Everyone can’t spend a bulk amount of money on a knife, is it? So, people search for knives that come at a low price and a sharp cutting edge. But, getting an excellent cutting edge at a low price is comparatively difficult.

Those who want a durable knife within a low budget can choose the EDC knives. Undoubtedly, their performances are excellent. Where most of the knives cannot hold their performance, these knives outstandingly do that. In fact, their outstanding performance has made them one of the most important tools in our life.

What would it be like, if we introduce you with the ten best EDC knives under $30? Wouldn’t it be amazing! Fortunately, there are available knives that come at a budgeted price but maintain higher quality. Allow us to introduce you to them.

Kershaw 1605 Clash

The first thing you’ll notice in the Kershaw clash is its less weight. The knife is outstandingly lightweight, but it will not give the feel of cheap material. That’s why many knife users like the knife.

The second noticeable thing is its operating system and deployment. The reversible clip allows the user to open the blade without any problem. It is precisely designed for doing the detailed cutting project.

Indeed, the design of the knife is excellently user-friendly. The design allows the user to put their thumb by placing the index finger under the handle.

Last but not least, the blade seems to hold the edge for a prolonged time. Indeed, it is the quality in which every knife lover looks for their chosen cutter.

Good sides

  • Perfect and solid liner locking
  • Great survival tool
  • Ensures precise cutting
  • Useable in versatile project
  • Secured blade
  • Lightweight nylon handle

Not so good sides

  • The locking need to maintained
  • The handle is secure but inappropriate for some grip

CRKT Drifter EDC Folding

Do you believe the proverb, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? The CRKT Drifter is something like that. It may look very simple and ordinary knife but featured with recommendable tools.

The drifter is a small but practical knife that comes in 3.6 inches. Its cutting power favorably can be compared with the Spyderco Delica. We all must know, the Spyderco Delica is reputed for its cutting performance.

Whereas, the blade shape is almost look-alike the Benchmade Griptilian. The same hollow grind and Swedge.

However, the durable cutting edge is pretty much recurved and unique. It doesn’t make any negative impact on the knife’s cutting. Instead, the full flat ground knife gives impressive cutting literally.

Good sides

  • Matching quality with branded knives
  • Appreciative made up
  • Fantastic tolerable blade
  • The lock-up doesn’t slip
  • A reliable and remarkable pocket clip

Not so good sides

  • The weight is much than expectation
  • The blade needs extra care

​103766 Buck Vantage Select

The Vantage is the new evaluation of buck knives. People who want to jump for the inexpensive cutter, the Buck Vantages, are one of the reliable options. That doesn’t mean that the knife is the best.

Simply the vantage pro has a combination of Buck vantage rosewood and Buck vantage force in styling. So, the knife is a great choice for unique design lovers. You’ll love this knife for its weight, which is not too much or less.

However, the knife is always considered as a super slicer to its user. At first look, you’ll find it very sexy with a 420HC blade which is holding a hollow ground blade.

The solid liner lock engages the hollow ground blade accurately. Undoubtedly, the lock is solid, though it is not super thick.

Due to the overall constructions, you can put the knife under the general use category. But the Vantage has an awesome reputation for consistency.

Good sides

  • Average weight
  • Simple and natural construction
  • Pocket clip enables deep-carry
  • Subtle yet solid design
  • Quite a good flipper design
  • Comfortable saber grip

Not so good sides

  • Not so suitable for higher perform
  • General fit and finish
  • Grind marks on the blade


​Kershaw Chill (3410)

The Kershaw chill is one of the great player flippers in the EDC knife industry. It features the lowest price.

Frankly speaking, the Kershaw chill is an aesthetical knife because of its eye-catching design. Especially the handle, which includes a finger choil to ensure a stable grip. The sturdy ergonomics also work on providing a secure grip.

It is a sturdy and reliable knife that provides ubiquitous steel properties. The 8cr13MoV stainless steel construction makes the knife an absolute folding slicer. It is a bigger blade for doing EDC tasks. Undoubtedly, the blade makes the flipper excellent than the average cutter.

Along with the G10 handle, the flipper has a liner bolt locking mechanism. It is effortless to use and open up the tick blade.

Good sides

  • Crisp deployment
  • Addictive features
  • Provides ergonomic grip
  • Amazing flip and locking system
  • Excellent for lightweight activities
  • Hallow ground gives a smooth transition

Not so good sides

  • Stiff belt clip
  • Inappropriate for hard tasks

Ontario Knife. ON8848-BRK

The Ontario RAT-1 is a very high performing and brute-type knife. Whereas most of the inexpensive knife lacks proper dependency, the Ontario RAT accomplishes the hard work excellently. So, you can totally rely on the flipper when you have a low budget but are looking for a high-performing knife.

What else is the knife featured with? Let’s know in brief.

People who love traditional design, surely, they’ll love the Ontario RAT. It includes a particular conventional design. But he who likes styling and simplicity mightn’t like the knife.

