With summer right around the corner, the demand for a good watermelon knife is only natural to go high. But the host always ends up with the tricky job of slicing the melons to serve, and without a suitable knife you know how harder the task becomes. Now before you start, sure, any sort of a long and sharp knife may do the trick just fine; but the underlying benefit of having a specialized knife is the accuracy; and the ability to get a fine outcome without having to put any excessive effort.

No matter how you wanna prepare the watermelons, triangles, cubes, wedges, the right knife will ensure producing even slices feel like a breeze. The best thing about owning a watermelon knife is that you can use it on any kind of large and round fruit or vegetables easily. You can get a long and sharp knife, or even get the wider blade options for more versatility.

In order to secure the best watermelon knife for you, there’s no alternative to proper research about it. So I’ve prepared a list containing some of the best watermelon knives on the market and reviewed them to aid the overall process. Let’s get started.


What are the Best Watermelon Knives to Buy?


  1. Vosin Watermelon Knife

Vosin watermelon knife is a great choice for both professional and domestic uses. It boasts a smart design and strong build, suitable for a variety of uses. It’s designed while prioritizing versatility.

This beautiful knife is 12.4 inches in length and about 1.6 inches in width, so you can use it as a kitchen knife freely; while also being able to efficiently slice watermelons. The 7.9 inches long blade is constructed from 3Cr13 stainless steel, which is shipped razor sharp. It’s thoughtfully built with a 26°V cutting edge and divided into 4 sections of sharpening to ensure smooth penetration.

The well-balanced textured handle is made from integrated molded material, measuring approximately 4.5 inches. It features a triangular ergonomic shape that is comfortable to hold and maneuver along with the sword-like blade. The blade is polished with a black BO Oxidation layer enabling it to protect against rusting, chemical reactions from food, etc. along with giving it a classy black appearance. It will stay good as new for many years to come.


  • Multi-purpose application.
  • Durability and functionality guaranteed.
  • Easy to use & maintain; incredibly sharp.
  • Superior balance & ergonomic handle.
  • Features BO Oxidation layered blade.


  • Doesn’t come with a sheath; exercise caution while storing.


  1. Good Cook Watermelon Knife

The watermelon knife from Good Cook is an ideal example of a non-nonsense knife. If you are looking for a strict watermelon knife, then this model should do you justice. This cute high-visual knife even looks like a slice of watermelon! This is a plus if you want to bring some color into your kitchen.

The overall length of this watermelon knife is about 15.5 inches, which’s pretty long to ensure the slicing of any shaped melons with ease. The 9-inch long stainless steel blade features a completely serrated edge, which provides the necessary friction for sawing through the rind of the fruit. The teeth offer decent sharpness and also retains it longer.

The handle is large enough to be comfortable in any shape of a hand. Even though it’s not textured but the shape of the handle makes it unlikely to slip it out of your hand. The blade resists rusting by default.


  • Long and practical blade.
  • The edge features sharp serration.
  • Comes with a sheath.


  • Difficult to make straight cuts with it.


  1. MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium Slicing Knife

Initially designed as a carving knife, the MAIRICO slicer knife is a top-notch choice for chopping watermelons and similar fruits. It’s professionally designed so you can rest assured about the splendid performance. This can chop watermelons as you wish, in any fashion, and also use it on many foods and vegetables.

Along with a strong and stable build, the knife offers exquisite aesthetics. You get an 11 inches long stainless steel blade, which offers practical thickness and strength, allowing it to do just about anything. The blade is very sharp; you can cover any sized melon with this one; and even use it as a paring knife in the kitchen to carve roasts, slice salads, etc.

The materials used in this knife are high-end, so it won’t lose its shine or chip. The blades are designed to be rustproof, and the triple-riveted handle is ergonomic in shape and offers an easy grip. Cutting through melons at a go can be hard on the hand, but the admirable weight distribution of the knife reduces it significantly.


  • Constructed from quality grade materials.
  • Well- balanced.
  • Stable triple-riveted haft.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Doesn’t come sharpened.


  1. Mercer Culinary 6-inch Knife

Mercer Culinary manufacturers are a renowned name in the field of knives and blades for their consistency in delivering amazingly practical knives. They’ve proved again with this multi-purpose produce knife. You can slice and dice as creatively as you prefer without worrying.

The knife boasts a one-piece construction, accompanied by excellent strength and blade to handle balance. It features high-quality Japanese high carbon steel that serves razor-sharpness. The 6-inch long blade effortlessly cuts through fruits and vegetables with such accuracy. The plain edge is easy to sharpen and hold the edge for a long time. You’ll need to take maintenance measurements to avoid corrosion.

The color-coded handle is unlike any other, made with combining Santoprene and polypropylene for comfort and longevity respectively. The textured protective finger guard ensures a non-slip grip, and the shape of the handle doesn’t put stress on the user.


  • Great value for the price.
  • Ensures secure grip.
  • Decent edge retention.
  • Sharp & superior Japanese steel.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Bulky handle.




Q: What’s considered the best blade material for the watermelon knife?

A: It is entirely up to your need & preference. High Carbon Steel offers excellent edge retention and can be honed to razor-sharp easily. But it’s prone to rusting if you do not maintain them accordingly. So even though you won’t have to sharpen it much, you’ll have to hand wash this and dry-wipe instantly after use and oil it from time to time.

Should you prioritize longevity, then stainless steel is the right kind of blade for you. It features high resistance against rust and any forms of corrosion. So it’s not prone to stains, and you won’t have to spend hours tending to this. However, compared to high carbon steel, it loses edge quickly, so you’ll have to sharpen them more frequently.

Q: Single-edged vs. Double-edged; which one is better for a watermelon knife?

A: Typically, single-edged blades are more available than dual-edged blades, and it is also a safety concern in some of the states to use one. Sometimes, you need to support and push the spine of the blade to cut through the thick skin; in a double-edged blade, that is not possible. Also, it’s not much needed, just an extra feature that you may never end up using it. And single-edged blades will suffice just fine as a watermelon knife.

Q: What else can I use the watermelon knife for?

A: Apart from chopping up melons, you can use the watermelon knife on a lot of other fields. You cannot miss the similarity of such a knife with other cutlery knives, so it will easily pass as a kitchen knife to slice up a huge range of vegetables and fruits. But do refrain from using it on frozen meat to avoid chipping.

Q: Are watermelon slicers considered a profitable purchase?

A:  There are several fashions of watermelon slicers available in the market, they look cool and pretty fancy to have, but if you’ve ever used apple or potato slicers, you get the idea. They lose sharpness fast and tend to damage the juicy part after a few uses. It’s efficient to work with knives in this regard.



Final Verdict

Watermelons pose enough difficulty with their mushy fruit body and thick rind to cut. Prioritize sharpness above all; as if the blade is blunt, it cannot produce clean cuts, let alone even ones. The length makes sure that you can use it for as large a melon you want also gives you enough coverage.

Several things can make a knife the best watermelon knife, such as the material of blade, functionality, balance, versatility, weight, etc. The blade can be serrated or straight, both are available in the market, but the straight one is easier to sharpen. Since it’s gonna be a long blade, make sure to check out the balance of the knife too. The products mentioned above are chosen after carefully considering all the aspects mentioned, nothing can go wrong if you are to choose any of them. Best of luck!

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