Horses can be a good pet and a friend. Whether you are a professional farrier or an avid owner of horses, you know how important it is for your beloved horse’s health to trim the hooves; the growing loose soles and frogs pains the horses to walk straight, even making them lame sometimes. To ensure the peak health of your horse, you’d have to purchase the best hoof knife for your four-legged friend.

Hoof knives are used to trim the hooves of horses effectively. Such blades are designed sharp and crafty enough for you to cut frogs off the hooves. They are easily distinguishable with their small blade and a hooked tip with a larger handle compared to the blade. The hook is necessary to reach deeper into the sole and clean efficiently. However, all these knives aren’t designed to be ambidextrous, so choosing the one according to your dominant hand will be wise in the long run. I’ve chosen some of the most selling hoof knives on the market to review in this article while considering the relevant aspects, so you won’t regret choosing any of them. Let’s start.


What are the Best Hoof Knives of 2021?

  1. Anvil Brand Hoof Knife

Anvil Brand has always been the most popular one for being around a long time. It’s a brand that people from all decades trust, and it’s durable enough to be passed down as an heirloom. It is a significant economic choice, does exactly as advertised, and a proper classic hoof knife indeed.

The overall length of the knife is approximately 7.75 inches in length, with a 2.75 inches long double-edged blade. The blade is slightly carved for efficiency, and the tip is hooked shaped like a typical hoof knife. It’s constructed from quality grade high carbon steel that boasts decent hardness that holds and takes an edge quickly, won’t break, and with proper maintenance, won’t rust either. It’s in it for the long run.

The 5-inch long wooden handle is high on its game too. It’s built stable with two brass rivets; the wood is just as durable. The ergonomic shape is comfortable to hold, and the balance is admirable too.


  • Constructed from durable materials.
  • Comes very sharp.
  • Retains an edge well.
  • Compact & functional.


  • Exercise caution with the sharp secondary edge on the spine.


  1. Tough 1 Hoof Knife

Tough 1 presents another no-nonsense knife, which is just right for the everyday use of a farrier. It offers everything you want in your knife; it’s wallet-friendly, durable, compact, agile, efficient, and so on. You can maneuver the blade with full control, with no accidents.

The knife roughly measures 9 inches in length, the blade is significantly smaller compared to the handle. The knife features a stainless steel blade, which boasts a hollow beveled edge accompanied by a robust spine. Even when the job is rough and tough, it usually is at this line of work; the blade won’t chip or bend. The stainless steel properties ensure built-in resistance against corrosion and stains.

The wooden handle offers an excellent grip and balance while operating the knife. The double rivet holds the blade firmly in place. You should manually wash the knife for water to damage the wood if left damp for a long time.


  • Lightweight yet durable.
  • The blade features resistance against rust.
  • Constructed from high-end German stainless steel.


  • Needs to be sharpened regularly.


  1. Weaver Leather Right-Handed Hoof Knife

The hoof knife from Weaver Leather is among the hottest sold hoof knives in the market. Its modernized designs hype up its effectiveness twofold. Being manufactured by a reliable company and the positive feedback from users has swept away the market.

The 5-⅛ inches long stainless steel is the highlight of this hoof knife, as typically, the blades are no longer than 3 inches. So, if you’re looking for a larger blade, then look no further; whether you need it for quick cleaning or trimming frogs of large horses, this knife has you covered. The stainless steel it’s built from ensures maximum protection against rust and the environment.

Since you’ll need to have a firm grip on the handle, it’s designed as such; the ergonomics and circumference allow you to have a pleasant stress free experience even when the work hour is longer. Even with longer blades, the weight is insignificant and easily portable.


  • Long blade.
  • Holds an edge well.
  • Easy to use and look after.
  • Double-riveted for stability.


  • Doesn’t come sharpened.


  1. Farrier Oval Swiss Hoof Knife

The oval swiss designed hoof knife from Farrier is anything but a typical hoof knife. It features a specialized oval blade used to clean the ragged soles of horse hooves quickly. This knife’s structure is built to last, and the superior materials used to construct it guarantee it.

The oval swiss designed blade features a sharp round edge, a fine addition to your trimming utensils, to scrape off the peeling frog off the hooves. It’s constructed from stainless steel, so no need to worry about rusting ever. It’s water-resistant too, so wash as you wish, but wipe it dry before storing it to maintain a good handle life.

The handle is made from high-quality wood and polished over to offer a shiny appearance and to upgrade the corrosion-resistance on the blade’s part. It provides a comfy grip with a smooth but non-slip surface. Sharpening it may seem tricky the first time; use a sharpening rod to tone-up it before using.


  • Arrives sharp and ready.
  • Guaranteed longevity.
  • Quality-grade stainless steel used.
  • Ambidextrous application.


  • Needs practice before getting the hang of it.


  1. Equipment Essentials 8 Hoof Knives Set

This fantastic deal of 8 hoof knives provides you with 8 different blades for different jobs. The hoof knives’ quality is undoubtedly top-notch, and the set offers you all the necessary blades for trimming hooves.

Along with providing excellent protection against rust and deterioration, these knives’ stainless steel blades are specially developed to maintain their sharpness. The blade is firmly attached to the handles, which makes them decently stable. The varieties of the single-edged blades are some right and some left-handed, so you can mix it up while using.

The wooden handles of this set are well designed to ensure a comfortable grip in your hands. These good black handles are also perfect for those with sweaty hands, as they won’t slip out of your palms no matter what. The knife set is portable, and each of the knives is made to fit into their section cases perfectly. Thus you get to roll them up for transportation easily.


  • Strong stainless blades.
  • Stylish & comfy wooden handles.
  • Fold up case for easy storage.
  • Durable material.
  • Economic package.


  • Needs to be sharpened before use.



Q: How do I effectively use the hook knife?

A: Using a hook knife is not quite tricky; patience can be said as the key. Also, experience makes the process easier every time. Hold the leg of the horse above the hoof to get support, and while wielding the knife, point it away from your way; at the same time, your palm should be facing downwards. Maneuver the blade with your thumb to clean the dirt and loose soles and shredding frogs.

Q: What’s the procedure of sharpening a loop hoof knife?

A: To get the most efficient outcome, the blade should always be kept sharp; forcing a blunt edge is hard on both the horse and the farrier. So make sure to give a tone up the blade before using it. Choose a flat surface to support the blade while sharpening the loop hoof knife, use a sharpening rod and try to maintain the initial angle provided by the manufacturers, and sharpen the whole edge.

Q: Can I tend to my horse’s hooves myself?            

A: Yes! Beginners can learn to trim the hooves, too, though you should fill yourself up with some basic anatomy knowledge before. Also, gear up with the essentials tools. If the horse in concern is healthy and doesn’t require expert attention, you can learn to tend the hooves yourself. Supervision is necessary the first few times so that you can pick up the steps fast. Attempting the procedure solely on guess can end in an accident.


Final Verdict

The upkeep of horse hooves requires a good hoof knife, one that is functional and also comfortable to use. Thus, you should prioritize a strong blade that can easily crop even the most stubborn soles off the hooves. Also, you cannot overlook the ergonomics of the knife handle. Since a well-built knife made from quality-grade materials can reduce the strain, it puts on hand, and you can also get the best performance out of it without putting extraneous effort.

Choosing the best hoof knife amongst the abundant options available in the market can be confusing; if you’re in a hurry, then even more so. Therefore, I put together this article to help you choose the best suiting hoof knife for yourself. Hopefully, you’ll find it easier than roaming through hundreds of choices.


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