Knife blocks as a product are quite stylish; it’s meant to store all the necessary kitchen knives in one place to be reached easily. Not only that, blocks provide safety to the knife it houses, so the blades don’t get damaged easily.

So, not only do you get all your useful knives in one place but also with style. And who else is an avid icon of style except for The Deadpool – the immortal king of sass who happened to be an adept user of blades too. Getting stabbed in the head is not too uncommon for him. Whether the real Deadpool will agree to pose as one or not, he’ll surely be amazed at the humour of this cool knife block. So, if you’re a marvel fan, or perhaps wolverine himself, you sure can humour yourself with a Deadpool knife holder on your cabinet.

Wondering where you can gonna get this? Well, worry not, because you’re in the right place. As a fellow fan, we’ve put together this post that explores this funky item that’s equally useful in the kitchen and as a flashy display item to show off.

Overview of Deadpool Knife Block

The job of knife blocks in a kitchen is to keep the knives organized in one place also to ensure the reachability of the knife pieces that are used regularly. A good cook hardly compromises the quality of a good block. The important thing to consider in this case is how much space you can spare for it on your cabinet, the slots it offers, and the durability & quality of the block. Combine all the characteristics according to your need and you got your most suitable knife block.

If you are up to date with the franchise, you’d know how Deadpool has a thing for sharp artifacts. In fact, his OG weapon is double katana. And the idea of his head being a knife folder came from the whacky combat scenes including him getting stabbed in the head with pointy objects. Which happened more frequently than anyone would think due to his insane healing abilities which enables him to recover before any damage is even done. So, it’s quite a clever innovation to get immortal Deadpool on your kitchen’s countertop where you can reenact the scenarios of stabbing the mouthless and taunting cold-eyed vigilante’s skull. It’s an excellent gift item too, for those with similar unapologetic humor!

In order to get your piece of Deadpool knife block, there are two main options to look into. Buying or making one yourself. Buying requires no experience in 3D crafting, model designing, or operating the relevant software; while DIY-ing a whole knife block obviously needs skillsets in the areas mentioned above. Although customizing lets you design the slots and their allocated places, etc. You can also get creative with the size, expression of the model, color design, etc.

The standard Deadpool knife block is designed to store 6 knives at a time along with a spot for sharpening rod. The length marks 26cm. It can hold 4 large knives are 2 small kitchen blades. Due to the high demand for this product and lengthy production, it’s difficult to catch these products on stock. So, if you badly want to own one, or even as a gift, you’re gonna have to make it yourself if the market is stocked out of this product, which it usually is.


How to Make a Deadpool Knife Block by Yourself?

If you have set your mind on making the infamous knife block for yourself, you got to have some experience in crafting or DIYs, even if you are not an expert. Then I can walk you through the process of how you can make this cool knife holder and earn the praises of your friends and acquaintances who are familiar with this concept.

The original idea of a Deadpool knife block that took the internet by storm was born after an enlightened soul, BrittLiv, decided to watch a Deadpool movie after already having decided to make a knife holder for the purpose of cleaning her knife drawer.

In order to make the knife holder from scratch, you’re gonna need a few instruments, a 3D printer, a camera, modeling software like Autodesk Recap 360, Autodesk Meshmixer, etc.

Step 1: Creating the digital figure of the knife block

According to Instructables, to digitalize the Block’s figure, you’ll find the free online software, Autodesk Recap 360 to be pretty helpful. You could download a draft figure of your choice to mold it into a convenient shape for the knife holder. There’s plenty of template for Deadpool and similar shapes available on the internet, browse the web till you find the one you like.

Or if you have a substantial model from the shoulder up, you can use that as the model for the block. Use a high-definition camera, to take a photo from every angle so the digital version contains as many details as possible. For better positioning, use tripods if you have one, and for the final touch apply Sculprits for enhanced output.

Step 2:  Designing the Head

After getting the figure you finally like, start working on the forefront part of the design – the head. Smoothen the rough sections, and work on detailing pieces alike to the character, Sculprits will come pretty handy in this job given its user-friendly operation interface. Later, ensure that you’ve removed all the unwanted and redundant portions of the figure that you do not want in the body of your knife block.

Step 3: Putting Slots in the Block

The most crucial step is indeed the openings that would house the very knives it’s being created for. Assemble the knives that would go in the block and create rectangular boxes based on their shapes. Although, the trick is to make the slots slightly larger than the size of the blades for better fit and to avoid damaging the edges.

The Meshmixer tool is very handy when it comes to merging and positioning mesh-like shapes. It’s important to process this step carefully as overlapping slots will deem the whole thing useless. To remove it, click on Boolean Difference after selecting the head and a knife while holding the shift key and unselect “Preserve Group Borders” & “Auto-Reduce Result” and finally click accept. You should be able to see the hollow pockets on Deadpool’s head. Work all the other knives in the block in such a manner.

Step 4: 3D Printing the Deadpool Knife Block

Printing the entire knife block at a single go is no small job. The domestic models aren’t large enough to fit that bill; industrial ones only could attempt anything of that size. So, the words of the experts are to divide the build into several small sections through multiple shell options. Select “plain cut” from the bar “Edit,” and click “Slice and keep both.” While printing, keep the settings the same for all the parts, it’s a very subtle process, and you can hardly notice any difference. You can look up the process online to get a better understanding of it.

Step 5: Painting and Finishing Up

When you have all your pieces printed and ready, the next task is to glue them together with strong and suitable adhesives. Sand the model to achieve desired smoothness, then finally spray paint it with appropriate colors. You’re in luck as Deadpool doesn’t require any complicated color schemes. Hand painting can be a chore to someone who isn’t used to it.




Q: Buying vs. Crafting, which one is more efficient?

A: Buying from sellers certainly has its perks; just by spending a little you can get what you want, minus the hassle of planning, executing the dedication of time, and the technical complexities of it. But making the block yourself enables you to customize the block based on your need; the knife slots, size, and height, etc., can be designed in a way so nothing goes to waste. The rest is up to you.

Q: What’s the best place to get a Deadpool knife block?

A: Deadpool knife block can be bought from shops or manufacturers directly. Many online shops also offer a wider market of products relevant to countless fandoms. Or you can go DIY, customize the block yourself through 3D printing. You can look for ideal Deadpool knife blocks from various manufacturers on eBay, Amazon, etc.


Deadpool knife block can be a great addition to your kitchen by adding just the right amount of spice. You can be an MCU fan or not but the creativity of it is bound to turn heads. Many men of culture have opted for a Deadpool head-designed knife block for their residence, shop, or respective kitchens.

Knife blocks are a must-have in any kitchen, so one can comfortably reach the knife they need without wasting a moment. But only the zesty ones can see and acknowledge the balance of need and hilarity of one product. Life’s too short to be normal!


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