Keanu Reeves did a marvelous job at portraying the deadly assassin John Wick. Anything is a weapon in the hands of the Baba Yaga; we’ve even seen him going berserk with a pencil. It’s no surprise the extent of chaos he can and did stir up with an actual knife on his hand.

Since you have found your way here, the knife combat scenes of the movie series must have left you in literal awe, wondering what kinda knives are those! Well, we’re here to tell you that you aren’t alone on this boat. So, to satiate both your movie lover and knife lover soul, we went through this little trouble and prepared this post for you to learn all there is know about the awesome knives that John Wick used.

Keanu Reeves chose Microtech’s OTF knives for the movie franchise. And why not; their efficiency, looks, and agility totally fit his badassery, and they got him out of sticky situations. After the release of the movies, these knives received the spotlight of a lifetime. Let’s take a look at what these knives have to offer.

Knives Shown in John Wick: What’s an OTF?

John Wick utilizes anything he finds around him while fighting. Therefore, we got to see him using different kinds of blades, knives, machetes, fixed knives, throwing knives, etc. But the knives that he always keeps with him as a backup in survival are the OTF knives from Microtech.

OTF stands for “Out The Front” – Meaning the blade pops out from the top axis of the handle, and the handle houses the blade. These are a type of Switchblades, not to confuse with assisted opening knives; switchblades provide automatic exposure of blade upon pressing a switch, unlike the assisted opening models, which usually relied on thumb stud, thumb hole or gravity, etc. Switchblade’s mechanism is typically spring-assisted; the activation of the switch triggers the release of the blade. You may find two types of OTF knives in the market,

Single Action Switchblade: It basically describes the capability of the switchblade’s mechanism. The switch from a single action knife enables the knife to deploy the blade via a powerful spring-assisted mechanism and locks the blade in that position. However, while closing the knife, the blade has to be retracted manually after deactivating the lock via pushing or using its weight.

Double Action Switchblade: John wick’s OTF Switchblades fall into this type. It features an automatic function for both drawing out and casing the blade. However, to reduce accidents, the spring mechanism used is less forceful in comparison to the other types, whereas the single-action switchblade can pierce through papers, thin fabric, skin, etc.

The signature style of John Wick’s OTF switchblade was that it deployed a durable steel blade with one press of the switch situated on the side of the handle. Those knives are high-functional in the tactical field as you both sheath-unsheathe the blade in a jiffy, and strength and flexibility support its cause even more!


Overview of John Wick’s Knives


  1. Microtech Ultratech OTF Knife

We see the Ultratech Tactical Auto OTF on the screen of John wick 2014. Being a special piece, designed by the founder of the establishment Anthony Marfione, the Ultratech OTF is refined to perfection by the experts. This flagship unit has set a standard for other OTF knives. It features an overall length of 8.36-inches, with a blade measuring 3.4-inch which passes the state law for OTF knife carrying in many states.

Ultratech boasts a double-action release mechanism, so it can be both opened and closed with just one tap of a button – can be used with just one hand comfortably. You’ll find the Ultratech to be very compact too, weighing only 3.5 oz; it’s perfect for carrying around with; the closed length of this knife measures 4.84-inches, so the physique won’t be a burden too.

Microtech has famously used M390 steel to forge the dual-edged blade, known to provide high-grade resistance against rusting and wearing. The 6061 T6 Aluminum handle ensures long-lasting comfort and ergonomics. The glass breaker made of robust steel with a durable finish comes as an additional feature. Making it an all-time favorite knife for first responders too. Microtech also offers multiple versions of the units, with different steels, colors, and sizes, so choose your pick!


  1. Microtech Combat Troodon OTF

The knife scene in train from the John Wick Chapter 2 had us glued to the sit. The chic switchblade John Wick was wielding on that scene was the Combat Troodon from Microtech; it’s the most famous knife of the lot. Thus, it’s no surprise that this knife was chosen to represent the defense knife of a top assassin; the Combat Troodon simply ensures all the necessary perks.

Named after the Troodon dinosaur, which was strong enough in his species, all while being one of the smallest dinosaurs. Similarly, a relatively compact knife such as this; hosts enough strength to be relied on in tough spots.

The closed length of the knife is 5.25-inches, so it will graciously fit inside any sized hand. The folder is constructed of T6 aluminum alloy as the previous model, and the contours and textures included in the design are thoughtfully put to warrant an anti-slip performance. A good grip always gives you an upper hand in close combat.

The 3.81-inch-long blade is constructed of M390 steel, featuring propelling sharpness and a full serrated edge that adds more to its functionality. This model also features double-action; that can break through decently thick obstacles when unsheathing the knife.


  • Microtech Cypher OTF

The Cypher OTF knife was used in Chapter 3 of the John Wick movie series; it’s a dagger-styled knife that gives you ultimate coverage. The piece was at its peak performance at the hands of Baba Yaga. Being the largest knife on this list, it’s still considerably lighter; Cypher has proven itself worthy with its unmatched functionality when put to use.

The hollow grind 4-inches long blade is forged from quality-grade stainless steel, showing off a matte a rugged look that reduces the reflection of light, therefore perfect in stealth operations. The 5.63-inches long handle isn’t something one can barely look past; its smooth surface ensures a comfy grip, while the contoured & ample circumference of the handle provides a solid grip. They’ve used lightweight aluminum with a black anodized finish to reduce the strain on the wrist while maneuvering the Cypher. The lighter build also helps while carrying the knife in the body; 4 oz. weight is barely noticeable. Using the titanium pocket clip to equip the blade makes a convenient option too.

The Marfione/D.C. Munroe collab comes with many other variations in design too! This also comes with the double-action opening, so you can both release and withdraw the blade with just one hand; by swiping the lever upwards and downwards.



Q: John Wick used which knives in the movies?

A: In chronological order, he used Microtech Ultratech OTF in John Wick. Microtech’s Combat Troodon OTF was used in John Wick Chapter 2 & Microtech Cypher OTF made it to the set of John Wick Chapter 3.

Q: Are John Wick’s Knives Legal to carry?

A: Up until pretty recently, automatic knives used to be illegal to carry. Now, most state law allows it with or without conditions with a few exceptions like California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, etc. It’s wise to check the state law before commuting in or traveling to a state with one of these knives.

Q: Why should I buy John Wick’s OTF knives?

A: Apart from being aesthetically appealing, the knives pack top-the-shelf functionality and durability. Perfect for EDC, survival, self-defense, and a tactical knife option. The quality is guaranteed, invest in John Wick’s knife without a doubt.


Common Uses of John Wick’s Knives: Indoors and Outdoors

The OTF knives, part of the John Wick franchise, is known to be high-functional in more than one field. Their versatility is another thing that increases their demand.

These automatic knives can perform brilliantly in self-defense, rescuing, and survivalist situations. The compact & lightweight knives are agile in action, easy to carry, and very sharp; cutting seatbelts, tents, ropes, wires, making emergency meals, opening letters and containers, etc.

OTF knives can be well sustained, being used by the fire department, first-responders, cops, and other law enforcement agencies. Given the legality of use in the state, citizens can also use and possess this knife to utilize in the appropriate measurements.



John Wick leaves a strong impression on anyone who watched even one of the movies. His reserved attitude and way with weapons have made him a fan favorite in no time. And fans, cosplayers, knife enthusiasts from all around the globe have looked into the knives he wielded on screen.

Furthermore, the knives are actually as effective in operation as it was shown. So, if you want to get one of these to put it to use, you should definitely go for it with confidence. Considering their aesthetics, build, strength and expertise, no reason one should back off!


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