The Crocodile Dundee knife is not like how any other knife was invented while facing pressure to face something. The knife was invented in a comedy movie called the Crocodile Dundee Film released in 1986 that has Paul Hogan starring in it.

The story of the film sort of revolves around the knife as you get to see a man who has the solution to all the problems that he faces in the forest with the crocodile Dundee knife that he carries. You get to see that the actor Paul Hogan carries the knife along with him around his hip in the movie numerous times.

That’s just not it, there are more interesting facts that you are yet to know about the Crocodile Dundee knife. We have included a detailed overview about the knife, some uses of the knife, some details about the alternatives of the Crocodile Dundee knife and also we answered some important FAQs that might arise in your minds regarding the knife.

Overview of Crocodile Dundee Knives:

Crocodile Dundee knife is the idea of a gunsmith of Australia, who is an armorer as well, named John Bowring. The production team of the Crocodile Dundee film approached John Bowring for coming up with a knife that would perfectly fit the character that Paul Hogan was playing.

Construction of the handle guard and pommel is done using brass and the blade is constructed using steel. You get to see several close-ups of the knife during the film. The design of the Crocodile Dundee knife has concealed tang that brings out the uniqueness of the knife. Furthermore, the knife was ornamented in the movie with a sheath that is constructed out of kangaroo lace leather.

For the film, John Bowring designed two models of the Crocodile Dundee knife and also some other replicas to the model. The replicas version were used in scenes that had combat and action involved. The making of the replica knives was done using aluminium and rubber materials. But just like the original model, the replicas version were also adorned with full tang.

After the shooting of the film was done, the actor of the film Paul Hogan and another character who is unknown asked for the procession of the original models of crocodile Dundee knives. They were given the knives only on the condition of not selling them. Both of them kept their promises to date.

So, this brings us to the conclusion of one thing that you will not get the original crocodile Dundee knife anywhere. Even the maker John Bowring doesn’t have it as the copyrights of the knife belongs to the production team of the film. Even the replicas of the knife have been auctioned during the years 2003 and 2005.

Yet, this did not end the craze and fascination of knife enthusiasts towards the knife which resulted in some alternatives of the crocodile Dundee knife to take birth. Fans who were thrilled by the look and work of the crocodile Dundee knife get the alternatives instead. We have included some details about the alternatives of the Crocodile Dundee knife, have a look at them below.

Alternatives to Crocodile Dundee Knives:

Below we have listed down details about the three modern alternatives of the original crocodile Dundee knife. The knives that we are talking about here are mostly bowie knives that have similar features to the crocodile Dundee knife showcased in the movie. You can easily spot minor differences between them but if you have a fascination with crocodile Dundee knives, getting these alternatives will not disappoint you.

  1. David Crocodile Dundee Bowie Knife:

The David Crocodile Dundee Bowie knife features two angled edges of a stainless steel blade that is sharp to cut and exceeds the expectation of razor sharpness. The blade is large adding extra weight to make it a high-grade knife. You will see the knife has a Damascus design that dictates how durable and versatile the tool is for use.

To ensure that the knife has an extra piercing power, you will see the spine end of the knife is pointy. To add more, for the protection of your hands, the handle has a handguard made out of steel. You will find great power and control over the knife because of the finger grooves engraved at the tang of the blade to ensure you get a tight grip.

Just like the original crocodile Dundee knife, the pommel of this alternative knife is also constructed out of steel You will be able to use the knife for accomplishing a good number of tasks you may face while camping, hiking and many other heavy-duty chores.

  1. Outdoor Southwestern Legacy Bowie Knife:

Another comfortable alternative to the crocodile Dundee knife is the Outdoor Southwestern Legacy Bowie Knife that has an ergonomic handle. The comfortable handle ensures your hand does not get fatigued while you are using the knife to hit or cut something.

The blade of the knife is made out of stainless steel with a noticeable thickness. You will see how smooth it is for you to accomplish tasks because of the clip point. The entire look of the knife is manly and courageous because vibrant colors adorned to various components.

The handle of the knife consists of bands made out of leather and wood adding more eye-catching touches to the look of the knife. To comfortably carry the knife along with you, the knife comes with a sheath made out of leather included and as well as a belt loop.

  1. Code of the west bowie hunting knife:

Lastly, this alternative of the crocodile knife blade that has a curvy shape that catches your glance. The handle comes included with a designed surface that looks very attractive and any knife enthusiasts would like to add it to their collection. The size of the handle and blade is broad and there is the perfect thickness to the blade to increase its durability.

The handle of the knife is constructed out of brass and wood that makes the knife even more beautiful to look at. Furthermore, to ensure you have proper control while working with the knife, there is a good grip on the handle. You will love the satin finish of the clip point of the blade.

The knife comes included with two useful accessories which is the belt loop with adjustable snap. There is a leather sheath included as well to protect the blade.


  1. What is the blade of crocodile Dundee made out of?

Ans: The Crocodile Dundee knife is made out of high-grade stainless steel and it has a thickness to it for durability.

  1. Where can I get the crocodile Dundee knife?

Ans: You will not get the original crocodile Dundee knife anywhere because the production house of the crocodile Dundee film has the copyrights of the knife and they are not letting out the knife into the world.

  1. Do the alternatives of the crocodile Dundee knife have handles made out of brass?

Ans: Yes, the alternatives have handles made out of brass and sometimes wood.

Uses of Crocodile Dundee Knives:

The Crocodile Dundee knife is not an everyday carry knife because of how huge the blade and handle is and also the weight doesn’t make it practical for everyday use. However, because of how durable and thick the blade is, you can make the best use out of the crocodile Dundee knife while exploring the wild.

If you are someone who is out in the forest, this crocodile knife can easily be used for protecting yourself from an animal’s attack. You can easily use this knife for lashing objects, cutting animal skin, and even flashing fire. The strength and durability of the crocodile Dundee knife make it capable of taking on heavy impact.

Where to buy Crocodile Dundee Knives:


To sum up, if you have been a fan of the crocodile Dundee knife because of watching the film, we are sure you will not leave disappointed from here because of the alternatives that you got to know today.

To add more, as a fan of the crocodile Dundee knife, getting to know about all the important details regarding it makes it exciting for them to think about getting the alternative of the knife. It might be a bit saddening that you can’t get your hands on the original crocodile Dundee knife but yet you can cheer up thinking about the attractive alternatives that we have introduced you to.

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