved blade makes the knife ideal for multi tough tasking.

The Kershaw blur has an S30V, a high performing steel with makes the blade available for everyday use. Actually, the steel combines the high volume of carbon and vanadium to provide superior edge holding and abrasion resistance. Besides, the attractive blade finish makes the blade fade-resistant and gives a scuffed look. That’s why the blade can hide the smudges and fingerprints.

The steel plates inside the handle scales make the locking system secure when the users open the blade. Whatever the environment is, the handle provides a secure gripping because of its durable handle construction. The black handle is constructed with aircraft aluminum.


What we liked

  • The premium material lasts for the lifetime
  • Edge-holding capacity
  • Quick deployment
  • Aversion resistant blade
  • One-handed flipper
  • The action is fast and intuitive


What we disliked

  • Grippy handle
  • The liner lock mightn’t fully be engaged


Gerber Paraframe

The miniature classic, one of the best knives among eight smallest knives of the Paraframe series. Mainly, its popularity is based on small frame-lock design. Whether you go to travel or use the knife as an EDC knife, it is safe in every angle.

The partially serrated blade of the cutlery is made of high carbon steel. It is coated with the titanium NITRATE. Besides, the blade has maintained a clip point design. Moreover, the blade components enable the knife to hold its edge very well. The knife is a one-handed opening knife, but sometimes it needs little pressure to open.

One of the basic features of the knife, its plain edge takes less time to sharpen. The handle is completed with stainless steel, which isn’t rusted prone at all.


What we liked

  • Low-priced knife
  • Solidly constructed
  • Fairly sharp
  • Dependable and sturdy knife
  • Needs low maintenance
  • Handy and creates a great value
  • Fits in the pocket perfectly


What we disliked

  • The lock needs some pressure to open
  • Difficult to operate by one hand


CRKT pillar EDC

Do you go through extreme situations most of the time? Then, the CRKT pillar is specially designed for you. Whether you go for combating, hunting or sailoring, this knife is absolutely excellent with your requirements.

The CRKT pillar EDC is an ergonomic and effective pocket cleaver. Also, it is a super-compact folding knife for everyday use. Here, the plain edge blade of the knife goes through a satin blade finish. Besides, the 8Cr13MoV steel blade features a flat grind where the blade is extremely thin as 3.68 mm.

The folding knife adds a stainless handle with curviness to give you a better grip over the knife. Your fingers can rest inside the larger curve of the handle. The opening and closing options are secured with a frame lock to ensure your safety.

What we liked

  • The blade is perfect for precision
  • Satin finish
  • Handle never snags in a tight pocket
  • Distinctive minimal design
  • A compact EDC knifes
  • Handle curviness ensures the perfect grip


What we disliked

  • Too beefy and heavy
  • Improper for a larger grip


Opinel Nov. 6 Locking

Who doesn’t like to have a simple but outstanding knife? Of course, everyone likes to have. If so, then you can reliable over Opinel No. 6 locking knife. It is an excellent cleaver for overall use.

When coming to its blade, you’ll notice that it contains a high volume of carbon steel. It is such an excellent material that you can’t beat it because of its ease of sharpening. Alongside this, there also have other alternatives for using stainless steel choosing as a blade material.

On the contrary, the beechwood handle material encompasses the blade properly. The knife’s wooden handle and simple locking system reveal that the knife isn’t properly designed to serve the military program.


What we liked

  • Unbeatable quality
  • Comfortable at any grip
  • Extremely nimble and wonderful slicer
  • Low price
  • Carries extremely well
  • Lasts for you if taken proper care

What we disliked

  • The cutlery is unobtrusive to fit in the pocket
  • Needs two hand to open


Final thought

Why use a folding knife?

Whether you cut foods, hunting, or any tactical operation, you might need a knife that you can easily carry. It is the folding knife, which you can move and apply in any kind of action. According to the passing time, the manufacturer is developing its features to compete in the knife market.

People want to make the best utilization of their money when they are spending it over something. We’re sure; you also want so. So, here we’ve evaluated the ten best folding knives which you’ll get under .

You’ll find them very useful and reliable to use as EDC knives. These are available in different price under , but excellent in quality. Pick any of them, which goes with your nature of uses and budget.


Buyer’s guide

One of the EDC knives that you’ll find in different styles and prices is the folding knives. So, you have the available option for making the best choice and buying according to your budget. But it would be the best decision if you consider the following features in the chosen knife.

Blade design

When you keep a pocket knife with you, you must use it for multiple tasks. So, there have two available options for choosing the blade types.

  • Single blade knives

By the titles, you might’ve understood that we’re talking about a single-bladed knife. It is simple but comes with many sizes and shapes. Though these knives have no variety as the multi-bladed knife, they are determined about doing any work. The manufacturer focuses on its sturdiness and strongness while launching the single blade knife. It has a strong locking mechanism that is attractive to the users. One of the important features of single blade knives is, you can open it using only one hand.

  • Multiple blade knives

The thing in multiple blade knives attracts the customers is its variety of design. The multiple blades make the knife capable of performing multiple tasks. But you have to use both your hands to open and close the blades. If you’re working at home, you can use these knives for versatile work. Besides, these knives are ideal for doing any activities during traveling or hunting. By watching the knife, you might’ve understood that the manufacturer has given more concentration to make its multiple designed blade.


How many dollars you’re willing to spend for your knife?

The most noticeable thing in these ten knives is these price ranges. The average income customers want to keep their product price range between their budget. So, we’ve chosen the best knives which price range is under . But they contain very good quality. Choose any of them that goes best with your budget, work but containing very good qualities.


Blade locks

Many knife users are inexpert of using the blade’s lock. But, if you aren’t expert in using the locking mechanism, you might get hurt. Therefore, it is mandatory for users, especially the inexpert knife user, to choose a deployed knife for themselves. It’ll ensure their safety while opening and enable the one-hand opening.




There is some common question which was asked by the customers frequently. Here we’ve tried to provide some of them.

How many blade types are available in the folding knives?

In the folding knives, there are three types of blades available. These are:

  • Plain edge
  • Partially serrated edge
  • Full serrated edge


How are different types of blade beneficial for the consumer?

The important features of the three types of blades can be evaluated as follows.

  • Plain edge

While there needs better control and clean-cut, the plain edge is always appropriate for the customers. But, if you to go through the tough surface with the plain edge cutlery, it might be a wrong decision. Overall, it provides better performance in regular cutting tasks.

  • Partially serrated edge

If you are carrying a serrated edge with the plain edge, that means you’re bearing a dangerous weapon with you. The partially serrated edge needs less maintenance than the standard knife. It’s more comfortable to use than the plain edge.

  • Full serrated edge

The full serrated edge does better its job than the plain and partially serrated edge. It can be operated over anything at minimal effort. Probably that’s why it o used as an emergency tool at any rescue or survival operation.


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