Kershaw is known widely for being a reliable hub that provides high-functional tactical and EDC knives. Their knives are innovative in technology as well as within an affordable budget; with a Kershaw in your gears, you’re guaranteed one less worry. Whether you’re venturing for camping, hunting, bushcrafting, hiking, as well as good old survival in the wilds, the performance of Kershaw knives is unmatched. Due to their compact build, they’re also highly popular as EDC.

The history of this revolutionary knife brand goes back decades. Kershaw continues to thrive for better, modifying old designs to make them as functional as the new ones, experimenting with the view to enhance efficiency, and actually listening to customer complaints. If you are to have only one knife on you, choose a Kershaw. This article is outlined to present you with a rough show of the best Kershaw knives you can buy, what they offer, and whatnot. Let’s get started!


Choosing the Best Kershaw Knives


  1. Kershaw leek Pocket Knife

The Kershaw leek is one of the most popular choices while looking for a knife with high performance and good cutting capability. The slim and versatile knife with a modified drop point blade is fit for a full range of cutting duties.

The 3-inch blade is a perfect-sized knife for broad use. The Sandvik 14C28N blade is made from one of the best performing steels in the world, increasing its solidity and corrosion resistance. Extremely easy to carry as the tip lock keeps the blade closed during carrying.

The blade offers maximal functionality with minimal effort. A great choice if you want to excel in intricate works. Very easy to maneuver the knife, as pushing the flipper causes it to instantly open.


  • Razor-sharp blade.
  • SpeedSafe opening technology.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Solid build.


  • Kind of small to work with.


  1. Kershaw Skyline Lightweight Pocketknife

The Kershaw Skyline is a great choice that offers a clean and simple work experience. The lightweight knife weighs 2.5 ounces and is the best option for a perfect outdoor carry.

The 3.1-inch blade is made of Stonewashed Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel, known for its strength and corrosion resistance due to the high count of chromium properties. It also showcases sufficient hardness & edge retention to be used in camping or as EDC.

The knife offers a lightweight G-10 handle, that grants a secure grip, also equipped with an index finger contour that fits on any size of hands perfectly. The Skyline knife has a drop point sharp blade perfect for any sort of household work also as an outdoor companion for hunters and hikers.


  • Perfectly centered blade.
  • The blade fits perfectly on the handle.
  • Comfortable handle design.
  • Reasonable Price.


  • Not ambidextrous.
  • Not suitable for heavy use.


  1. Kershaw Knockout Pocket Knife

Knockout is a classic in the Kershaws’ folding pocket knife series. It boasts a simple yet efficient design for everyday carry, camping, hiking, hunting or fishing knife, etc. It’s also super light, weighing only 3.4 ounces, unnoticeable while carrying.

The ultra-sharp 3.25-inch blade the knife features is forged from Sandvik 14C28N steel, it’s a superior steel type that holds an edge significantly longer, and the hardness is also noteworthy, thus providing stability as well as a sharp edge. The stonewash finish on top of the DLC coating gives the blade a nice touch.

The 4.6-inch anodized aluminum handle ensures an ergonomic grip; the folder houses the sub-frame locking mechanism for trusted performance. With the flipper and manual thumb stud opening, you can choose between either to retract the blade.


  • Made from quality material.
  • Durable & lightweight.
  • 4-position pocket clip.
  • Comfortable to hold and maneuver.


  • The grip may feel slippery with wet hands.


  1. Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife

The Kershaw Blur is one of the best choices for an outdoor knife. Their flawless physique and durability enhance the efficiency of your hiking gear twofold. So, whatever the wild throws at you, with a Kershaw Blur you’ll be ready.

The knife features a 3.4-inches long blade that’s constructed with premium S30V powdered steel, it delivers extensive edge retention as well as advanced protection against corrosion and staining. The stonewash finish reduces the reflection on the blade that is prioritized in hunting knives to remain incognito, the gritty look also does well to hide stains on the blade.

The anodized aluminum handle provides a secure grip, and the subtle textures and Trac-Tec inserts ensure a non-slippery feature even in a moist work environment. The liner locking mechanism ensures utmost security while opened or closed.


