Are you a survivalist or a prepper? Facing a dilemma in selecting the right survival tool for your use? If so, then here, the article is to solve that problem.

When going for an outing, you must pack your staff correctly. During the tracking, you must have to cut the limb, timber, branches, grass, and so on. The machetes are such an outstanding knife that enables you to do all these tasks. Thus, the knives are suitable for adventure-loving people. You needn’t has to give much effort to getting a proper knife for you.

Based on the analysis of hundreds of user’s reviews, we’ve finalized ten best survival machetes. Admittedly, you’ll take the survival machetes as best knives, if you take experiences of any one of the knives. Let’s solve your problem in selecting the best survival machetes.


Condor Tool & Knife Engineer

The aesthetic knife that gives significant value by allowing great functionality is the Condor Golok machete. It’s a well crafty tool that includes a unique combination of design and materials.

The machete includes a 14inch blade that’s incorporating 1075 high carbon component. No doubt, it is the high-grade sturdy blade material. However, the high-grade blade is solid and thick, which comes with a curved design. The curved blade makes the machete easy to cut the branches, bamboo, limbs, and even the bamboo. The cleaver is coated with a full tang black colored epoxy powder. Besides, it also comes with a walnut handle that includes a lanyard hole and brass rivets.

Needless to say, about the sheath of the survival machete. It incorporates an excellent sheath with legendary durability.


What’s so good

  • High-grade leather sheath
  • Handle components minimize the slippage issues
  • A crafty tool with great design
  • Thick and solid blade

What’s not so good

  • Unsuitable for consistent applications
  • The weight wastes lots of energy


​CRKT Onion Halfachance Parang

A knife that comes with a generous sized blade, a nylon sheath, and comfortable handle is the Halfachance machete. No need to say, you’re going to get one of the best rescue knives when purchasing the machete.

It is the high carbon steel that makes the knife’s thick blade sturdy and robust. Also, the ingredients make the machete durable in extreme situations. It’s a fantastic blade for applying a variety of laborious tasks. Whereas, the double molded ergonomic handle includes multiple lanyard holes. The comfortable grip options make the Halfachance enable to conduct of any kind of action. Get a proper rock-solid grip with the rubber textured ergonomic handle no matter it is rain, warm, or cold atmosphere.

The sheath of the knife is incorporated from reinforced nylon. The nylon sheath keeps the fantastic blade safe and secure.


What’s so good

  • Gorgeous blade design
  • Appropriate for a variety of hard tasks
  • Double molded ergonomic handle
  • Enables rock-solid grip
  • Secure superb versatile sheath

What’s not so good

  • Might be imperfect in chopping
  • Needs thicker spine


Condor Tools & Knives 60217

The condor 60217 is a brilliant heavy-duty tool at a high price. With many competing parts, the knife has proved compatibility in the current knife market. Notably, it is a handy multitasking tool.

The first competitive part of the knife is its blade design. It is a substantial part of the knife that’s incorporated from 1075 high carbon alloys. Undoubtedly, carbon steel enables the knife to give fantastic edge retention.

Another essential part of the machete is its handle construction. Get a comfortable hardwood handle with the knife, which is incorporated from south American wood. It is G-10 wood that gives the textured grip to all the machete’s users. Finally, the machete comes with an improved quality leather sheath to offer comfortable carrying options.


What’s so good

  • Sharpen the machete with no difficulty
  • Traditionally designed leather sheath
  • Good appearance
  • Unique blade design includes toughness
  • Durability and high-quality
  • Security and comfortable fit

What’s not so good

  • Rusts extremely easily
  • Doesn’t take the edge perfectly


Ka-Bar 2-11249-9 Kukri

The kukri knife is a well-reputed multipurpose tool commonly applicable in both fields and homes. Its uses may include digging, chopping firewood as well as cutting vegetables, opening cans, skinning animals, etc.

However, the Ka-Bar kukri is a full tang machete that incorporates a carbon steel fixed blade. Indeed, carbon steel makes it too durable to avoid any kind of pressure. Besides, the sharp carbon blade makes the knife suitable for multiple applications. The Kraton G handle makes the machetes unique for getting a high-level grip. The outstanding design of the handle makes the cutter suitable for use every day.

Notably, the sheath of the machete is made of high-quality black leather. The quality makes the sheath a long-lasting material and fit for the knife.


What’s so good

  • Accomplishes the jobs faster
  • Makes the chopping tasks easier
  • Better edge maintaining quality steel
  • An extended heavy-duty machete
  • Includes pretty tough materials

What’s not so good

  • Sharpening is sturdy for blade’s curviness
  • The handle is too round and slippery


Condor Tool and Knife Parang

You must like to get a machete that including both the aesthetic appeal and significant value, isn’t so? If so, then you must use the condor tools. Admittedly, you’ll be surprised by its high functionality with substantial benefits.

