The clinch pick knife is what you call a tiny protector’; this miniature knife can be your last resort to get out of a sticky situation. Defending yourself in crucial times is what this blade is intended for and which it does flawlessly.

Having been commercialized in the early 2000s, the clinch pick knife is a fairly new addition to the knife market. And within its short time in the market from then, the product has already earned many shining reviews and feedback regarding its advantages.

A clinch pick knife may seem like a regular small fixed knife, but it stores a lot more. It’s a self-defense knife that is specially designed for this purpose; with its reverse edge, it can be a lethal weapon in the hands of a skilled user. We’re all familiar with Samurai X; the protagonist Himura Kenshin uses a Reverse bladed sword to protect himself and his friends. The reason to use the clinch pick is just the same, only in a smaller version. The comfort to carry this knife is another of its exemplary details, which attract customers of various types, from campers to collectors alike.


Overview of Clinch Pick Knife

The clinch pick knife is a fixed blade manufactured and used primarily for self-defense. The knife was designed years ago aiming to create a compact yet deadly unit that won’t be a hassle to carry around everywhere with you.

The blade of this knife is outlined in a way that it can fatally injure the aggressor in a matter of moments. The pointy tip is optimal for penetration & stabbing. The balanced geometry of the chisel grind combined with the hollow grind makes an even more efficient edge that delivers every bit of strength run through while wasting none. The straight edge is made for tearing skin open when thrust in a single slash. Using various techniques and getting familiar with the knife, inflicting any certain type of wound is possible.

The mastermind behind the creation of this knife, Craig Douglas, founder of Shivworks, has recommended some methods to wield and wear the knife; but of course, the users are also free to choose their preferred style for their convenience. You may also make use of the lanyard hole in the handle. Resharpening every once in a while, is enough for optimal performance.


Types of Clinch Pick Knife

Apart from variations in the materials, the clinch pick knives aren’t much different to be categorized. Yet you may come across another type of clinch pick labeled knife, Clinch Pick Trainer. This knife is actually a replica version with a dummy blade for the purpose of training. When one has mastered its ways and techniques, one can proceed with the genuine Clinch Pick Knife.


Features of a Clinch Pick Knife

Size & Weight: Clinch Pick knife is popularly branded as a tiny safety knife. The dimensions of this knife are expectedly small; the overall length of this knife ranges from 5.25-5.75 in length while weighing around 0.3-0.45 lbs. Owing to its small profile, this knife is practically unnoticeable when equipped and feels effortless to carry.

Blade Length & Material: Depending on the overall stature of the knife, the blade typically measures from 2.5 to 2.625 inches roughly. The famous distinct feature of the blade is its reverse edge; the single blade usually offers a chisel or hollow ground, which cuts deep and sharp on top of being visually graceful.

The top pick for constructing the blade is Sandvik 12C27 steel, which scores outstandingly in hardness and toughness. It can be honed very fast and very sharp; what’s more, it will stay that way for a long time too, considering it isn’t used extensively on chores it wasn’t intended for. The blade resists all sorts of corrosion and staining, making it a popular option for pocket knives.

Handle: Clinch Pick knives opt for G10 handles that are shaped round for a stable grip and control for better maneuverability. The unique shape is often compared with egg and bulb shapes. The G10 material’s light yet amazingly durable; moreover, the textured surface ensures an anti-slip grip. This quality-grade handle is wear-resistant and moisture-resistant, and the strong build is optimized for reliable performance in all situations. Few customized versions feature cord-wrapped or textured micarta handles too.

Sheath: The clinch pick knife comes with a sheath to protect the blade, and for stealth purposes, it also makes it very convenient to carry a knife with the sheath’s belt loop. It’s commonly a leather sheath that is included with the package, but some models may also provide a Kydex sheath. The holes on the sheath can be useful by coiling paracord in it for better equipping and storing.



Q: What is a Clinch Pick Knife?

A: Clinch pick knife is a small fixed blade with a reverse edge. This utility knife is designed to use for emergencies and self-defenses. It’s usually sheathed for concealed carry and worn as such; its sharp edge and tip make it a reliable tool to be used in a pinch.

Q: Is it legal to possess a clinch pick knife?

A: Since it is not a military knife, there is no law prohibiting the possession of a clinch pick knife. However, in many states traveling with a blade larger than 3 inches is considered illegal, concealed carry may trigger laws in some states too. Clinch picks being miniature knives, can pass as a work tool, hence permissible in all but a few states; check the knife legislatures of your state before carrying the knife to be on the safe side.

Q: Where can I buy a Clinch Pick Knife?

A: Clinch Pick knife is something you don’t come by often; its rarity is one of the things that makes it more desirable to the lot. You can customize a clinch pick knife by a professional, or purchase ready-made ones from some renowned brands that produce such knives, like WPS, Shivworks, etc. Have your pick.


Uses & Advantages of a Clinch Pick Knife

The benefit of having a clinch pick knife at your disposal can prove to be truly life-saving in a sense. The clinch pick knife might look like a tiny knife, but it has every bit of ability to safeguard your life in a sticky situation by helping you create an opening. This is the true purpose of this knife after all, for self-defense, a clinch pick always has your back.

The clinch pick knife is usually furnished with a reverse edge, which is designed to be lethal only when you want it; otherwise, it’s a docile piece at best, with a sharp edge on its spine. Such design allows it to be life-saving when needed; the overall build of the knife is crafted to serve this purpose dedicatedly.

The generous circumference of the handle ensures a strong grip, so it doesn’t slip out of hand in the moment of truth. Due to the reverse edge feature, you can wield the knife in both forward and reverse grips conveniently. Forward grip is when the tip of the blade is facing upwards. One can go Edge-in and Edge-out style while doing it; edge-out is perfect for delivering compelling slashes to the aggressor; although the edge is more suitable for cutting hooks and thrusting up to make maximum damage. Likewise, the clinch pick’s reverse grip is when the tip of the blade is facing the ground; the edge in and edge out technique bears a similar aim, though the shape of the wound will be different.

You can equip this knife on the waist or as a neck knife, so it is easily attainable when required, and the sheathed blade is almost impossible to stick out to an untrained eye. So, you can certainly reach the blade to stop the perpetrator to any extent necessary. Although the catch remains that, as a very small knife, its range is limited, and one will have to get close to the assailant to land any blows. This is why preserving the element of surprise is very crucial here. Considering the shape of the blade, it won’t be such a hard task.

Apart from self-defense, you can also take this knife hiking, camping, etc., to get menial cutting tasks done as a reserve knife, such as cutting ropes, bandages, etc. Remember that using it as a utility knife continuously will dull the blade faster.



Ever since its emergence in the market, the clinch pick knife has attracted all types of buyers. Because of these knives’ otherwise unavailability, their market price is quite costly and quite hard to obtain. Making the knife all the more enticing to the buyers around the globe. It’s not just all talk too! Its compact and balanced build, high-functioning reverse-edged blade, robust grip, and most importantly it is an effective tool that can help you get out of predicaments. We aimed to enlighten you regarding this beautiful knife, its benefits, and how and where to buy them today.

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