The deployment of the Ontario RAT is smooth and nice out of the box. Still, polishing the flipper will increase its smoothness.

However, the knife is surprisingly large, which may be boring for you. With the solidity and inexpensiveness, the knife can beat most of the inexpensive cutter.

Good sides

  • Unbeatable cutter
  • Pure and functional design
  • Aesthetically awesome
  • The design doesn’t affect its functionality
  • Excellent and preferable liner lock
  • Tough performance
  • Unexpected fit and finish

Not so good sides

  • Comparatively larger cutter


​Kershaw Brawler Folding (1990)

The Kershaw brawler 1990 is one of the budget-friendly and outstanding knives.

Amazingly, the knife features an American hollow ground tanto blade. The blade is made of 8Cr13MoV. Among the Chinese cutlery industry, it is known as highly implementable quality steel.

With the aggressive texture, the FRN handle fairly sits into the user’s hand. The ergonomics don’t slip out from the hand. To get a harder grip, you must hold the handle more aggressively.

The knife is featured with speed safe assistant liner lock technology. Indeed, the locking technology is reasonably solid that doesn’t make any compromise with the quality. By adjusting the weight and strength of the knife, the lock provides amazing performance.

Can you believe the knife comes with a four-way pocket clip within such a lower price? But it really comes to having a flexible carriage in your pocket.

Good sides

  • Decent edge retention
  • Maximum durability
  • Suitable for heavy slicing and skinning
  • The tip is functional but rounded
  • Polishing enhances the accuracy
  • Reliable companion

Not so good sides

  • Includes controversial blade
  • Needs to sharpen after few using

Gerber Order Knife

Everyone looks for a good quality even if their chosen knife is inexpensive. If you are one among them, then take the Gerber order for you.

Unbelievably, the USA made Gerber order comes at a reasonably low price. But we are sure that you’ll be amazed by their quality. It is designed for completing the multi-purpose without stopping.

Actually, their 420HC steel that is partially serrated doesn’t let them stop. In addition to the hollow edge, the thick and round blade combinedly makes them solid.

Noticeably, the rubberized diamond handle is perfect for having a textured grip. The durability and lightweight nature also keep a good impact on enhancing comfortability.

Good sides

  • Nearly indestructible nylon handle
  • Great cutting knife
  • Blade deployment is smooth and comfortable
  • Ergonomic thumbhole despite the simplicity
  • The grip always stays comfortable

Not so good sides

  • The blade opens manually
  • The pocket clip is average- Not so excellent or terrible

Spyderco Grasshopper SLIP

You must have heard the name of Spyderco Grasshopper if you are a Spyderco user. It is a tiny but quality knife that is really worth its face value.

You may not have seen such a small knife ever. But, believe us, the quality of the knife is incredibly excellent. It is a two-finger bug, which sits into your first two fingers perfectly. For the size, the bug gives quite the highest cut. It includes a hollow grind that works excellently than many folding knives.

The bug formulates with 3Cr13MoV quality steel, which is robust. But the robustness is less than the 8Cr13MoV steel quality. The 3Cr13MoV is soft blade material. Still, it has a positive site. Because of the softness, you can sharpen the bug without any difficulty.

It has no lock but a strong back spring. Like most other EDC knives, it doesn’t include any clip.

Good sides

  • Includes strong backs spring instead
  • Rustproof handle material
  • Extremely strong than its size
  • Very lightweight and useful for delicate work

Not so good sides

  • Delicate blade
  • Unusual for hard work
  • No lock or pocket clip

Gerber Swagger Knife

The name of the Gerber Swagger knife might be a little silly, but its workability is outstanding.

However, the Gerber swagger is a slim and stylish knife which you must feel comfortable to use. It comes with a 3.25inch long blade and combo edge. The knife is partially serrated and partially straight. Indeed, the blade’s design makes the knife strong enough to tackle the tough activities.

The dual thumb stud construction enables the blade to open almost effortlessly. Luckily, one side of Gerber’s handle featured the texture G10 scales. And we know that G10 scales provide a durable grip at nearly any situation.

The Gerber knife comes with a tip-down pocket clip. That means you can carry the knife in your pocket in a single position regularly.

Good sides

  • Aggressive texture grip
  • Ambidextrous dual thumb stud
  • The blade is locked into position
  • Features with a blacked coating
  • Full fine edge version available

Not so good sides

  • The pocket clip is not reversible
  • Need some extra-working

Swiss Army Cadet Knife

If you are looking for a serious cutter, then the Swiss Army cadet is available for you. It may be small in size but contains versatile tools.

All of the tools are strong and incompatible. Whereas, the weight of the cutter is nearly nothing. Unbelievably, the Swiss knife gives a modern look with its versatile tools. Most probably, that’s why it is the most favorite knife to most of the travelers.