The condor parang tool comes with a long blade that includes extreme curviness. It is a 17.5 long tail blade made of 1075 high carbon steel. However, the blade is finished with the black coating powder. Despite full tang, the machete comes with a thin sharp blade. Indeed, it is a durable blade that lasts for many years. You can get the survival machete at a different price, but its quality differs according to the price range. The survival machete includes an excellent leather sheath and walnut handle with it. The handle consists of the brass rivets and a lanyard hole. Such combinations enable the user flexible holding while operating the knife.

By analyzing all the features, you can consider the condor parang suitable for camping.

What’s so good

  • Re-sharpening is quite easy
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Flexible leather sheath
  • Amazing walnut handle
  • Includes hefty and thick blade
  • Fantastic balance with a smooth grip

What’s not so good

  • A little heavy in weight
  • Needs upgrade handle ergonomics


​Genuine Gurkha Kukri

A weighty and curved shape knife that is best known for its effective chopping is Genuine Gurkha kukri. It has a 12inch long stout, thick blade crafted from carbon steel. It is a firmer and sharper machete blade that includes high time durability. Besides, its edge retaining capacity is better than most of the stainless-steel.

However, the authentic knife includes a durable and sturdy rosewood handle. It offers an excellent finger grip for enabling the knife for comfortable use. Combinedly, it is a perfect weapon for self-defense. Needless to say, about the awesome blade holding capacity of the sheath. It is made of buffalo leather and includes straps for easy carrying. Finally, when looking for a knife for skinning animals or chopping wood, you should have the survival machete for you.


What’s so good

  • An authentic blade designs
  • The handle comes with durability
  • The handle ensures finger grip
  • Awesome looking leather sheath

What’s not so good

  • Too heavy to use in camping applications
  • The sheath requires more care and keenness


Condor Tool and Knives Warlock

A knife that comes with a stunning micarta handle and excellent craftmanship is the condor warlock knife. The reason for having such excellent craftmanship is its 5.5-inch long 1075 high carbon blade.

Needless to say, about its impressive micarta handle that offers a good grip when your hand is wet. It’s a rare quality that can’t be seen in most of the machete. Even the knife won’t slip from grasp when it is swinging. The large-handed people also can have a comfortable grip with the knife.

Unbelievable but true, the sheath of the machete includes multiple features. It has two snap retainers that enable you to keep the warlock into the scabbard with ease.


What’s so good

  • Includes snap retainers with the sheath
  • Amazing aesthetic looks
  • A satisfied micarta handle
  • Appropriate for more than a few tasks
  • The handle is enough for good grip

What’s not so good

  • Maybe a little expensive
  • Might feel the handle weird and unbalanced


Ontario SP8 Machete

Carrying several machetes for different tasks is very irritating, isn’t so? You must want to get a fixed machete for all types of functions. If you’re interested in purchasing a multitasking knife, then you can have the Ontario SP8 machete.

The survival machete has a black powder-coated blade that is incorporated from 1095 carbon steel. It is a rectangular shaped blade that has no point. The carbon steel of the knife is super robust and holds the edge fabulously. The machete is maneuver and sharp enough to accomplish the massive works.

The machete’s handle is a fine rubbery sturdy material. It includes a lanyard hole and allows the users to have a good grip. Including rivets and grommets, the sheath of the knife is crafted from the elegant leather sheath. This construction of the sheath allows the knife to swing with your belt freely.


What’s so good

  • A luxurious but sharp knife
  • Dangerous cutting edge
  • Includes sturdy rubbery materials
  • Maneuver and sharp
  • Performs the dual roles
  • Super robust
  • Makes perfect edge holding

What’s not so good

  • Wickedly heavy chopper


​Gerber Bear Grylls Parang

Most of the machetes are constructed with cheap materials. But the Gerber parang derives in entirely separate forms. It is among those knives that offer a perfect fit and finish with the quality ingredients.

Among the necessary elements, the survival machete comes with a curved parang-style blade. Undoubtedly, the design is ideal for hard chopping and wood cutting tasks. Most users find satisfying edge retaining capacity of the blade due to the carbon steel. However, the textured rubber handle will give you a decent grip like most other good machetes. The knife’s grasp might be a little thin, but still, the users find it comfortable to hold.

The nylon sheath included with the parang knife is respectable and well made. But it might be inappropriate for substantial and long-term use.

