Fiskars was established in 1649. It has been producing quality products for over 350 years. This company has been survived in the tool industry for so long for its high-quality features and design.

Now, it has been one of the top global suppliers of different indoor and outdoor consumer products. This company is one of the best and oldest companies that is popular for manufacturing axes, machetes, scissors, mowers, and knives.

It produces different types of products for the garden, home, and outdoor tasks to make them easier and more pleasant. These products solve various kinds of everyday problems through their high-performance and innovative design.

Among a wide variety of Fiskars machetes, we’ve chosen 6 Best Fiskars Machetes.


FISKARS 29 INCH MACHETE AXE: If you’re looking for a versatile cutting tool, then you can pick this Fiskars 29 inches Machete Axe. This machete is perfect for chopping woods, roots, cutting branches, clearing thick bushes, etc. This tool will be suitable for all types of chopping, splitting, and cutting projects. Again, it is a unique machete for its unique design.

This machete features an 18 inches long blade. The blade is rust-resistant and ultra-sharp that makes the machete suitable for a wide variety of tasks. For example, the blade head is like an ax perfect for balanced and powerful splitting and chopping tasks. Again, the razor-sharp blade curve is suitable for pull-cutting, and the sharp blade tip is for push-cutting.

It also comes with a good-looking textured handle. It is comfortable and provides a better and firm grip. Moreover, there is a finger guard that offers additional protection. The nylon sheath also protects the machete.

Above all, if you need a multi-purpose tool, then this one is for you.



⧫ Corrosion-resistant and ultra-sharp blade

⧫ Better grip

⧫ Versatile

⧫ Nylon sheath

⧫ Lifetime warranty


⧫ Requires re-sharpening after purchase

⧫ Lightweight



If you’re searching for a perfect gardening tool for clearing thick bushes surrounding your yard, campsite, or garden, then this Fiskars Garden Machete will be ideal for you. This machete is designed for multiple tasks like chopping woody vegetation, vines, grasses, cutting roots, palms, branches, and clearing thick brushes.

It features 15 inches long curved blade geometry made of hardened high-carbon steel for maximum durability and strength. This ax-like blade provides a well-balanced cutting and chopping performance. Again, the blade is resistant to corrosion. It weighs 2 pounds that make it strong enough for splitting and chopping.

The machete comes with a 9 inches long fiberglass handle that is ergonomically contoured and textured. As a result, it provides an improved cutting performance and comfortable grip. There is also a finger guard to protect your fingers from the sharp edge. Besides, the nylon sheath makes it strong and protects from harsh conditions.

Overall, it is a reliable garden machete with a lifetime warranty.



⧫ Durable and sturdy steel blade

⧫ Perfect for multiple cutting tasks

⧫ Ergonomic handle providing a firm grip

⧫ Full tang


⧫ Not very sharp and hard to sharpen

⧫ Heavy


  1. FISKARS MACHETE SAW 18 INCH 370500-1002:

This 18 inches Fiskars machete saw is a gardening tool used for cutting trails, stripping logs, sawing branches, trimming shoots and stems, cutting vines, felling small trees, clearing brush, etc. The plus point is its lightweight design that will enable you to swing fast for clearing brush and cutting branches more quickly.

This machete features an 18 inches long blade for maximum durability and strength. It has a unique curve that makes it ideal for different tasks in the yard and garden. It is made of tempered steel material to provide precise cutting with minimal effort as well as compactness and ruggedness. Plus, the saw edge is rough that offers precise chopping and cutting performance.

It comes with a 9.12 inches long polypropylene handle offering a firm grip. The texture pattern makes the handle slip-proof and comfortable. Besides, it provides one-handed use that improves cutting tasks. Again, the lanyard provides balanced control and added comfort and safety.

Above all, this is an outstanding machete with an aggressive saw that comes with a lifetime warranty.


⧫ Lightweight and comfortable

⧫ Fast and aggressive cutting performance

⧫ Versatile gardening tool

⧫ Durable


⧫ No sheath

⧫ Not ultra-sharp



This 18-inch Billhook machete is an ideal tool for cutting vines, trimming stems and shoots, sawing branches, and other gardening tasks. Its rough saw edge provides precise cutting for woody vegetation and fibrous plants.

The machete comes with a 9 inches long hooked blade perfect for a wide variety of tasks. The curved blade makes it ideal for pull-cutting. It is also made of hardened steel with a low-friction and a rust-resistant coating.

Moreover, the 9 inches long handle provides one-handed use that makes cutting tasks easy and quick. The handle also offers an extended grip that provides a balanced control and precise cutting. There is also a nylon sheath, lanyard hole, and finger guard for added safety and protection. Again, the handle with user-friendly texture pattern for added grip and comfort.

Above all, this is a sharp machete with a lifetime warranty and amazing cutting capacity.


⧫ Sharp curved blade

⧫ Rough saw edge

⧫ Precise chopping performance

⧫ Lifetime warranty

⧫ Durable and lightweight


⧫ Not very sharp out of the package

⧫ Requires sharpening


  1. FISKARS BRUSH AXE 78606935J:

This is an ax-type machete designed for heavy tasks. It is a perfect tool for felling small trees, stripping logs, cutting trails, clearing bushes, etc. Its blade design will enable you to cut through small trees and underbrush with minimal effort.

The machete features a 9 inches long blade sharp enough for a variety of cutting tasks. The blade is made of hardened drop-forged high-carbon steel to provide supreme durability and strength. Again, the blade has a non-stick finish that requires less energy while cutting.

The machete comes with a 10 inches long handle made from reinforced fiberglass composite. The sturdy Dura frame makes the handle lightweight and easy to handle and provides extended swing speed.

Overall, this is a durable machete with ax-like strong cutting power. It is a perfect tool for machete lovers.


⧫ Lifetime warranty

⧫ Hardened steel blade

⧫ Fibercomp handle

⧫ Maximum durability


⧫ Requires re-sharpening

⧫ Provides average grip



If you’re looking for an ideal bush machete, then pick this 22-inch machete. It is such a machete that can clear all types of bushes from light to heavy as well as woody vegetation. It is also a powerful machete to rip through small trees and tough underbrush.

The machete features a double grind 22 inches long blade to provide supreme cutting performance. It is made of tempered steel perfect for any weather. The durable and ultra-sharp cutting edge can cut everything properly.

Again, this lightweight blade will enable you to swing the machete with maximum force. The handle offers a soft grip for enhanced comfort and balanced control.


⧫ Double grind blade

⧫ Lifetime warranty

⧫ Comfortable grip

⧫ Excellent cutting power


⧫ Not much sharp

⧫ Not much thick




So finally, we’ve come through the Best Fiskars Machetes. Fiskars offers a wide variety of machetes. Among them, we’ve chosen these 6 machetes that are best from different perspectives. Choose the one that can meet your requirements.



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