Here, we’ve come with another type of machetes. It is the Barong machete. This machete is one of the most popular and effective machetes types available throughout the world.

Let’s know something about this type of machete.

Barong machete is a leaf-shaped machete that originated in the Philippines. This is a traditional machete of that region that is used for hunting and slaughtering. It is a conventional cutting weapon used in many tribes for centuries. They also use it for martial and combat arts.

The blade of this machete is thick and looks like a leaf in shape. The blade comes from 8″ to 22″ in length, and the machetes have 14″ of length on average. Besides, the blade is heavy and thick enough to provide the best slicing performance.

Come to its usability and efficiency. It is an excellent machete with its unique construction and longevity that makes it highly efficient and durable. It comes with a wide range of designs and shapes. So, it is very efficient for agriculture, camping and hiking.

Here are The Best Barong Machetes.



This Cold Steel barong machete is an effective agricultural tool as well as an efficient weapon for wars and martial arts.

It comes with a curved blade made of 1055 carbon steel. The blade material is sturdy and durable with 18” length and 2.8 mm thickness. Besides, the blade has a rust-proof matte finish that provides added protection. Thus, it is made as an outstanding bushcraft tool for cutting branches and clearing bushes and vines.

The machete comes with a polypropylene made handle that makes it perfect for tough chopping, cutting, and slashing tasks. Plus, the handle provides a smooth and firm grip during chopping, slashing, or cutting strokes. Moreover, the handle is 6 ½” long, and the machete is 24 ½” long overall. The Cor-Ex sheath provides extra safety and durability with convenient portability and safe storage.

Above all, this is a classic barong machete perfect for multiple tasks.


⧫ Durable and tough

⧫ Durable handle

⧫ Heavy-duty sheath

⧫ Anti-rust blade


⧫ Not much sharp and handy

⧫ Large in size




This Schrade SCHBOLO machete is best as a survival tool that works very well in any survival situation. It is a multi-purpose tool that is ideal for bushcraft, camping, hiking, and other indoor or outdoor activities.

This full tang machete is 20.2 inches long overall with a 1.68 lbs weight. It features a 14″ long blade that is made from Titanium coated 3cr13 stainless steel. So, the blade is corrosion and rust-resistant. Besides, it remains razor-sharp for a long time. It is a full tang machete with sturdy and durable construction that you can rely on for any task.

The handle of this machete comes with a rubberized T-Grip design. It is ergonomically designed so that it can suit dry or wet conditions. Again, the rubber offers a very comfortable and firm grip for a long time.

Plus, the ballistic nylon sheath holds the machete firmly. Again, the removable storage pouch in the sheath includes a sharpening stone and Ferro rod. Plus, the belt loop, shoulder strap, and leg strap allow easy access and portability. There is also a lanyard hole for providing added security.

Overall, this is an easily portable machete ideal for multiple purposes.


⧫ Best for outdoors and traveling

⧫ Comfortable and ergonomic handle

⧫ Rust-resistant blade

⧫ Reasonable


⧫ Not perfect for cutting branches

⧫ Thicker and heavier



This Cold Steel Jungle barong machete is an ideal tool for cutting bushes, vines, saplings, and even thick woods, small trees. The piercing tip of the blade makes it a useful survival tool perfect for slashing and skinning.

This machete features a durable and robust blade made of 1055 carbon steel. This blade is 16” long and 2.8 mm thick. Besides, the black baked-on rust-proof matte coating on the blade provides added protection.  The sharpness and point provide the machete an extensive range of bushcraft and survival performance.

 This full tang machete with a combination of great handle and blade provides sturdiness and durability. The 6” long handle is made from Polypropylene that offers utmost comfort and better grip.

Again, this machete includes a Cor-Ex sheath that is durable provides extra convenient portability and safety.

Above all, this is a great survival weapon loved by machete enthusiasts.


⧫ Heavy-duty machete

⧫ Great as a survival tool

⧫ Affordable

⧫ Comfortable grip


⧫ Not for cutting thin grass

⧫ The handle can get slippery in wet hands.



This is another barong machete suitable for any condition. This is a super versatile tool perfect for all types of chopping, cutting, and clearing bushes.

This machete comes with a 17 ¼” long blade made of stainless steel. The blade is made razor-sharp for providing maximum versatility and cutting performance. It comes with all innovative features and great capacities to allow you to work in any situation comfortably.

Come to its handle. The handle is sturdy enough to offer the highest safety without any issue of slippage. Plus, the nylon sheath is durable and makes the machete long-lasting.

Overall, it is an ideal tool for adventures like hunting, hiking, fishing, and other household chores.


⧫ Ideal for outdoor activities

⧫ Grippy and comfortable handle

⧫ Razor-sharp

⧫ Durable


⧫ Softer steel



If you’re looking for a durable and top-quality machete for your traveling or outdoor activities, then this one is for you. This Buckshot Hand Guard is one of the most premium quality and durable Barong machetes available on the market. It is an ideal tool for adventures like hunting, camping or hiking, etc.

This machete comes with a 17.25″ long black matte finish blade made of stainless steel. The full tang machete with its durable and high-quality blade prevents and resists corrosion and rust in all weather conditions.

The handle is made of ABS impact plastic with 6 5/8” length. The machete is 23 7/8” long overall. Any cutting or chopping task becomes fast and straightforward with this machete.

This machete is also a multi-purpose tool. It works well both as a machete and a knife. It also remains razor-sharp that will offer maximum functionality as well as high performance. Moreover, it provides utmost safety and ease of maintenance.

Above all, it is a perfect companion and survival weapon for outdoor activities and adventures like hunting, fishing, or camping.


⧫ Great for survival and adventure times

⧫ Premium quality material

⧫ Easy to maintain and safe to use

⧫ Full tang


⧫ Highly-priced



So finally, we’ve reviewed The Best Barong Machetes. These machetes come in various sizes, shapes, and features. They are best for different purposes also. We’ve tried to focus on the unique features of the machetes.

So, pick the one that will suit your requirements. A perfect barong machete will fulfill your tasks entirely and effectively. Besides, you’ll be able to use them for multiple purposes.



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