What’s so good

  • Decent sheath
  • Low-cost production
  • Get a proper grip with the rubber handle
  • Ideal design for hard chopping
  • Aesthetically designed blade

What’s not so good

  • A little thin handle
  • The sheath is respectable but not great


​Schrade SCHKM1 19.7in Kukri

The survival machete that is specially designed for operating the outdoor ventures is Schrade kukri. With a stylish look, it is a dangerous knife for all.

Admittedly, the length and strength of the knife make it better than most other machetes. With the 13.3inch long blade, the knife comes at affordable prices. The blade’s extraordinary coating power with an affordable budget makes the knife different from the other kukri machetes. You can make swing the machete more efficiently due to its outstanding blade design. The ergonomic safe-T-grip handle incorporated from rubber. So, with the sweet or wet hand, you can have an excellent grip over the handle.

The kukri machete includes a polyester sheath with it. Besides, the knife also comes with a Ferro rod and sharpening stone.

What’s so good

  • An affordable solution
  • Get an excellent and excellent fitted handle
  • Ensures ergonomic grip
  • Efficient swinging

What’s not so good

  • Thin blade design
  • A chopper that’s not heavy enough


Final judgment

When you’re in the jungle or doing gardening, you must have a survival tool with you. The survival machetes is the best fitted knife for such situations. It’s a faithful companion, as well as a reliable tool.

Survival machete is one of the best tools for performing wild activities. It’s quite famous for its aggressive nature and protection from wild animals. However, the machetes wilderness makes it suitable for hunting, camping, tracking, and almost everything.

If you’re purchasing the machete for its wilderness, you must want to get the standard one, isn’t so? A survival machete comes in several colors, size, shape, weight, and materials. So, there’re many crucial factors that you must consider before purchasing a knife. Follow our buyer’s guide to know these factors and select the best survival machetes.


Buyer’s Guide (Things to look for purchasing the best machetes)

When buying something for the first time, you must be unaware of its components. To know whether a knife is suitable for you or not, you must know about the basic features of survival machetes. So, we’ve made the buyer’s guide to introducing you with the characteristics of the best knives. Let’s explore them.

Blade properties

You must know what’s the first thing we notice in a machete. It’s the blade of the knife. If you want to have a better cutting-edge knife, then concentrate on the machete’s blade. Usually, a machete consists of three types of blade materials. No matter which you select among them, make sure it goes with you for a long time.

Carbon steel: A traditional alloy that the manufacturer uses for constructing the blade of machetes is carbon steel. The iron included carbon steel develops the strength and hardness of a machete’s blade. But adding extra carbon contents makes a machetes steel fragile, which may decrease the tool’s workability. The plus point of carbon steel, it is harder and cheaper than the stainless alloys. Nonetheless, it retains the machete’s sharp edge of the blade for a long time. But the carbon steel gets rusted if you don’t oil them regularly. Besides, the blade which is made of carbon steel is difficult to sharpen.

Stainless steel: The expense of stainless steel is more than carbon steel. But it is rust-resistant and lightweight than most other blade components. That’s how it got the popularity to the knife users. However, the problem with the element is it loses the blade’s sharpness swiftly. So, the user has to sharpen it before using it every time.

High carbon steel: The high carbon stainless steel includes both the features of stainless steel and carbon steel. It is durable and rustproof as like the stainless steel. And strength and hardness are like carbon steel. So, selecting the high carbon steel for the machetes will be the best decision for the purchasers.

Handle types

The handle is the second crucial factor for having control over a machete. A knife comes with a round, square, or curved handle. Among them, the round and curved handle are more suitable for getting a comfortable grip.

Handle components

A survival machete may come with several types of handle components. They are rubber, stainless steel, rubber, plastic, leather, layered parts, and so on. But the materials which are frequently used to build the handle of survival machetes, they are:


A wooden handle enables the user reasonable control over the knives. But the control does not last during the wet condition.


The plastic handles are the inexpensive materials among all other handle components. Besides, they need less maintenance compared to other parts. They also can ensure proper control over the handle only in dry conditions.

Stainless steel

Some machetes also come with the handle made of stainless alloys. Like always, the stainless steel provides a corrosion-proof grip. It also becomes the cause of slippage in wet situations.


The rubber is a soft component that gives a firm grip when holding the handle of a knife. No matter what is the atmosphere around you, it provides tight control on a survival machete.



What is a machete used for?

A machete is a heavy-duty knife that used for extremely versatile cutting, chopping tasks. Mostly, it includes a thick blade along with heavyweight. That’s why; the machete also works as an ax.

How to select a survival machete?

Though the survival machete is a versatile knife, its primary duty is to conduct hard tasks. So, purchase the machete that includes sturdy blade materials with best fitted textured rubber grip. Also, don’t forget to check the quality of the machete’s sheath.

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