Preparing grapefruits can be a handful of a job, and serving them neat is more so. The sole reason being, the fruit itself has complicated anatomy, the pulp of the fruit is closely attached to the skin, not to mention the fibers of the membrane. Fruits such as this always make a mess while slicing them up, so if your diet includes this fruit, you understand the hassle. For users such as you, a grapefruit knife was designed to deal with them, so you can get fresh & clean cuts every time. You see, regular kitchen knives may do the job somehow, but you cannot avoid the squirting muddle which it will make in the process.

Thus comes the grapefruit knife in the equation. It has a curved & serrated blade that helps you scoop up the fruit from the rind in a clean sweep, so you don’t lose much flesh. And the process is way easier than doing with an ordinary knife; this is the plus of using a specialized knife. You get a finer outcome with minimum struggle. So, to buy the best grapefruit knife for your cutlery set, do yourself a favor and research before leaning towards any one model. In this article, I’ve reviewed few models that are considered the right investment by the users. Do enjoy! 

What are the Best Grapefruit Knife?

  1. Pampered Chef Grapefruit Knife

The Pampered Chef presents a nifty grapefruit knife, which means business! The performance is amazing, you will have nothing to complain about, and the design is pretty practical too.

The knife offers a 5.5 inches long overall length. The knife is double-sided, one on both ends, so you get two different blades in one package. Both are blades serrated; the straight one is meant for slicing the fruit and sectioning it; because of its thin profile, you’ll get the slices cut with precision, wasting about nothing. And the curved blade sweeps the fruit from the rind of the grapefruit with finesse. Say goodbye to the splashy mess.

The material used to make this knife screams quality. The blades are made from stainless steel, so they resist rusting and corrosion easily. The plastic haft gives you no trouble while maneuvering it, and it’s durable without being heavy. You can choose to clean it manually or in a dishwasher.


  • Superior & durable design.
  • Double-sided blade.
  • Resists dullness.
  • Easy to operate.
  • A protective storage cover is included.


  • Some might consider it pricey.


  1. Messermeister Pro-Touch Grapefruit Knife

The Pro-Touch Grapefruit knife from Messermeister is designed while keeping versatile usage in mind. The manufacturers are sworn to deliver environment-friendly products, so you’re guaranteed to get durable products that are likely to last in the long run.

The dimension of the grapefruit knife is as follows, L8.25” xW1.5”; as intended you get an elaborate grip on the knife, getting detailed slices as an outcome, no matter what size you wish to retrieve. The knife is designed with one double-sided blade, one with larger and the other with smaller serration. So you can section the fruit with one side, and slice the pulp with the other. The subtle curve at the tip allows easy reach while separating the fruit from the skin.

The construction material of the 4-inch blade is 18-8 stainless steel, which is strong quality-grade cutlery steel. Which will stand the test of time and resist any form of corrosion. The soft-grip handle allows enough space for a firm hold.


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Symmetric ambidextrous design.


  • The flexibility can be better.


  1. Better Houseware Grapefruit Knife

This unit from Better Houseware will win your grace for sure. It’s a gem in its price range, the perfect knife for peeling grapefruits. You can apply it to the professional field too, aside from grapefruits, you can use it on citrus, pomelo, etc.

The length of this knife is about 8.25 inches, with a 4-inch long stainless steel blade. The design of the blade is quite functional with dual serrated edges on both sides. The point of the blade is proficiently angled to ensure a clean sweep of the pulp separating from the membrane. There’s a small metal part behind the blade for better flexibility, which also works as a thumb rest to increase cutting accuracy.

The nylon reinforced handle is designed to provide you with an easy and slip-proof grip. The ergonomic shape offers minimum fatigue while controlling the knife. It serves better if you hand wash it instead of putting


  • Moderately priced.
  • Easy to use & maintain.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Features enhanced tensile strength.


  • Not the sharpest option out there.


  1. Norpo Nonstick Squirtless Grapefruit Knife

When it comes to Grapefruit knives, the Norpo double-sided grapefruit knife is one of the best choices you could have. Its non-sticky stainless steel blades are designed for you to enjoy a squirt free grapefruit and similar fruits without any juicy mess.

The overall dimension of the knife is about 8.75 inches’ length with 0.63 inches in width. It’s also nicely weighted, so you get enough leverage while using the knife. The usual tendency of the double sided knife is the accidental pokes on hand while using it, but the Norpo grapefruit knife eliminates it. The comfortable oversized central handle gives you a good grip on the blade.

The 2.5-inch long blades are made of stainless steel, and the edges are serrated. The detailed serrations on the twin blade allow achieving a clean cut every time. The color aesthetics is attractive too; with the yellow and red color palette.


  • Non-sticky stainless blade.
  • High resistance against corrosion.
  • Twin-blades on each end.
  • Large & comfortable handle.


  • The size of the blade falls short for large fruits.


  1. Chef Craft 21525 Grapefruit Knife

The grapefruit knife from Chef Craft is the classic example of a non-nonsense knife. Instead of extra features to make it stand out, they’ve focused on improving the major characteristics. Thus, it works wonderfully for the job intended.

The beautiful knife offers a 3.5 inches long stainless steel blade, that is enriched with high resistance against all forms of corrosion and deforming. The dual-edged knife features serration on both sides. The large serration is aimed to cut the fruit in half, while the narrower serration does the job of separating the pulp from the pith and rind.

The double-riveted handle is constructed of quality-grade wood. So greater balance and stability are ensured, the slight curve on the tip helps quick slices of the pulp, excluding the mess. The wooden handle not only gives a traditional look but also a durable build to last a lifetime!


  • Dual serrated blade.
  • Features wooden handle.
  • Multi-purpose application.
  • Not prone to rusting under any circumstance.


  • The curve is not angled enough for some users.



Q: Is it necessary to remove the membrane of grapefruit?

A: The inner membrane of grapefruits, also known as the grapefruit pith is edible. It is also highly nutritious; it has properties that help to lower the risk of colon cancer, high blood sugar, etc. However, many people do not like the bitter taste and prefer it removed. You can easily retrieve the juicy pulp from the pith using the designated knife.

Q: Grapefruit knife vs. Grapefruit spoon, which one is better?

A: Grapefruit spoon just like the knife has a serrated front to scoop up the flesh, and as it’s also a spoon you can directly eat from that. However, it will not offer the delicacy of the knife. Because it’s shaped like a teaspoon the blade will be quite thick making the membranes of the fruit rip, so you won’t be able to avoid the juicy mess in smaller-sized fruits. The knife eliminates such problems and gives you clean cuts despite the size of the grapefruit.

Q: How many blades are convenient to have in a grapefruit knife?

A: Depending on your budget and preference, you can get like three blades in a knife. Each of those is designed differently from the other, one with wider serrations, the other with close serration, and one slightly curved, etc. You’ll find the use of all of them while peeling. Or you get options with classic one or two blades in one knife.


Final Verdict

Purchasing a grapefruit knife may not feel a necessity at first, but after one use, you’ll be sure of it. The comfort is unmatched, not to mention how much time you will save. This is a safe and rewarding investment in every way.

While looking for the best grapefruit knife for yourself you’ll need to go over the options that the market offers beforehand. You’ll find many; those will differ in the range of price, quality, extra features, and more. However, if you have your needs sorted out, the selection of what knife to buy will break you no sweat. This article contains a few of such knives that you’re going to miss out on if you don’t check. Hopefully, it will help while making a decision.

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