The Billhook Machete is a type of machete among various kinds of machetes available on the market. This type of machete is also known as bagging machete or reaping hook.

This type of machetes is used for clearing bushes, splitting firewood, chopping woody vegetation like saplings, shrubs, and small branches, cutting down small trees, removing large weeds, and hedging. So, this works well as a multipurpose cutting tool for the survival kit. It is suitable for adventures and agricultural purposes.

This machete is a traditional cutting gadget that features a curved blade ranging from 7.9″ to 9.8″. The machete comes in different lengths, shapes, and weights.

So, we’ve come with The Best Billhook Machetes with all details to help you pick the right one.

  1. GERBER GATOR MACHETE PRO (32-000705):

This fixed blade Gerber Gator machete is best for survival purposes. If you’re searching for an excellent budget-friendly machete, then you can choose this machete.

This machete comes with a 10.5 inches long and 3 mm thick blade. The blade is made from high-quality stainless steel carbon steel material that increases the machete’s functionality and durability. This machete has a hook-type sharpened side that will help you remove barks of trees, weeds, and plants. The other side is straight that you can use for cutting through thick branches. The blade is easy to sharpen as well as razor-sharp. Besides, it is corrosion and rust-resistant.

The handle of this machete is made of glass-reinforced nylon with a soft, rubberized textured surface. The handle provides maximum control with a firm and secured grip in all types of weather. The machete ensures slip-resistance with a lanyard hole whether the hand is wet or dry. The nylon sheath makes it easily portable, secured, and easy to store. Moreover, the machete is 16.5 inches in length and 17.9 oz in weight.

Above all, this machete is a handy tool for adventure lovers. It is also a versatile machete that you can use as a knife or an ax.





⧫ Versatile and durable

⧫ Rust-resistant and razor-sharp blade

⧫ Slip-resistant handle

⧫ Mold resistant sheath

⧫ Full tang


⧫ Lightweight

⧫ Short in size



If you’re looking for a razor-sharp billhook machete, then you can pick this machete. This machete is designed for multiple cutting tasks. It is perfect for cutting trails, clearing bushes, chopping woods, stripping logs, and felling small trees.

This machete features a blade of 11 inches in length and 2-3/4 inches in width with a hook end. The hook end is 4 inches. The blade is made from bomb shell steel that is very sharp and durable. The blade is razor-sharp that looks good, and also offers excellent performance. The full tang construction of this machete makes it more comfortable and grippy.

The handle of the machete is made of American Ashwood. This material is blister-proof that will protect your hand while cutting. It is also heat-treated that offers maximum strength. The rubber grip makes the handle more handy and comfortable to hold.

Overall, this is an ideal tool for landscaping, camping, mountaineering, forest ranger, and farming.


⧫ Razor-sharp

⧫ Slip-resistant handle

⧫ Good-looking and durable

⧫ Heat treated and blister-proof


⧫ Round handle

⧫ Heavy for lopping limbs



This is a unique-shaped billhook machete that comes with a long handle. This machete features a 12 inches long handle. Besides, the machete is 22 inches long overall with 1 lb. 2 oz. weight. It is designed for various industries like gardening, construction, and agriculture.

The machete features a 10 inches long and 2.00 mm thick blade. It is made from 1075 high-carbon steel that maximizes the sturdiness and durability of the machete. The blade with a natural finish is factory-sharpened, making it suitable for stripping saplings, chopping trunks or branches, and cutting vegetation. But it needs re-sharpening for an ultra-sharp edge.

The handle is made of wood with natural brown color. It offers a comfortable and firm grip. You can use it with either of your hands. Besides, the handle is triple-riveted to assure longevity and toughness. It also comes with a fine edge and minor blemishes, but the blemishes are not considered defective.

Above all, if you’re searching for a 22” long functional Billhook machete at a reasonable price, then you can choose this machete.


⧫ Premium-quality steel blade

⧫ Triple-riveted wooden handle

⧫ Non-slip comfortable grip

⧫ Lightweight

⧫ Easy to use and carry


⧫ The sheath isn’t included.

⧫ Needs re-sharpening



If you’re looking for an ultra-sharp heavy-duty Billhook machete, then you can pick this one from Forgecraft USA. This is a unique machete for the hook blade with an ax head. Plus, this design makes it perfect for chopping wood. The machete is 16.5 inches long overall with 1.65 lbs.

The machete comes with a 12 inches long blade. The blade is made from Heavy Gauge Tensile Manganese carbon steel that maximizes the machete’s sturdiness and durability. The blade material is also resistant to moisture and humidity. It is also sharpened and heat-treated that increases the toughness and capacity of the machete. Moreover, there is a hanging hole in the blade that makes it easy to store.

Besides, the machete features a beautiful 4.5 inches long handle that is made of natural leather. The leather material provides the handle a classic appearance and comfortable leather grip along with non-slip protection. The shape of the handle maximizes the cutting power along with minimizing hand fatigue.

Above all, it is an ideal tool for cutting down small trees, chopping large trails, stripping logs, and clearing bushes.


⧫ Durable and strong blade

⧫ Firm grip

⧫ Rat tail shank ensures stability.

⧫ Provides the maximum cutting ability


⧫ Large

⧫ Heavy






Last but not least machete on the list is Imacasa 18 inches Billhook machete. The machete comes with a long blade that makes it ideal for cutting thick, woody vegetation. If you’re searching for an affordable and efficient Billhook machete, then you can pick this machete.

The machete features an 18 inches long blade that is made of 1075 high-carbon steel. The blade material offers the highest sturdiness and durability to the machete. It also has superior moisture and humidity resistance capability that maximizes the performance of the machete.

The 6 inches long handle is made of wood that has a natural brown color. It offers a comfortable and firm grip. The machete is 24 inches long overall with 1 lb 8 oz. weight.


⧫ Reasonable

⧫ Great performance

⧫ Long blade

⧫ Wooden handle


⧫ Needs re-sharpening

⧫ No sheath




After all, we’ve ended up with all of the Best Billhook Machetes. These machetes are best for multiple tasks.

We’ve tried to mention various Billhook machetes to help you find the perfect one for you. There are all specifications with the machetes’ pros and cons to help you know all details of the machetes. Choose the one that suits your requirements.

We hope this review will help you a lot.



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