When anyone mentions the Rostfrei knife, the image that pops up in our head is a pocket knife or small hunting knife with perhaps a folding design. Although, much to anyone’s surprise, Rostfrei isn’t a brand name, nor does it indicate any specific type of design. Rostfrei is a German word that translates to “rust-free,” so stainless steel in general. When the blade of a knife resists rusting or is rustproof it’s stamped as Rostfrei in German branded knives. As those knives grew popular, so did the word “Rostfrei,” and it started to signify a certain type of knife.

Even though the Rostfrei stamp is usually found in compact knives used for combat, hunting, and EDC, in addition to that, Rostfrei knives can also be seen as cutleries, fixed knives, foldable knives, etc.

This post is focused on the features, uses, and advantages of Rostfrei knives, should you buy one, and if you do, where to get them, their maintenance, origins, and answer some frequently asked questions about this knife. So, if you’re looking to get more information on this, you are in the right place. Without further ado, let’s start!


Types of Rostfrei Knives

In terms of types, there are two sorts of Rostfrei knives that you can get on the market based on their origin. The original Rostfrei knife and the counterfeit Rostfrei knives. The original Rostfrei knives are made in Solingen, Germany. Because of its fame, Solingen is known as the city of blades; manufacturing brands like Wusthof, Zwilling, Messermeister, Boker, etc. knives have originated from there. The stainless steel knives made in Germany; are called the original Rostfrei knives. You might find the word “Rostfrei” stamped on the handle or the blade. Although, you might also come across the word “inox,” which also indicates the authenticity of Rostfrei knives.

While the counterfeit versions are usually manufactured in China, Taiwan, and other such countries with a growing knife business. They usually label their stainless steel knife as Rostfrei to signify high quality. Counterfeits don’t necessarily mean a mock-up of the authentic ones. Many counterfeit models have even earned satisfactory feedback from the customer; these knives also have an affordable price range. You’ll only be duped by counterfeits if you mistake them for the original and pay a higher price than they are worth. Other than that, they are pretty handy for beginners and home chefs.


Overview of Rostfrei Knives

Rostfrei knives are stainless steel knives made in Solingen, Germany. Which is the birthplace of many renowned knives and knife brands, even some of the vintage lines that date back as far as 1912. Such a historical root is like a guarantee of quality which the knives were sure to keep, its vast popularity is the sole proof of it.

The telling feature of the Rostfrei knife is its rust resistance even in the long run; the reduced count of carbon properties enables the knife to prevent rust from forming and makes the knife more flexible with greater tenacity strength. So, the blade is less likely to chip or break without intense external force. With proper care a Rostfrei knife will last a long time, looking as good as new. The alloys in the composition enable the steel to block any kind of staining.

Although the catch is due to carbon content being as low as 1% approximately, the edge retention of Rostfrei knives is lacking compared to high carbon steel. So if you intend to use it regularly, you’d need to give the sharp edge a touch-up with a honing rod for maximum performance. But the good news is it takes an edge very fast, so maintenance won’t be a headache on your end.


Salient Features of Rostfrei Knife

Size and Weight: Depending on the design and the purpose it is intended for, the Rostfrei knife can be of many lengths. The pocket-cum-hunting knife of Rostfrei is usually found between 8-9 inches in length when opened, weighing only 0.25-0.40 lbs. Handles made of wood or wooden inlays increase the weight a bit. For Rostfrei kitchen knives, both the length and weight are going to be different; the material used has a play at it too.

Blade Length & Material: The blade length of a Rostfrei knife is made of Rostfrei steel. The properties of stainless steel blades are 1% carbon; the low count of carbon is responsible for the durability of Rostfrei knives. It makes them less brittle; the blade is soft, thus easy to resharpen, and less prone to rusting. The German steel that’s implied as Rostfrei steel is 440A, 440B, or 420 stainless steel knives with exceptional rust resistance.

The Rostfrei steel is usually furnished with silver or mirror coating to enhance the aesthetics and durability; serrated and plain both types of blade can be seen in Rostfrei knives. Because of the variety among Rostfrei knives, the length of blades varies a great deal too; starting from 2.5 inches to as large as 8 inches blades. Although, the larger ones belong to the culinary and cutleries subgenre

Handle: The size of the handle is crucial for the balance of a knife. So, the handle is made proportionate to the blade and build of the knife. Handles of Rostfrei knives usually measure 4-5.5 inches for a comfortable yet sturdy grip. The handle material popularly chosen for the Rostfrei knife is wood or stainless steel body, sometimes with a rubberized grip to deliver anti-slip performance.

While wood is mostly seen on the handles of kitchen knives, the hunting and tactical knives come in folding designs. So those handles have an opening to house the blade and are not completely solid. Sometimes they come with extra features, such as a marlin spike, bottle opener, etc.



Q: What is a Rostfrei Knife?

A: Contrary to popular belief, Rostfrei is not a brand or a design but a type of steel, stainless steel. Usually, the stainless steel knives made in Germany’s Solingen, the city of blades, are called Rostfrei knives.

Q: Should I use Rostfrei Knives?

A: Absolutely, go for it! They are light, low-cost, easy to resharpen, resist corrosion on their own, thus painless maintenance; and are of fine quality, so they are likely to last a long time. Making them a perfect choice for beginners. You’ll find them truly functional for any purpose intended, indoors or outdoors.

Q: Where to buy Rostfrei knives from?

A: Since there are different types of Rostfrei knives, you can check amazon’s collection for EDC, hunting knives, and pocket knives. Wusthof, Goldsun, Koch Messer, etc. renowned brands can be considered for Rostfrei kitchen knives. For decorative options, antique shops and auctions would be good places to start looking.


Advantages of Using Rostfrei Knives

Rostfrei knives are versatile and can be quite functional in their dedicated field if it’s accordingly maintained. Rostfrei outdoors knife is what first comes to mind. They are equally used in hunting, hiking, and camping for executing day-to-day cutting chores. The Rostfrei can be used to sever ropes, cut clothes and bandages, as a backup knife for food preparation, etc. Using stainless steel – Rostfrei is encouraged in outdoor ventures since Rostfreis are more suited for tackling the environment than any other knife. Since they require little daily maintenance, these knives are more hassle-free. They are lightweight, so you can equip them in your clothes without any discomfort; foldable ones are compact enough to be carried as a neck knife.

Rain, storm, or snow, your Rostfrei knife won’t betray; the finish and edge of the blade will stay the same, resisting all sorts of corrosion because of its low carbon properties. They do not require resharpening unless it’s been through extensive use. If you feel like you could use a sharper blade and you’re out hunting or hiking without your sharpening kit, you can use sandpaper to hone the edge; in absence of that, using a rock with a grainy and ragged surface will do too. The friction will hone up the blade in minimum time.

As cutleries and kitchen knives, Rostfrei knives put up an impressive performance. The sharpness is optimum with quality-grade durability; unless you’re forcing the blade on rock-hard frozen foods, the blade isn’t even likely to chip. The stainless coating will prevent the blade from reacting with chemicals from foods, so they are safe to use long-term in the kitchen. You can wash these in the dishwasher too if you like, although that’s not highly recommended.



Since Rostfrei knives don’t actually point to any one knife exclusively, it’s easy to get confused. Countless designs are made for numerous purposes by many brands on top of that. The one prime rule is to prioritize your needs first; the rest is pretty simple.

On the plus side, the options are plenty, so you can flexibly explore them. Their economical price range, versatility, easy maintenance, and durability make the purchase worth it. Keep an out from the counterfeits, and you’re all set. Considering you’ve gone through the whole piece, you’d find it easy to spot them.

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