The Cane machete is also called Sugar cane machete. This type of machete is broadly used in Jamaica, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, the Philippines, and some other parts of the United States of America with high sugarcane production. Though the machetes are called cane machete, they are also used to cut thick stems of sugarcane, bamboo, corn, paddy, and other plants that have thick stalks.

The cane machetes feature a wide and long blade. Sometimes, the blade has a hook at its tip used to collect the stalks of the cane after cutting. Some machetes come with a hardwood handle.

There is a variety of cane machetes with different features, styles, and shapes. We’ve come with The Best Cane Machetes.




This 5ive Star Gear 21” Cane machete is made in Colombia. It is constructed with top-quality materials. It is an ideal machete for chopping small branches, cutting sugarcanes, clearing bushes, slashing, and felling small trees. It is a 21″ long machete with a 9.6 oz weight.

This machete features a 13.75” long blade. The blade is made from top-grade American steel that makes it long-lasting. There is also a back notch with the blade. The blade is sturdy and durable enough for heavy-duty tasks. Besides, the blade has a very sharp edge that ensures precise cutting performance and saves time. Eventually, it becomes perfect for multiple cutting tasks. Plus, the machete hook is an effective part that will help you pull and gather the branches efficiently.

The machete comes with a 7.25” long wooden handle. It is made from non-slip hardwood material that makes it slip-resistant and easy to use. Thus, it is perfect for long-time tasks. Again, the riveted handle is highly durable. It also provides a comfortable and firm grip while using the machete, even with wet hands.

Overall, it is a durable Cane machete with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. This high-quality machete is worth the price.



⧫ High-quality steel blade

⧫ Slip-resistant and comfortable handle

⧫ Long-lasting and sturdy

⧫ Lifetime guarantee


⧫ There is no sheath with the machete

⧫ Expensive but price-worthy



This Tramontina cane machete is made in Brazil. It is an economical and efficient work machete. This Tramontina cane machete is well-known among sugarcane harvesters for its high durability and top-grade materials.

This machete features a 13 inches long and 1.4 mm thick blade. The blade material is SAE 1070 high-carbon steel. Again, the blade’s sharp edge makes it an ideal tool for multiple tasks like chopping, slashing, cutting, clearing, etc.

Moreover, the black finish of the blade makes it resistant to humidity and moisture. Besides, its curved tip will help you to gather the cut stalks of sugar cane. The blade is 4 7/8 inches wide at the widest point that will allow you to cut many sugarcane stalks at a time.

The handle of the machete is made of natural color hardwood. It is 12 inches long and full tang. The handle offers a secure and comfortable grip.

Above all, it is a highly durable machete. Plus, it is 25 inches long with 1 lb 8 oz. weight.



⧫ Razor-sharp and high-quality blade

⧫ Hardwood handle

⧫ Comfortable grip

⧫ Extra length and width for maximum cutting performance


⧫ Doesn’t come with a sheath

⧫ Not a heavy-duty machete



Here is another Cane machete from Okapi Knife and Tool. It is a hand-tool and pocket knife manufacturing company. It is famous for manufacturing highly durable and high-quality functional knives and tools for more than 112 years. This company is based on the north-east coast of South Africa.

The machete is 25 ½ inches long overall with 1 lb 10 oz weight. It is a machete for harvesting sugarcanes and other similar crops. Again, it is lightweight that makes it one of the best cane machetes. This is why; you can swing it easily. So, it is suitable for cutting, clearing small bushes, and chopping small crops.

The machete features an 11 3/8 inches long blade. The blade is made of 1055 high-carbon steel. The machete construction makes it ideal for cutting stalks of sugarcanes and other vegetation and crops effectively. The hooked part of the machete will allow you to gather the stalks easily.

This full tang machete comes with a long-sized handle made of wood. This 14 inches long wooden handle ensures high durability and better performance. Besides, it offers a firm and comfortable grip. As a result, it’ll enable you to accomplish a wide variety of tasks efficiently.

Overall, it is an ideal machete for harvesting crops with perfect length and materials.


⧫ Long sized handle

⧫ Lightweight yet durable

⧫ Top-notch performance

⧫ Comfortable grip


⧫ Doesn’t come with a sheath



If you’re looking for a high-end cane machete at a reasonable price, then you can check this machete. This machete is suitable for cutting and chopping for its sturdy construction.

This machete is overall 19 inches in length and 15 oz. in weight. It is made with highly durable materials to ensure better performance and longevity.

The machete features a 13 inches long and 1.4 mm thick blade. The blade is made from SAE 1070 high-carbon steel. Hence, it ensures maximum toughness, durability, and sturdiness. The blade has a sharp edge that makes it perfect for all types of cutting tasks. Besides, the blade will retain its ultra-sharpness for a long.  Again, the blade comes with a primary grind established at the factory.

Moreover, it comes with a 6 inches long handle. This quillon-type handle is made of hardwood. The handle is riveted and durable with natural color. It will provide a firm grip always.

Above all, this machete is made in Brazil.


⧫ Ultra-sharp blade and full tang

⧫ Durable material

⧫ Comfortable grip handle

⧫ Ensures high-quality and better performance


⧫ The sheath isn’t included

⧫ Requires re-sharpening



This cane knife comes with an innovative design and features. It is 21 3/8 inches long overall with 1.2 lbs weight. It is designed to ensure efficiency and better performance.

It comes with a 14 inches long blade made of tempered, heat-treated carbon steel. The blade material is rust and corrosion-resistant. It is flexible and sharp, but it requires proper maintenance.

The handle is 7 3/8 inches long and made of wood. It is full tang and triple-riveted, which enhances the strength and durability of the machete. Plus, it provides a non-slip grip.

Overall, it is one of the best and affordable cane machetes.


⧫ Shard edged and wide blade

⧫  Slip-resistant hardwood handle

⧫ Comfortable to use

⧫ Tempered carbon steel blade


⧫ Requires proper maintenance

⧫ Requires sharpening after purchase



Ultimately, we’ve come to the end of our review. All of the cane machetes mentioned here are the best among the cane machetes available on the market.

These machetes are of various shapes, designs, and sizes. Hence, pick the one that meets your needs.





















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