Golok machetes are estimated to have originated in Indonesia. The machetes were widely used in Malaysia and the Philippines also. Some get perplexed with Golok and Parang machetes. Though Golok machetes look like Parang machetes, they come with shorter lengths and a thicker blade than Parang machetes.


Usually, Golok machetes feature curved-shaped blades where the spine and the edge of the blades look like a scimitar. The blades come with a softer temper and are made with high carbon steel.


Among a variety of Golok machetes, we’ve tried to choose the Best 5 Golok Machetes for you.




This Condor Tool and Knife Golok Machete is a versatile tool to accomplish every kind of task. You can use it for various purposes. It is a Golok machete with an innovative and elegant design made in El Salvador and is German-built. So, it is perfect for chopping, slashing, and cutting thick woods, vegetation, and long grass.


It features a 14-inch long well-designed blade made of 1075 high-carbon steel. The blade comes with a black epoxy powder coating to ensure the highest durability and sturdiness. It will make your work easy, either cutting through dense underbrush or clearing the campsite.


Again, it provides high resistance to corrosion and rust. Moreover, you can use the blade’s sharp edge to make tempting and thin slices of fruits like watermelon.


The handle is made of walnut material. It is made rough and sturdy to offer a firm grip in all situations.


Overall, it is 19 inches long overall and includes a 100% leather sheath.



⧫ Sturdy and rust-resistant carbon steel blade

⧫ Ergonomic hardwood handle

⧫ Sharp blade perfect for tricky cutting, chopping, and slashing

⧫ Full tang and multi-purpose tool




⧫ The sheath doesn’t fit well

⧫ The handle isn’t much comfortable




This machete is a multi-purpose tool to accomplish any difficult hunting, tactical, survival, military, and other outdoor tasks. This heavy machete is ideal for clearing thick vegetation, brush around the campsite, and cutting wood. It is 19 inches long overall with 1.6 lbs.


The machete comes with a 12 inches long and 0.25 inches thick blade that doesn’t stick in thick woods. This full tang machete with a plain and sharp edge makes cutting tasks flawless and effortless.


Again, the blade is made of MN65 steel and is sturdy enough for dense underbrush and thick tree trunks.


The unique part of this machete is the Gerber Gator grip. The patented handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon material and is designed with a textured rubber surface. It provides a firm grip and maximum control in all types of weather and situations.


Moreover, there is an adjustable and unique Paracord lanyard for safety. There is also a high-quality nylon sheath for easy portability and protection. The sheath comes with a belt loop and dual D-loops.




⧫ The handle offers a secured and firm grip

⧫ Lightweight handle

⧫ Full tang

⧫ Budget-friendly

⧫ Includes safety lanyard and sheath

⧫ All-purpose tool




⧫ Heavy

⧫ Soft steel




This Golok Mil-Spec Camo machete comes with a fixed blade with a sharp edge suitable for outdoor survival situations. It is 16.75 inches long overall with 16.8 oz. of weight. Besides, it is made in the USA.


It is delicately balanced so that you can swing it effortlessly. Therefore, you can use it for splitting firewood, clearing trails, and building shelters.


The machete features an 11 inches long blade made of durable A-2 tool steel. The blade material is heat-treated up to 57 HRC that makes it tough. This full tang machete ensures maximum strength and the highest durability. Plus, it is lightweight for easy portability.


The 5.75 inches long handle is made of G10 strong enough to provide a secured and firm grip. It also comes with lanyard holes providing different grip options. Moreover, there is a brown leather belt sheath with it to ensure secured portability and storage facility.


Above all, it comes with a lifetime warranty.




⧫ Durable A-2 tool steel blade

⧫ Lifetime warranty

⧫ Includes lanyard holes and leather sheath

⧫ Full tang




⧫ Expensive

⧫ Not for complicated cutting tasks




This Svord Golok army machete is suitable for cutting, splitting, and chopping. This machete can do the job of an ax or a fixed blade. It is an excellent weapon for soldiers to use in bushcraft and other survival and outdoor jobs. It is 16.75 inches long overall with 15.95 oz. of weight.


The machete comes with an 11 inches long fixed blade made of Swedish Sandvik 12c27 high-carbon steel. The blade material offers excellent anti-rust and edge retention properties. The blade is also heat-treated and hardened individually.


Moreover, the 5.75 inches long handle is made of black Micarta material. It is durable and comfortable with two black cord lanyard holes and brass rivets. There is also a black leather sheath.


Overall, it is a full tang machete made in crafted with high-quality materials.




⧫ A full tang military weapon

⧫ Excellent, hardened, and tempered blade steel

⧫ Hardwood handle providing comfy grip

⧫ Leather sheath and lanyard holes

⧫ Ultra-sharp



⧫ Requires re-sharpening

⧫ Expensive




This Martindale Golok is a military machete used by the British Army for more than 65 years. It is 18 inches long overall with .3 lb of weight.

It features a 13 inches long and 4 mm thick blade made of high-quality hot-rolled Sheffield steel with HRC 45-50. It is manufactured in Martindale’s mill. The blade edge is tapered to maximize the blade’s chopping and cutting properties by improving the machete’s weight.


The 5 inches long handle is made of German beechwood to offer the highest durability and strength. The handle with lanyard holes and steel rivets fit perfectly in hands.


Overall, it is a lightweight and efficient machete ideal for chopping, cleaving, and hunting purposes. If you’re looking for a compact and sharp Golok machete, then this one will be suitable for you.




⧫ Ultra-sharp British steel made blade

⧫ Full tang

⧫ Tapered blade edge

⧫ Compact in size




⧫ No sheath




Finally, we’ve come to the end of the 5 Best Golok Machete review. We’ve picked the 5 best Golok machetes among a wide variety of manufacturers.


The machetes come in various sizes, weights, and designs. They are individually suitable for different tasks. Some machetes are for agriculture purposes, some for military, and some for outdoor purposes. Again, if you’re going to use the machete for challenging cutting tasks, then pick a heavy-duty Golok machete.  If you’re going to use it to handle small tasks, choose a lightweight and compact machete.


If you can pick the right one, the machete will make your works effortless and save your energy. So, choose wisely.

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