The handle construction of the swiss knife is reasonably simple compared to its cutters. So, you may worry about the quality of the knife. But don’t panic! Though the handle construction is simple, it has a great fit and satin finish.

The swiss knife includes a slim design and durable material. That’s why it doesn’t need a leather sheath, likewise most other pocket knives.

Good sides

  • Very classy and stylish knife
  • Everything is finished clean and nicely
  • The ground blade is thin but ensures better controlling
  • A softer steel is easy to sharpen

Not so good sides

  • Bulky knives
  • The pocket clip is absent

Final Judgement

Hardly, people find the budget-friendly knife what he is looking for. That’s because very few functional and durable knives come within the budgeted price. So, you must spend many times to find a great quality knife.

But many people don’t have enough time to spend researching the inexpensive knife. That’s why we are here. We have compiled a list of best EDC knives under $30 in this article to guide you.

All of the knives are excellent cutters within the unbelievably low price. Still worried about their functionality? Carefully read the features of the knives. We hope that you will have no objection after reading them.

For more assistance, we have introduced a well-explained buyer’s guide. Hopefully, it will assist you in making a quick decision.

Buyer’s Guide

People are using EDC knives for many years. So, they have become habituate of them. Most of the excellent knives come at a higher price. Indeed, they are beyond the reach of limited income people.

That’s why here we have familiarized you with the best EDC knives under $30. They are functional, as well as long-lasting knives. So, one of those knives can be your best companion. How to measure its quality?

For that, you have to match their quality with the features of the best EDC knives. Let’s discuss them first and match with the features of our compiled knife’s list.

Blade materials explained

Blade materials are the primary concern of the knife buyer. If the material used in the knife isn’t good, then the other quality materials are nothing but waste. Most probably, that’s why the manufacturer concentrates on the blade materials most.

However, most of the knives include carbon-based steel or stainless steel. Both of them are excellent material for EDC knives. That’s because, both the stainless steel and carbon-based steel has incredible edge retaining ability.

However, it is comparatively easy to select any material for your EDC knife among them. But there is a crucial point to reconsider. The carbon-based steel is reasonably durable than stainless steel. Whereas, the stainless blade is more rust proof than the carbon blade.

Therefore, keep the fact in your mind when selecting the steel material.

Blade length and shape

The blade length of the knife should be according to your working purpose. If you have tough work to perform, you should choose the long knife. Conversely, you can purchase a mini or medium-sized blade when you have delicate tasks to do.

Let us remind you, an ideal knife comes within 3-5 inches.


An excellent edge determines how effectively the blade can be sharpened. Also, it proves the sharpness of a knife. If your blade has longer edge holding ability, then its maintenance would be inexpensive.

Full flat grind, hollow grind, and V grind are the most popular edge types. Among them, the full flat grind provides easy sharpening then the others. Whereas, hollow grind provides excellent cutting over the delicate things.

But the V grind blades are weightier than the other edge. Most probably, most of the manufacturer avoids the V grind blade to make the edge of their knife.

Handle material

The most common handle materials of EDC knives are thermoplastic, metal, carbon fiber, etc. All of them come by ensuring excellent control and grip. But the metal handle is a bit pricey than the other handle component.

So, if you are buying an inexpensive knife, we would recommend avoiding the metal handle.

Knife’s Look

Not all knives come in good-looking condition. Especially when the knives are mini-sized, there are only a few knives that hold their impressive look. But everyone searches for an outstanding looking EDC knife.

That’s because they have to carry the knife regularly for any cutting tasks. Therefore, consider the EDC knives, which look fanciful all the way.


Looking great isn’t enough for the best EDC knife. Though the EDC knives come in small size, they must hold the maximum quality. We would recommend purchasing the USA made knife if you have inadequate knowledge about knife’s quality.

However, we are not against the other country or company. Remember, other countries also manufacture high-quality knives. You must research to have a quality knife from a company.

F.A.Q(Frequently asked question)

What should I look for in an EDC knife?

The customers highly purchase the EDC knives to achieve their regular cutting goal. So, everyone carries at least a knife inside their pocket. Most probably, it is the reason for which the EDC knife also well-known as the pocket knives.

Let’s know in brief what you should look at in a perfect EDC knife.

As you have to carry the knife inside your pocket, the first thing you must consider is its size. Make sure it fits inside your pocket without making any interruption or hesitation.

Secondly, you have to confirm that the knife can hold its edge for a high time. Holding the edge proves the durability of the knife. To confirm the EDC’s durability, you can also read out the people’s opinion about the knife.

Finality, consume some time to make a proper decision. The consumed time might make you aware of the pros and cons of a knife.


Why should every man carry a pocket knife?

The pocket knife is not only useful for one or two tasks. It is implementable over versatile work. Whether it is a hunter or an ordinary person, the pocket knife is compulsory for all. Why?

That’s because carrying an EDC knife gives a person a secure feeling. Consequently, it enhances his confidence to accomplish any operation.


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