Who doesn’t love a quintessential multi-featured knife within a budgeted price? Of course, everybody does. It is an EDC knife that not only comes within a reasonable price but also includes excellent features.

Even the person who has limited tasks to perform, also wants an all-rounder knife. EDC knives include several advantages that are essential for performing various activities.

Honestly speaking, not all brands of EDC knives have the same quality and features. That’s why we have separated the high-quality EDC knives of reputed brands. We have done lots of research to identify them. The reason is very clear. We want to present the best item for you.

Let’s not extend the conversation and go the list of best EDC knives under $100.

​Kershaw 1660 Leek

Do you know what’s so good about Kershaw 1660 Leek? It is a legendary knife that comes within the budgeted price. Also, it adds an excellent fit and finish that is unavailable at most of the knives.

The knife utilizes Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel to make its blade. It is very clean, and a sharp blade that holds the edge exceptionally. Consequently, the blade ensures an unpredictable cut.

Indeed, the super steel includes a lightweight handle. But the handle looks pretty small when the knife is closed. That’s because it is the trend. Don’t worry! The small and stainless-steel handle will make your knife easy to apply.

Notably, the locking mechanism is 100% stabilized. Its deployment system is super-fast. It doesn’t require too much pressure or additional techniques to open the blade.

What’s so good

  • The steel provides formidable performance
  • Holds edge impressively
  • High-level hardness
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Strong and durable handle
  • Heavy-duty usage
  • Unobtrusive but hefty

What’s not so good

  • The tip is incredibly fragile
  • Difficult to maintain a safe grip

Ontario Knife OKC Rat

Typically, the blade’s standard of OKC Rat is like the Benchmade Griptilian and Spyderco paramilitary 2. Indeed, they are a well-famed great knife in the market.

The utility blade featured with a gentle drip point style. It is a practical knife that performs the intensive cleaning game smoothly. Also, the AUS-8 steel holds its edge fairly with minimal effort.

However, the plastic scales of the handle will give you the feel of a micarta handle. Whereas, the space of the texture provides the feel of G10 scales. Overall, it is an outstanding handle that’ll give you a standard forward grip.

The lockup is also an excellent point of the knife. The credit goes to stainless steel liners. The steel ensures a 50% spontaneous engagement of the liner lock of the knife.

The knife ensures a plain combination of fit and finish. Without making any compromise, the fit and finish provide ease of carrying.

What’s so good

  • Great ergonomics
  • Original action
  • Ease of sharpening
  • Impressive corrosion resistance
  • Cost-saving benefits
  • Get more than you pay
  • Super easy to maintain

What’s not so good

  • The steel is not so popular
  • Action is not smooth enough.


Opinel Folding Knife

With the low price, the Opinel folding knife has one of the greatest blade shapes. It comes with a different size. But the ultimate length of Opinel folding carbon blade 7 is 7″. The size makes the knife qualified enough to disappear in your pocket.

Now, allow us to draw your attention to the blade of the knife. The knife has utilized stainless steel to make its blade. It makes the knife a good choice for the users who search for an affordable knife.

As a regular knife user must know that the beechwood handle is easy to hold. Luckily, the EDC knife comes with the beechwood knife that makes the knife reliable to all.

The locking mechanism makes the knife something more than a regular folding knife. It assists the blade opens and closes smoothly.

What’s so good

  • Simple but inexpensive knife
  • Popular rigid knife
  • Best blade shape
  • Gives reliable and trustworthy performance
  • Sharp precision
  • Simple and elegant

What’s not so good

  • Doesn’t open with one hand
  • Gets rusted quickly
  • Don’t use polymers or fancy steels

CRKT Pilar EDC Folding

Did you ever meet an ergonomic and functional cleaver? If no, then let us introduce you to one of them. It is the CRKT Pilar EDC folding knife.

The manufacturer purposely has overbuilt the knife to enhance its functionality. The knife comes with a short blade and finger choil. The finger choil ensures a comfortable grip of your four fingers. Fortunately, the stainless-steel lock works very well. So, people find the blade easy to bring out from the handle.

People look for a comfortable handle to have an ergonomic grip. And, the lightweight textured handle ensures that. The entire handle provides a charming feel to the knife user.

What’s so good

  • Satin blade finish
  • Perfect ergonomics and functionality
  • Aesthetic blade design
  • Budgeted price
  • Easier to carry in a pocket
  • Sharpening is quite easy
  • Straightforward and durable pocket clip

What’s not so good

  • Requires frequent blade maintenance
  • A bit heavy

Victorinox Pocket Knife Folding Pioneer X

Victorinox is a brand that holds a good reputation in the market for a long time. And it seems that its popularity is never going to decrease. Why? Let’s discuss this matter.

The Victorinox has world-class knives. And Victorinox folding pioneer is one of them. It is a slim, profiled knife that includes more than one tool. All of the tools are important for our regular lifestyle.

It has a simple, lightweight blade which is not so hard or flexible. Also, the blade has a nice and cleaner edge. The edge gets sharpened excellently within a few times, even when you are unskilled in sharpening.

What’s so good

  • Easy sharpening
  • Great design and implementable tools
  • Versatile and useful tools
  • Handy and functional knife
  • Super sharp scales
  • Thicker blade

What’s not so good

  • A bit too bulky
  • Difficult to polish

Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife

People consider the small knives perfect for as an EDC knife. That’s why they frequently look for smaller knives.

The Gerber Paraframe is the mini and updated version of the Paraframe series. It includes a pocket clip and a partially serrated blade that is made of carbon steel. With the sharp blade and durable constructions, the knife is perfect as a defensive tool.

