There is a wide variety of machete types. Among them, the Panga machetes are used as survival or adventure machetes.

Let’s know about its origin. The word “Panga” is a Swahili word that means big knife. This machete is also known as “Caribbean Machete” or “Rozador” or “African Machete.” Its deep belly offers the machete excellent cutting power. So, it is suitable for clearing thick brush, chopping thick vegetation, and cutting small trees. You can use it as camping, hiking, and self-defense weapon.

These machetes come with blades of different shapes, designs, lengths, and thicknesses. This is why; we’ve come up with the Best Panga Machetes with all details so that you can choose yours easily.



This Cold Steel Panga machete is the most high-rated and famous among Panga machetes. This machete is designed for cutting small trees and clearing thick brushes, chopping woody vegetation and saplings. So, it is a fantastic tool for multiple outdoor chopping, slashing, cutting, and skinning tasks.

It comes with an 18” long and 2 mm thick blade. This long blade offers additional safety while cutting woody vegetation or clearing thick bushes. The blade is made of 1055 carbon steel to provide maximum strength. It is also coated with a black anti-rust matte finish so that it can resist humidity and moisture. Moreover, the blade material comes with corrosion and rust resistance properties for ensuring high durability. Plus, the blade is easy to re-sharpen.

The machete is 23 5/8″ in length and 14.46 ounces in weight. The handle is 5 5/8″ long, made of Polypropylene. Besides, the handle will stay in your hands fixed and firm. So, you’ll be able to work for a long time. It also offers a secure and firm grip. Moreover, this machete comes with outstanding capabilities and features and excellent performance found in expensive machetes.

Overall, it is a good-looking machete with a well-construction and ergonomic design. It works well as a great and reliable survival and chopping tool. If you’re searching for a long-lasting and reasonable Panga machete, then this one will be suitable for you.



⧫ High durability and comfortable grip

⧫ Great for heavy cutting and chopping

⧫ Reasonable price

⧫ Easy to sharpen

⧫ Rust-resistant blade


⧫ The sheath isn’t included.

⧫ Needs re-sharpening



This Caribbean Panga machete comes with a unique design that is used in Africa and the Caribbean.  Its user-friendly design makes it perfect for the most challenging cutting tasks. Besides, the hollow and deep belly provides the machete with weight for chopping and slicing. Plus, the curved design makes it ideal for slicing.

This machete comes with a 15.5” long carbon steel blade. It is constructed with a full tang to provide maximum strength and durability. This blade is harder and remains sharper than stainless steel and other types of blades. Plus, it comes with a clear anti-rust coating that protects it from corrosion and rust. If you dry the blade after every use, then the blade will be free from rust and remain sharp for longer. Additionally, the blade comes factory-sharpened and is easy to sharpen. So, you’ll be able to sharpen it as your wish.

The handle is made with two pieces of wood riveted together that makes it firm and strong. It is given such a shape that makes it slip-resistant. This full tang machete is 21.5” long overall. It also comes with a durable green colored rice sack sheath with a belt loop that makes it easy to transport and store.

Above all, if you’re searching for an excellent cutting and slicing tool for your survival purpose or outdoor tasks like camping or hunting, then pick this Caribbean Panga machete.


⧫ Sharp and carbon steel 15.5” long blade

⧫ Full tang improves strength and provides comfort.

⧫ Made with durable and sturdy material

⧫ Comfortable wooden handle with rivets

⧫ Great sheath and belt loop


⧫ Needs re-sharpening after purchase for ultra-sharp edge

⧫ The handle isn’t much durable.



This Swamp Master Machete is from the brand Marbles and made in El Salvador. It is crafted from top quality materials. It works as a great tool for cutting and chopping woody vegetation. The machete is 24.4” long with 7.05 ounces weight.

It comes with an 18” long blade made from high-carbon steel that ensures maximum strength and durability. The blade comes with an orange finish for a beautiful appearance and anti-rust coating for corrosion and rust resistance properties. For its great length, the machete is perfect for cutting and chopping woods and clearing brushes.

The handle is made with natural wooden material that provides it with a firm and comfortable grip. The machete is made slip-resistant for its handle shape. Besides, the machete is constructed with a full tang that improves its sturdiness and durability.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality machete for heavy-duty tasks, then you can choose this machete.


⧫ Natural wooden handle providing firm grip

⧫ Lengthy blade, suitable for challenging tasks

⧫ Full tang with good appearance

⧫ High carbon steel rust-resistant blade

⧫ Comes sharp and is easy to sharpen

⧫ Outstanding strength


⧫ The sheath isn’t included.

⧫ The blade isn’t much thick.



This Viking machete comes in a Panga machete design. It comes with a unique feature that is this machete is sharp on the reverse side also. So, it will enable you to slice and cut on backswings. Moreover, you’ll be able to clear bushes and trails in less time.

This machete comes with a 20” long and 0.10” thick blade made of 1075 high-carbon steel with a blasted satin finish. This carbon steel is much sturdy and durable. It is also easy to sharpen. The length of the blade will provide you with a good deal of range that adds safety. Though it is a long machete, it is lightweight with 2.2 lbs compared to the length. Additionally, the length of the machete will suit perfectly in your hands. As a result, it will enable you to complete your tasks easily and quickly.

Moreover, it is annealed and heat-treated to 50-55 Rockwell hardness. The hand-finished blade edge comes as razor-sharp.

The handle is made with walnut wood material that is smooth and has a good-looking appearance. It also comes with a heavy-duty, premium quality handcrafted leather sheath.

Above all, this is a high-quality machete ideal for multiple cutting tasks.


⧫ Razor-sharp, polished, and hand-finished blade edge

⧫ Heavy-duty handcrafted leather sheath

⧫ Extra-large and thick

⧫ Beautiful walnut handle


⧫ Needs re-sharpening



Finally, we’ve been gone through a list of the Best Panga machetes. All of the machetes mentioned here are of top-quality, providing top-notch performance.

We’ve tried to show four Panga machetes of different size and shape with ergonomic design and features. Choose the machete that suits your requirements most. The right Panga machete will help you to accomplish your tasks properly.



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