  • Razor sharp-edge.
  • Durable construction.
  • Ambidextrous use.
  • One-hand operation.
  • Equipped with a pocket clip.


  • Poor quality control.


  1. Kershaw Link Pocket Knives

Kershaw Link is brought to the market as an attempt to provide durable hunting knives at an affordable price. It’s easy to use and maintain and takes edge effortlessly.

The 3.25-inch blade is made from 420HC steel, which grants higher rust resistance, and due to the greater carbon particles, it’s harder than its peer steel types, thus holds the edge better; the resharpening process is no chore. The black oxide BlackWash finish allows a stealthy image, also making any stains invisible on the surface. It’s a standard steel option for a budget knife.

The 4.4-inch-long handle is durable thanks to the nylon synthetic polymer enhanced with glass threads, making the handle incredibly heavy-duty and grippy. While Kershaw’s SpeedSafe opening mechanism ensures a safe & ambidextrous deployment, the liner lock refrains the blade to move from a position.


  • Ensures fast blade retraction.
  • Well-put design.
  • A lanyard hole at bottom.


  • The pocket clip feels flimsy.


  1. Kershaw Induction Pocket Knife

Kershaw’s Induction can be used as a regular utility knife, camping knife, or hiking knife as you see fit. It has the hefty build to tackle any environment and work abuse, also the compact and lightweight features make it jolly comfortable to carry around.

The blade is constructed from 8Cr13MoV steel with a dark satin finish ensures aesthetic and functionality. With an excellent edge retention feature, the resharpening sessions are cut short, and its ability to battle wear and corrosion like a pro makes it the right fit for any hunting and bushcrafting gears.

The blade is accompanied by a sturdy handle built from an anodized aluminum body with glass-filled nylon inlays. The textured surface allows a secure grip even while wearing gloves or with wet or sweaty hands.


  • Hawk lock system for security.
  • Stable design.
  • Drop-point tip for optimum precision.
  • Strong & comfy grip.


  • Stiff opening.


  1. Kershaw Barge Pocket Knife

The Barge from Kershaw is a thoughtfully designed multi-tool model. It consists of several extra features that vouch for its functionality and versatility. With the manual flipper design and fast deployment technology, Kershaw Barge is simple to use and get used to.

The Wharncliffe flat blade is manufactured from 8Cr13MoV steel, a tiny one of 2.6-inches. So, you’re all set with a better edge retention facility and sharpness along with rust resistance. The stonewash finish reduces reflection also hides stains and scratches from the blade.

Kershaw’s durable nylon synthetic polymer handle with glass thread reinforcement is noticeable in this model too, to offer an ample grip. The construction also includes a pry bar and a built-in screwdriver for quick fixes when required.


  • Equipped with frame lock.
  • Manual flipper mechanism.
  • Offers a serrated portion.
  • Comes with multiple extra features.


  • Lousy quality control.
  • Awkward shaped handle.


  1. Kershaw Emerson Folding Pocket Knife

The collaboration of Emerson knives and Kershaw brought this beast to life. It’s an absolute joy to own and efficient to put to use. It flaunts a solid and unyielding design because of the quality materials used to build this folding knife.

It features a small 3-inches long blade constructed from 8Cr14Mov stainless steel; a marvelous knife packing the whole deal of razor-sharp edge, easy resharpening due to hard steel, and supreme edge retention ability. The steel is rust and water-resistant, so it’s applicable during any weather and circumstances without worry.

The blade rocks a dual finish combo with the grinds having a stonewashed and the flat edge with a satin finish. Finally, the G-10 handle won’t slip out of your hand as the textures provide a steady grip.


  • Versatile unit.
  • Features Wavy opening feature.
  • Suitable for detailed works.
  • Accurately centered blade.


  • Stiff locking function.


Final Verdict

Whether you’re looking for a hunting knife or an everyday carry, Kershaw has the perfect option for all your purpose. However, considering their massive selection, going through all of them to choose the most suitable one for you can be a huge chore, so we’ve assumed that trouble for you. After going through a large number of models, we’ve chosen the 8 best Kershaw knives based on their price, durability, available features, locking mechanism, one-hand operation, weight, customer feedback, etc. Hopefully, one of these chosen knives can be your “one,” investing in these Kershaws will never be a waste.

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