However, the knife is not only strong but lightweight also. The wicked sharp blade holds the EDC’s edge excellently. It is arguably the best feature for any knives.

The knife is featured with a small size. Consequently, it takes a small room in your pocket. You may worry that the knife may be lost deep in your pocket. Don’t worry! The pocket clip will not let the knife get lost into your pocket.

What’s so good

  • Blade matching handle
  • Simple and excellent edge holding
  • Clip point blade gives ideal cutting
  • Reliable and study by nature
  • Solid buildup and looks nice
  • Handy blade for regular duty

What’s not so good

  • Opening and closing is a little tricky
  • Steel is not rustproof

Spyderco Delica4

Spyderco Delica is one of the popular series in the Spyderco catalog. That’s because it comes at a low price but includes comfortability and practicality.

The Spyderco Delica4 is one of the famous versions of Spyderco Delica. It has a variety of color options to choose from. Also, it is incredibly lightweight, which makes the Spyderco easy to apply and carry in a pocket.

Notably, Spyderco comes with VG-10 steel, which is super easy to sharpen. The drop point blade gives excellent cutting beyond your imagination.

It has a durable pocket clip that retains the knife steadily in your pocket. Consequently, the knife doesn’t lose in your pocket. Neither it harms the other stuff in your pocket.

What’s so good

  • Variety of color options
  • Super flexible in applying
  • Strong and durable
  • Works like a horse
  • One hand deployment
  • Excellent style with performance

What’s not so good

  • Not includes any choil
  • Gets a little bit grimy

Final thought

With the extra-ordinary features, the EDC knives add remarkable values. It is beneficial for both heavy and light duties.

People find the EDC knives very convenient to use. That’s because they include compact and lightweight design. Also, their multifunctionality has gained the trust of people shortly. As you can see, there are various EDC models available in the market.

But only a few brands maintain their knife’s quality within a reasonable price. So, it is not that easy for the knife user to find the quality knife within a reasonable price.

Hopefully, our list of best EDC knives under $100 will assist you in getting the best knife. Still, if you find difficulty in selecting the best EDC knife, our buyer’s guide is available for you.

Buyer’s Guide

Commercial folding knives has successfully made their place in market for many years. The reasons for their popularity are almost common. They are small to medium in size. Also, they are lightweight and convenient to carry.

Simply, there are available EDC knives under $100 to enlist. But, not all of us are experienced enough to choose the best one among them. That’s why; we have come with the buyer’s guide that will assist you in selecting the best one.

Let’s not make the conversation longer and go to the buyer’s guide.

Blades type

People have varieties in their choice and taste. They don’t like some types of knife or knife’s blade. That’s why an EDC knife comes in different shapes, types, and sizes. But how will you choose the perfect one from them? Follow us to know.

Multi-blade knife or single blade knife?

Indeed, a single blade is easier to carry than a multi-blade knife. But the features you will get from the multi-blade knife, cannot get them from the single blade. The multi-blade knife is more useful for versatile purposes. Whereas, you mightn’t use the single blade knife for multiple works.

But most multi-blade knives are more expensive than the single blade knife. That’s why some people drop the idea of purchasing a multi-blade knife. Still, having a multi-blade knife will be better than a single blade knife.

If you have multiple critical tasks that need to be done, please purchase the multi-blade knife. You can consider the single blade knife when you are purchasing it for regular versatile activities.

Clip point blade or drop point blade?

The drop point blade works excellent when used for cutting the large animals. Conversely, the clip point blade has proved its effectiveness on the small size of animals. That means the drop point blade is stronger and durable than the clip point blade.

So, if you want the knife for a heavy-duty knife, then you should purchase the drop point blade. Or else, consider the clip point blade as your EDC knife.

Handle types

The handling quality decides whether the knife is applicable to the heavy-duty tasks or not. A heavy-duty knife must include a thick but lightweight handle. Also, it is made of quality materials like G10, stainless steel, micarta, FRN, and so on.

There is another important matter that you must consider for having a good handle. It is an ergonomic grip. Don’t purchase a knife that is larger or smaller than your grip.

So, you must consider the size of the handle alongside quality while purchasing a folding knife.

Locking blade

You’ll find two types of lock in a knife: liner lock and frame lock. Between the two-locking system, the frame lock does its job effectively. That’s why it is hard to beat the frame lock. The Liner also locks well for a knife if it is set up solidly.

Therefore, you must check before purchasing whether the lock is solid or not.

Pocket clip

Most of the folding knives come with pocket clips. But some knives don’t feature it. The pocket clip of the knife keeps it steady in your pocket. A folding knife without a pocket clip might create mass in your pocket.

So, check whether your knife has a pocket clip or not.


Eventually , it will be easy to choose a perfect EDC knife by following our buying guides. And you will not face any further problems in selecting the greatest knife.


Where can I carry my EDC pocket knife?

You must purchase the EDC knives for carrying regularly. That’s why they build up lightweight. Also, most of them come in small to medium size.

You can easily carry the EDC knives in your purse when you are carrying it. Also, you can keep the knife in a pouch and attach the pouch with your belt. The high-quality branded folding knives feature an excellent pocket clip.

If you don’t have a pouch or purse, you can keep the knife inside your pocket. Don’t worry! The pocket clip won’t let the knife get lost inside your large pocket. Additionally, you will find the knife easily at the time of need.

What makes a good EDC knife?

In a sentence, the combination of several features makes a good EDC knife. In a broader sense, the definition is something different. A knife can be considered the best EDC knife when it includes ideal blades, handles, thickness, quality, and so on.


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